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Los Angeles Imposes Travel Ban on State of Alabama (Declaring War??)

Los Angeles Imposes Travel Ban on State of Alabama (Declaring War??)

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a travel ban that restricts official LA County business to the state of Alabama for one year.

The unprecedented travel ban is a response to the anti-abortion bill signed into law this month by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R).

The law bans all abortions excepting cases where pregnancy threatens the life of the mother; the law does not make exceptions for rape or incest.

“What this bill is designed to do is to go to the Supreme Court and challenge that particular precedent that said in 1973 that abortion is legal on demand essentially any time, anywhere, for any reason,” said Alabama State Senator Clyde Chambliss (R).

Officials in LA view the law as an attack on reproductive rights that will endanger women and families. 

“Everyone knows that banning abortion won’t stop women from accessing abortion services even when it puts them in unsafe medical situations,” argues LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl. “In Alabama, women who have the money will be able to safely access abortion, but women who are poor will not.”

In addition to the travel ban, the four board members present at Tuesday’s meeting (all women) decided to send letters to the governors of the following states demanding they repeal laws restricting access to abortion: Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Utah.

“This challenge by Alabama and other states would overturn decades of precedent,” says Hilda L. Solis, head of the LA Board and former Cabinet member under President Obama.

“We must stand in solidarity and in opposition against extremist and unconstitutional laws that put the health and well-being of families at risk…the Constitutional and human right to a safe and legal abortion is part of the very fabric of the United States. As such, LA County will stand against all attempts to dismantle the protections afforded by Roe v. Wade and the US Constitution.”

Author’s Note: LA’s travel ban is an immature response from a state that is so leftwing it wants to secede from the rest of the country. LA has no right to push its moral views on Alabama or any other state. All the travel ban will accomplish is economic damage for both parties and embarrassment for the Board.

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  1. RedBull

    That’s just retarded. Well, more precisely it is entirely condescending. Who do they think they are to bully their way into Alabama’s electorate? Let all the liberals move to Los Angeles and secede from the nation… problem solved.

  2. robert demonaco

    Regardless of which side anyone is on…….. California is run by a bunch of idiots. They are strict in some areas and are slacking in others. Probably based on which special interest group pays the politicians more money.

  3. Ron Molter

    What Alabama should do, is to ban any citizens from going to CA. That is JUSTICE!!!

    • Brady Harness

      “AMEN” my Brother; Protect those “INNOCENT” Lives !!!

  4. Rick

    Agree, let’s isolate the abortion supporters. I am from Missouri and personally would be delighted to know the LA group was banned from my state. Hopefully right will prevail, we have experienced the wrong side long enough.

    • Brady Harness

      Rick, I am from Ohio and have many Friends that Believe as we do !!!

  5. JD

    I an Alabamian will no longer buy any products from california .I to can play this GAME to BYE!!!!!!!!

  6. Kurt Walker

    I don’t believe any such “ban” is legal. But at any rate this constant battle over abortion is in direct conflict with the violation of law on Murder..There’s no way that abortion can be written, dressed up, or in any way presented that changes it from murder of a baby, premeditated murder. Webster and the rest of the word explanation books define abortion as “the FATAL removal of a baby from the mother’s womb. Plain words: KILL IT. AND that is against GOD’S law as well as human law. Any legal movement by attorneys and/or judges to allow that killing should be defined as an accessory to such a crime.

  7. Michael Quesnell

    Who the hell want any bums from any city in California visiting Alabama anyways. There all leftist iidiots anyways.