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Libs Cry Coronavirus + China = Racism

Libs Cry Coronavirus + China = Racism

You are now a racist if you pair the words “Chinese” or “Wuhan” with “coronavirus.” That’s the new accusation coming from Liberal members of Congress. It’s so racist, in fact, that some say they are ashamed to serve alongside Republican legislators that do so.

Yes, you read this correctly. It is racist for Republicans to label a virus by the name of the city or country from where it comes.

Perhaps it’s coincidence, but the new push by Democrats and the mainstream media to label GOP members racist for identifying where COVID-19 was unleashed began when Republicans started using the same terms these very media outlets have used all year. The effort also comes as Democrats are exploiting President Trump’s handling of the pandemic to politically bludgeon him.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy committed the offense Tuesday when he tweeted that up-to-date information about the “Chinese coronavirus” could be found on the Centers for Disease Control website. Democratic leaders skewered him for the wording of his public service announcement.

“I’m embarrassed to be his colleague,” Democratic National Committee Vice Chairwoman and New York Rep. Grace Meng said. “I’m so disgusted. This labeling of the illness is embarrassing, disrespectful, offensive, and downright disgusting. It is shameful. The minority leader must immediately apologize.”

Democratic race-baiter Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota pounced too. “Viruses don’t have nationalities,” she said. “This is racist.” California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris also slammed McCarthy: “Calling it the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ isn’t just racist, it’s dangerous,” she said. “Delete this tweet — now. It’s beneath the office of a member of Congress, let alone a party leader.”

Some Democrats went even further to say that the racist label for COVID-19 is proof of the Trump Administration’s incompetence. Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu of California tweeted that McCarthy’s tweet is emblematic of why President Trump is personally to blame for the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S.

“One reason [POTUS] & his enablers failed to contain COVID-19 is due to the myopic focus on China,” he tweeted. “Calling it Chinese coronavirus is scientifically wrong & as stupid as calling it the Italian coronavirus.”

While so many Liberal Democrats took their best shots, it’s tough to out-absurd Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. On Instagram Live, she urged followers to overcome the racism of COVID-19 by eating at Chinese restaurants and welcoming more illegal immigrants.

“There’s a lot of restaurants that are feeling the pain of racism,“ she said. “People are literally not patroning [sic] Chinese restaurants. They’re not patroning [sic] Asian restaurants because of just straight-up racism around the coronavirus.”

AOC probably meant “patronizing.”

Then, despite representing a country that is trying to contain and eradicate a rapidly spreading pandemic, Ortega-Cortez said the government should open — not close— the Southern border.  “Disincentivizing our immigrant neighbors from seeking health care is wrong. Health care is a human right for all people. Coronavirus doesn’t care if you’re documented or undocumented.”

Of course, without attention from the mainstream media, these accusations of coronavirus racism inside the GOP would flop. But the press ran with it too.

Also on Tuesday, The Washington Post published an op-ed titled, “The Two Reasons Administration Officials and Trump Allies Are Linking The Coronavirus To China.” The piece claims that the “sudden push” is part of “a geopolitical hedge” and a way “to deflect blame away from the administration.”

Republican Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona thought he was doing the right thing when he announced that he and three members of his staff would self-quarantine because they came into contact with the CPAC attendee who was hospitalized with the “Wuhan Virus.” He was shocked by the ripping he too received in the Twitterverse and media.

The Washington Post responded with a separate article newspaper headlined, “Is It Racist To Call Coronavirus The ‘Wuhan Virus’? GOP Congressman’s Self-Quarantine Tweet Sparks A Debate.”

Becket Adams of the Washington Examiner wasn’t having it. He ripped The Washington Post’s conveniently timed, agenda-driven hypocrisy.

Adams reported that the Washington Post published a hard news report on January 21st titled, “First U.S. case of potentially deadly Chinese coronavirus confirmed in Washington state.” A January 24th Post report was titled, “Scientists are unraveling the Chinese coronavirus with unprecedented speed and openness.”

Adams also calls out other major news organizations, including the New York Times, The Guardian and NBC for condemning the same terms as racist that they had been using in their own reporting. He could probably write a book full of examples, but the ones he does cite make these news organizations look almost farcical.

“Some conservatives, including Mike Pompeo, Sen. Tom Cotton and Rep. Paul Gosar, are using the term ‘Wuhan virus’ to describe Covid-19,” the Times reported Tuesday. “Critics accused the term, which goes against the recommendation of health officials, of being racist and xenophobic.”

Adams wrote that he would “love to know what those same health officials thought” when The Times ran with this headline on January 21st: “The First U.S. Case Of The Wuhan Coronavirus Has Been Confirmed In Washington State.”

“Just astoundingly ignorant to have all major media refer to it as #WuhanVirus for months but somehow, today, you’ve decided that’s #racist,” said Rep. Gosar. Perhaps the most honest headline is the one from Adams’ column that exposed the other headlines:

“Media Discover ‘Wuhan Virus’ And ‘Chinese Coronavirus’ Are Racist Dog Whistles Just In Time To Attack Republicans.”

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  1. Cecil

    snowflake babies

    • Geri

      What is wrong with you Democrats are you all brain-dead or what this virus came out of China that’s why it’s called the coronavirus and it comes from dogs and you put the rest of it together I’m not going to spell it out for you you say you’re embarrassed because the Republicans are using this wordage well you’ve been using it the last 6 months so what makes you any different than the Republicans you’re all a bunch of scumbag Democrats

  2. Kurt Walker

    Hells bells people that’s were the virus came from. And if it is ever exposed we will see that it is traced back to the Laboratory in that province that manufactures military chemical weaponry and such as this COVID-19. Unless China has taken the necessary steps to stop this that lab still holds the mother load. One of the top chemical scientist working in the lab tried to expose this two years ago but was stopped by the government.

  3. Bubba Love

    The Democrat/Leftist agenda:

    -endorses spreading disease for political gain
    – endorses Open Borders/Sanctuary Cities
    – endorses allowing illegal aliens to vote.
    – endorses BLM
    – endorses Occupy Wall Street
    – endorses MS-13
    – endorses ANTIFA
    -endorses race baiting
    -endorses seizing your guns
    – endorses outlawing Christianity
    – endorses forcing their homosexual/transsexual agenda on America.
    – endorses CAIR
    – endorses The Muslim Brotherhood
    – endorses Sharia Law
    -endorses rewriting history
    -endorses destroying the constitution
    – endorses Social chaos
    – endorses killing Babies
    – endorses Genital confusion
    – endorses Social/economic warfare
    – endorses redistributing your wealth
    – endorses raising your Taxes
    – endorses Weaponizing government agencies
    – endorses a Fascist/Socialist/Islamic World Government

  4. J

    What would we expect from hypocritical, astoundingly stupid and ideologically driven Libs and media? AOC says something stupid and they all jump on the “wagon” without further thought. These people are an embarrassment to all rational logical thinking people.

  5. J

    Stupid hypocritical ideologues with absolutely no logical thought process. Life decisions based on emotion. How did we ever get here?

  6. Knobby

    Is the novel corona virus a bioweapon from China?
    search with:
    “COVID-19 shah gilani”

    Here is an except:
    COVID-19 appears, for the most part, as a zoonotic coronavirus, which is a virus that’s transmuted from infecting animals to infecting humans.

    The SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) betacoronavirus, which emerged in Guangdong province, China in 2002, is a zoonotic coronavirus that originated in bats, which likely infected civet cats, and transmuted to infect humans.

    Based on its genomic structure, COVID-19, also a betacoronavirus, a single-stranded RNA virus of zoonotic origin, comes from bats.

    However, scientists discovered disturbing anomalies in the long strand of the new virus’s RNA.

    Dr. Yuhong Dong, who holds a doctorate in infectious diseases from Beijing University wrote in the Epoch Times, “based on recently published scientific papers, this new coronavirus has unprecedented virologic features that suggest genetic engineering may have been involved in its creation.” He added, “The virus presents with severe clinical features; thus, it poses a huge threat to humans.”

    Studying the virus’ phylogenetic tree, its full genome sequence, Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, founder and CEO of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, IPAK, identified a long unique sequence of 1,378 nucleotide base pairs not found in other coronaviruses. According to Dr. Lyons-Weiler, the “novel sequence” lacks homology (similarity due to shared ancestry between a pair of structures, or genes) between similar bat coronaviruses. He says the inserted sequences should not be there.

    So most likely the Chinese are developing bio-weapons. Most likely so are the Russians and the USA. What is different is that the Chinese let one of theirs out for a test run.

    Who is the intended audience? The Chinese people? The USA? The rest of the planet?

    Notice the Hong Kong protesters are all out of the news. I wonder what they are doing in Hong Kong now? Arresting thousands and sending them to “hospitals” for involuntary organ donations, like the did to the Ouighers (sp?).

    Chinese activists should take the message seriously: “All we have to do is wipe something on your doorknob, so watch what you say in public”

    Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

  7. Fire21

    Is her hyphenated name Ocasio-Cortez or Ortega-Cortez? I realize that either way she’s still a moron, but getting her name incorrectly makes you look like one too.

  8. Lyudmila Loeva

    If the virus was born in Wuhan, then most likely it is Chinese, not German. But where is racism? Coronaviruses are not racists. Racists are people. who incite racial hatred, such. like Omar, Tlaib, AOC and the democratic elite covering them.

  9. Wynn Sands

    Knobby and Bubba Love got it right.
    If anybody’s so stupid that you don’t know the Chinese consider this biological attack perfectly moral, you’re either extremely ignorant or totally naive.

  10. Vincent Lovely

    Stupid people on the left were using the same language when this first started. However, as usual they want to change history now to cover their own bigotry. They lie to the American people that they never said any such thing even with video proof that the did.

  11. Eli

    Well done, describing Mother China as the origin of the COVID 19. We just have to keep informing the public of the facts, beyond the Liberal mental confinements. They can’t seem to grasp how many illegals are crossing our borders even now with the virus, as they release 3,500 criminals from jail in California, perhaps without testing. Pelosi doesn’t take responsibility, but toured Chinatown in San Francisco, after President Trump stopped tourism from China in January. Now who do we blame for not taking the coronavirus seriously, Rather, than offering solutions and encouragement, they continue attempts for false campaign issues.

  12. Donl Longo

    It started in CHINA, Not Iceland or any place else.

    • Derek Blurb

      Racism is a great crowbar as used by bigotted liberals. Besides, they think it makes them look good to be able to detect racism where is none. A racism detector IS racist.

  13. Rivahmitch

    I wish they were all offended enough to resign but… no such luck. Only judicious application of our God-given and Constitutionally affirmed rights will accomplish that.