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Log Cabin Republicans: Dammit Obama Just Say the Words 'Radical Islamic Terrorism'

Log Cabin Republicans: Dammit Obama Just Say the Words 'Radical Islamic Terrorism'

The gay wing of the Republican Party, the Log Cabin Republicans is demanding that Obama use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” to describe the horrifying attack Sunday morning that left 50 innocents dead at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. 

Log Cabin Republicans issued the following challenge to our politically correct president: 

“It’s no secret that abroad men who are gay – and merely suspected of being gay – are targeted for execution; today, that threat has reached the United States… If the shooter’s suspected motivations are indeed confirmed, we call upon President Obama and the presumptive nominees of both parties to condemn the attacker and acknowledge in no uncertain terms the cause of this massacre: Radical Islamic terrorism.”

It has been discovered that Sunday’s gunman, a Muslim by the name of Omar Mateen, called 911 to express his allegiance to ISIS before he opened fire. Obama and Bernie Sanders are using this tragedy to push their gun control agendas, but at least Hillary Clinton and the FBI have acknowledged the incident as an act of “terror.” 

GOP nominee Donald Trump, who has been calling Obama to speak about radical Islamic terrorism for time now, pressures the president to retire if he can’t say the words:

“Is President Obama going to finally mention the words radical Islamic terrorism? If he doesn’t, he should immediately resign in disgrace!” Trump tweeted on Sunday afternoon. 



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