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Lies, Damned Lies, Polls…

Lies, Damned Lies, Polls…

As election times draws near, there’s one thing voters from every party get excited about: the polls.

And while the 2016 election taught us that we can’t put too much faith in polls, people want to see them anyway. 

The figures below come from Real Clear Politics (RCP), a polling aggregator that takes averages based on information from a wide variety of mainstream and lesser-known sources. In theory, RCP averages should be more accurate than individual polls.

President Trump Job Approval

Data collected in April and May suggests Trump’s job approval rating is at its highest point since March of 2017: 45.1% approve and 52.1% disapprove. This, of course, is subject to minute by minute fluctations…

2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates

As expected, Joe Biden has taken an early lead in the polls with 41.4%. We expect this to drop off quickly as his opponents continue to attack him over his voting record.

RCP has Sanders the Socialist in second place with 14.6%. But Biden’s success seem to be at Berinie’s expense.

Much further behind is Fauxcahontas with 8% and Kamala Harris with 7%.  They have both flagged a bit, and likely will continue to do so until the debate in 50 days.

Pete Buttigieg and Beto O’Rourke have fallen completely off the radar with 6.6%  and 4.4%, respectively. Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, and Andrew Yang all scored less than 3%.

Could Biden defeat Trump?

The liberal media is convinced Biden could defeat Trump, even though much of the Democratic Party doesn’t want him as their nominee.

In an article published just before Biden declared his presidential bid, Morning Consult predicted Biden would defeat Trump 42% to 34% in a hypothetical race.

Even if this poll is accurate, Morning Consult’s numbers are nothing to go by this early in the race.

My prediction: Everyone knows who Joe Biden is, so of course all Democrats polled would choose him in a match-up against Trump (whom they hate). But Biden’s popularity has already dropped since January, and will continue to do so as voters become more familiar with the other candidates.

But, of course, no one should even begin to place bets until the first debate, we are looking for poll chaos to ensue thereafter.

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  2. William

    Biden needs to drop out or be the subject of a lot of investigations into his manipulation of foreign business associates who were coerced by Uncle Joe to tilt the tables to his son. Listen to Glenn Beck or Mark Levin for the real facts as they both have confirmed sources who can blast Biden both in the Ukraine and China.

  3. David Barron

    Booming economy, highest stock market in decades, lowest unemployment, more minorities hired than ever before, international trade agreements renegotiated so that we are not giving away the farm, standing up against China on bad trade negotiations and calling them on the carpet over the tomfoolery of trade and money markets, living up to almost every campaign promise he made except putting Hillary in jail (which may still happen if she keep up her attacks), and the attempt to stop the illegal entry into the US by Undocumented Democrats across our southern border. Already we have seen the result of the Democratic resistance with an epidemic of measles across the nation. Whats it going to take to stop this influx of unchecked and illegal human trafficking across our southern border? Another 9-11 event? We already know that ISIS is crossing that way.
    Democratic Leadership is so intent and concentrated on the removal of President Trump it almost amounts to Sedition while they ignore the jobs that they were elected to do, represent their districts and voters. Whats it going to take, the voters removing all the Democrats that a cannot accept the fact their chosen one was NOT elected due to her own extremely poor campaigns, calling half the voters deplorables, treason for using a non secure server and selling the Russians OUR uranium. This doesn’t even get into the illegal activity of the Clinton Foundation, pay to play, and her pedophile husband’s activities. After serving my country and living for 72 years I can honestly say this is the most corrupt actions I have ever seen by any party out of Washington. Almost all our Presidents screwed around, lied, and used deception, especially the last one. Just imagine what would have been said if he had been attacked as much as Trump has been, Racism would have been screamed out all over the nation. But now its coming out that he actually broke the laws right and left from the day he was elected. Shame of the Americans who put him in office the second time and on those who attack without fact the current POTUS.

  4. Ron

    BIDEN, couldn’t beat his self out a WET paper bag.. HOW, in the HELL wants a PERVERT for a
    PRESIDENT and a GOLDEN HABITUAL LIAR .. Between O’BUTTHEAD and BIDEN they need to give it up and Sail into the SUNSET and never ever come back..

  5. Marti Horrton

    Biden is a joke. Trump will eat him up and spit him out. All Biden has to run on is the failed policies of the
    Obama Administration, and his attempt at bribery for his son. He has trouble speaking, stumbles over his words, can’t get his words correct. Also, I think he is too old. Just my opinion.

  6. Joe Bagadonuts

    Donny Trump has been nothing but an embarrassment for our country. There have been “no accomplishments ” to speak of in two years. His ” deal making” inability has been exposed as fraudulent. I never voted for a Democrat in my life until I voted for John Kerry and Barack Obama. I voted for Rand Paul in the last Predidential election. Trump has always maintained that he doesn’t read anything and decides from his gut. Clearly his followers are the same as you can see it in their clueless faces when he has a rally. He had a year of Republican control before he lost the house and he should have passed what he needed concerning his wall and failed immigration laws . The next Presidential election should prove interesting as 40% of the electorate will each vote Republucan and Democrat respectively. The 20% of true Independents will decide who is the next President.

    • Anthony

      I see the more you running your mouth no one has a better kiss ass then you get a life.

  7. S Williams

    10,000 lies, deceptions, and outright BS is not a qualification for serving as POTUS. DT will get his 40-45 %, but will lose Mi., Pn, Ws, and maybe Fl. He has now chance absent picking up 3 of those 4 states. He lost the popular in ’16 and won by the slimest of margins. 619 days left.

  8. Patrick Matriscino


  9. Lawrence E. Foster

    Wehn Biden was a long-term senator, one of the knocks on him was he had no real legislation he could point to as his. Bit that’s because folks forget a major change to the law on the Fedral Employee Heaklth Benefit Program – aptly called the Biden rule. Seems Joe was balding while bloviating’, and wanted hair plugs to solve his problem. Problem is, it was not covered under the Federal Employee insurance he had, so he used his position as a Senator o browbeat the insurance carrier into certifying it was “medically Necessary”, When his colleagues found out. they put an amendment on the heakth infurance law banning hair restoration for any reason. A few years later when Jimmy Carter’s disastrous “politically correct” operation to rescue Iranian hostages failed, several airmen and soldiers were badly burned and needed, among other things, hair resotration. Biden rule prevented it. Fortunately, kind civilian doctors donated their services, but treatment was delayed because of the Biden rule, maybe the biggest impact from Joe’s career as a senator.