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Liberals in Tears over Argentinean Leader Milei’s Election Victory

Liberals in Tears over Argentinean Leader Milei’s Election Victory

The liberals are losing their sleep over a groundbreaking presidential election victory for Libertarian Party candidate Javier Gerardo Milei in Argentina.

In Sunday’s runoff election, Milei defeated his left-wing opponent Sergio Massa, the current Minister of Economy of Argentina and a member of the left-leaning Union for the Homeland Party, by securing nearly 56% of the vote. This marked the widest margin of victory in a presidential election in the country since 1983.

Many conservatives and libertarians around the world are cheering Milei’s victory. President Trump congratulated the Argentinian President-elect in a post on his social media site Truth Social on Sunday evening. He wrote: “I am very proud of you. You will turn your Country around and truly Make Argentina Great Again!”

On Twitter/X, popular conservative account End Wokeness shared a video clip of Milei’s interview with media wherein he is seen giving some spirited commentary on beating the left. The tweet commended Milei for having “zero tolerance for the woke left.”

But not all anti-globalists are holding their breath over Milei’s victory. Some have pointed out that Milei is on board the core agenda of the globalist “Deep State” and is not a true “outsider.”

Stew Peters took a jab at Milei for waving an Israeli flag instead of his own country’s flag.

However, it’s the political and cultural left that was literally left in tears on Sunday night when Milei was declared the winner of the presidential election. In his comment on a video showing the Argentinian liberals crying in a public gathering, Jack Posobiec wrote:

“Leftists in Argentina are in TEARS tonight, sobbing as their 40 years of rule has come to an end.”

Not unexpectedly, left-leaning papers in the west resorted to language that demonizes Milei, much like they have been doing to Donald Trump in the United States. The Guardian described Milei as a “notoriously erratic figure” with “radical ideas” and wrote that his leftwing opponents have “reacted with shock and dejection” to his election victory. The story also cited Colombia’s leftwing president, Gustavo Petro, commenting:

“The extreme right has won in Argentina … [It is] sad for Latin America.” 

The Week introduced Milei to its readers as a “Chainsaw-wielding Trump admirer” while Business Insider wrote that Milei’s victory is “a triumph for Tucker Carlson” referring to the September interview of Milei on Carlson’s show.

“His victory was propelled by conspiracy theories, media stunts, and a pledge to crack down on Argentina’s spiraling economic woes with radical measures, such as adopting the US dollar as the national currency.” Far-left opinionated news site HuffPost went on say that Milei is viewed by the public as “crazy” and called the “wig” owing to his “ferocity and unruly mop of hair.”

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  1. frank stetson

    I am really wondering whether the Pakistani aka Dempster, aka his real name HATES AMERICA.

    Yesterday he got upset at Biden incenting US manufacturing instead of building National Defense product in China. Dumpster supported China,

    Today he supports Milei who campaigned on freedom of choice on drugs, guns, prostitution, same-sex marriage, sexual preference, and gender identity. He opposes abortion and euthanasia. He wants to be America’s new buddy.

    Once again Ernest digs into the dumpster that is X for his facts. He whines that the leftist US media is “demonizing” Trump with our language. Oh, the horror of it all. I guess pussies of the same ilk, whine together. For proof of this, he quotes The Guardian, a UK paper from the same country that went after Dempster’s relative for pedophilia.

    Gotta love consistency and the Dumpster is consistently unprofessional.

    Time will tell on Argentina, I hope for the best. He’s an Austrian School of Economics advocate which is shunned by almost every noted economist. It is more a school of thought than a program or policy and I can not find anyone that has ever deployed it. Time will tell and given Argentina’s economy, it will not take long. Pressure is on. The economy has been an upside down quagmire for years. Pressure is up.

    • Tom

      I really do not know much about Argentina nor have the time to bother. What I do know is that the USA is in need of friends to assert freedom and democracy (which left and right both enjoy equally) on a global scale. There is a war on democracies going on now and it is being waged by Russia, China, DPRK, Iran, covertly by Saudi Arabia, Yemen Houthis, Hamas and others. Democratic countries cannot afford to lose more countries to authoritarianism, thus Israel and Ukraine are very important and both sides know it! The issue is democracy or authoritarianism. And in this war, every friend we can get is a friend needed. So hat’s off to Argentina’s people for electing someone who wants to be USA friendly. Thank you! Danke! Gracias Camaradas!!!

      I think Argentina going “pro-USA” trumps being liberal or conservative, and, makes most of the comments on this post ridiculously parochial since we are a country big enough for both. And both liberals and conservatives have contributed to the betterment of “We The People”.

      I guess based on Jackson Hinkle’s post within the article, you and I are both “Deep State” Frank. The big one on that list that I see is that Milei wants out of BRICS. That might cause India and some of the smaller countries to rethink BRICS. BRICS is nothing more than an alternative financial system that these thugs (China and Russia, Iran, Saudi) know they need if they are going to exert their power over many countries. Most may not remember nor read about the first thing Hitler did when he militarily conquered a country was to sequester the gold supply and take over the financial system, i.e. national banks, finance minstries, etc. He did not care whether the country was full of liberals or conservatives nor did he waste time in asking. He took all of their gold, period! Its the fastest way to get both sides to get along, make them all poor so they can all cry about the same thing. Poverty can be very uniting, just read any literature on life during the depression when White and Black people got along very well because they realized that survival is more important than color.

  2. Jim wampler

    Communism is fading

  3. Rick

    Those poor people have been suffering under the whack job leftist for a long time. Anytime a leftist nut job gets anywhere near power, everyone suffers. Every idea the liberals have is stupid, but they think they are the smart ones and that is what makes them extra dangerous.

  4. frank stetson

    I hope Rick is joking when he says half of America is dangerous leftists…….

    Also, the statistics do not back him up on the economy, social programs, etc. No leftists, no Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment, etc.

    I could turnaround an say all tighty-righties who are mostly whiteys are dangerous conservatives that just want to make love to their guns while hell bent on defunding our courts, DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA and more along with banning everything they don’t like as in books, non-binaries, library readings, shows, while they want to enslave your women and force them to have unwanted babies. The are all about freedom to restrict, defund, ban, and shutting down the government. They have held the house for over a year and have done nothing meaningful in the way of legislation and everything meaningful to get a sound byte on the news. Unless spent rubbers.

    But I would never say that :>) because it is just a stupid generalization that is not true for all of the right. Except a few of the PBP journalist-commentator-wannabees. :>)

    • Jim lucas

      I’m damned proud to be whitey. Who would want to be anything else?

  5. Frank stetson

    Most of the world Lucas, who already are.