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Liberals Fight to Protect Biden Campaign After Secrets Ties with Enemies of the United States are Discovered

Liberals Fight to Protect Biden Campaign After Secrets Ties with Enemies of the United States are Discovered

There’s something in the air that smells pretty bad and those on the far Left are working hard to spray the odor with perfume! What could be so foul, you might ask? Let’s just say it’s the smell of deceit, greed, and dishonesty that’s coming from the Biden family.

Recently, the New York Post shared a story that confirmed former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, received money from the Ukraine and China. Through emails and personal letters that were found on a hard drive, it was discovered that a piece of the money received from America’s greatest nuclear power countries was to be divided and distributed to Hunter and his father—who was the Vice President alongside Obama at the time.

Although the article from the Post showed valid proof via emails that were obtained from Hunter’s laptop that money was being obtained and shared with the Biden family, other news outlet and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter decided to block the story in an effort to save the Biden campaign for the 2020 Presidential race.

Although many might feel that it’s not surprising to discover corruption on behalf of those within the political arena, one must ask themselves why the American people are being blocked from receiving information on presidential candidates?

The story of Hunter meeting with Ukrainian officials and accepting money came out only weeks before the upcoming election. The emails that show proof of Biden being cut a portion of the money received was also shared, yet not many American’s are aware of the inherent danger in this transaction. It has been an intentional fight by liberals to keep this story hidden from the general population because they fear it will harm the Biden campaign. Rather than allowing the opportunity for Americans to be aware of the corruption that surrounded Biden while serving as Vice President, the far left has decided that they will do the thinking for all citizens.

Would you not agree that all American’s should be privy to information that shows how a potential future President of the United States is indebted to our enemies? If Biden accepted hush money from leaders of the Ukraine and China, shouldn’t this be investigated further? Better yet, why has Facebook and Twitter blocked this story from being shared on their platform? Can this be considered “voter tampering” and somehow be illegal? You would think so, but no. It all depends on who’s telling the story.

Social Media Liberals in Control of the Dissemination of Information

Both Facebook and Twitter have made it very clear on which side of the fence they stand. The moment the story of Hunter Biden accepting money from enemies of the State, both Facebook and Twitter jumped into defense position and blocked the story from being shared.

Andy Stone, the Communications Director for Facebook, immediately tweeted his disinterest in allowing such a story to be placed on Facebook. He gave a general explanation that revealed his disbelief in the facts of the story. It didn’t matter that the emails of Biden’s collaboration with Ukraine were taken directly from his son’s personal laptop. It didn’t matter that personal letters and bank statements proving the financial exchanges were prevalent and unquestionable. All that mattered was that the information was damaging to a party they are committed to: the Democratic party.

Andy Stone is an alumnus of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and he doesn’t hide this fact. How is it possible that a social media platform could hinder a breaking news story that would allow freedom of information?  To make matters worse, Twitter joined the ranks of blocking this news story by placing a warning of malware being utilized if anyone were to click the link that would take them to the Posts’ report. Utilizing fear tactics, both social media platforms are working double overtime to ensure this story remains on the hush.

News Media Outlets Deliberately Violating the Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C § 552 is a federal freedom of information law that requires disclosure of any documents controlled by the U.S. government. If the story of Hunter Biden is one that involves his father who served as the Vice President at the time, then wouldn’t American’s have the right to know about this? Why would the government allow media outlets to have the power to withhold information from the American people?

When the news story of illegal payoffs first broke by the New York Post, many liberal news outlets cried foul. They laughed at the story, claiming it was fake. They ignored the facts, ignored the emails, and ignored the letters that were discovered. Then they simply got silent and hoped that the story would eventually disappear if they ignored it long enough.

Seeing that many Americans are learning of this coverup, many news outlets have found that ignoring this isn’t the best solution. So, what are they doing to address this situation? They are simply writing articles that claim the entire report is just another evil tactic from the Trump campaign to ensure a presidential win.

On October 15th, CBS News shared a report that condemned the Posts’ article regarding the involvement of Joe Biden and the Ukrainian officials. They wrote how they did not believe the story to hold any weight and that they questioned the motive of the Trump administration for using the story to confirm Biden’s corruption. The odd thing about the entire report from CBS News was they admitted that they didn’t do any research into the matter. They threw “CBS News has not seen or corroborated the data supposedly on the hard drive,” into the fold of their report and hoped that no one would dare notice. This is only the beginning of how many liberal news outlets are fighting hard to hide any negative press that might harm the Democrats from taking over the White House.

Why is all of this a major problem, you might ask? When liberal media and social media platforms decide that they will dictate what we see, hear, and know then you can’t rest assured that dictatorship is on the rise. Say goodbye to democracy as we know it because big money corporations—and the politicians that they own along with news media outlets—are truly the entities that not only run this country, but soon they will run us all.

Keeping democracy alive means that we must call out actions such as this. We must utilize our rights and our power to force corporations, politicians, and news outlets from monopolizing our right to receive any information that will assist in our making an informed decision. It’s truly the only way to ensure the protection of our personal freedom within the United States.

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  1. Mike

    Total bullshit! And your commentary that Biden should show financial information showing how he profited from Hunter’s actions is laughable. Did you do any research before writing this absurd commentary? Biden’s financial info is totally public. How about the idiot you support? Who is he indebted to? Why do you never hear him insulting Putin or mbs? Join the republican revolt against trump and vote for decency in government with Biden…..

    • Balan

      Decency in govt with Biden? Are you joking or serious? The scumbag is corrupt to the core and you support corruption for your own gain I presume!!!!

    • Henry Jacobs

      You are one of those people who hate Trump’s personality and you cannot see the forest for the trees. So you will vote for a person who is, without a doubt, a known traitor. The evidence is all encompassing & completely valid. It has been corrobated by multiple persons.

    • Bill Antonini

      You are falling back on Putin, essentially that makes you a joke.

    • Dale Brown

      That’s what you say without any research Whatsoever! Mr Trump went through 3 yrs of BS lies and non truths. Can you even see your hypocrisy here? Your comment on decency may just bite you back if you think you’re holy enough to judge!

      • Tom Oakley

        Just another commie boot licker

    • Jamie R

      Um…have you not watched the video of VP Biden bragging how he with held $1B in aid unless the Burisma prosecutor was fired? And if these emails are legitimate wouldn’t you want to know and have our free press do there job? Certainly they were happy to do their job over a fake dossier when Trump was the target…political bias will destroy our democracy and great country.

    • John Kellerman

      Must be hitting that heroin needle very hard and often there huh brain dead? Everything that the New York Post has said about the crooked and corrupt Bidens have been proven true.

    • Wayne

      Typical Fascist/Marxist/Swamp mentality to drive the media narrative. Perhaps if these people would actually STUDY history, they would realize THEY have fallen into Josef Goebbels web of lies and deceipt, however; they prefer to prey on one of the greatest countries humanity ever created.
      Trump and his family have been unceasingly investigated through false reporting (e.g. leaked Steele dossier data to support the dossier itself; circular logic), false statements (e.g. Schiff’s (non)proof of Trump’s Russian whore), and false “anonymous” whistleblowers (e.g. statements against military personnel). Strange how the DemonCraps are never expected to provide factual evidence for their claims (e.g. Harry Reid’s allegation of no taxes against Romney) but are praised when they are caught because “we won the election, didn’t we”. The DemonCraps ARE Socialists and desire nothing but power to further their control of the “little people” and fatten their wallets.
      The facts of Hunter’s Burisma and China business dealings are well documented. Joe has admitted he held Ukraine’s funding for Shokin’s firing (clear conflict of interest since Hunter worked for the company Shokin was investigating) but no one even questions how he should have recused himself from this activity. The laptop is physical evidence but these morons prefer inuendo.
      47 years is a clear definition of Swamp Creature. Trump is not a polished politician; he is a businessman working for the American people who want to stand on their own two feet rather than beg government handouts. He DESERVES four more years!!!
      … and he should go after Term Limits for Congress!!!

    • Doubleace70

      Are you riding the Soros gravy train too.

    • Richard

      Let’s let someone prove that this info is total bullshit! There is no proof because they want this impropriety to quietly go away. If something like this were about Trump, it would be 24/7 reporting and calls for resignation, etc.
      If you think Biden stands for decency in government, you better pull your head out of your a$$ before you suffocate. Everything that the liberal Dems stand for is counter to a prosperous country and freedom. How about the Dems association and non-repudiation of Antifa and BLM (as an organization, not the actual 3 words)? That doesn’t seem like “decency in government”. C’mon man…no Republican should ever support Dems and their crazy leftist agenda.

  2. Cathy Floyd

    If it is not true and the Bidens have nothing to hide, then why try to hide the story? Why not let all of the truth come out and let America decide for themselves? I think that we all know the answer to that. The same media who has tried in every way to hurt Trump in every way possible, is doing the reverse for Biden and trying to cover up this story to protect him. Let the truth be told!

  3. Allan Enkin

    Sadly the American citizens right to know how politians have enriched their family,friends and themselves is being controlled by media corporations who believe they can control and dictate truth. This is a situation whereby Communist, fascist and dictatorship led governments dictate knowledge and imformation through media. The socalled liberal media has lost its Liberal ideas concerning the right to know and provide reliable imfo.They lost their reputation during the Trump collusion with Russia hoax as they ignored the truth for 3 years and continue to do so now hiding past corruption of Biden, H. Clinton ,and the Obama administration.

  4. Myrna Phelps

    Everyone on both sides should demand investigation of the accusations of Hunter and Joe Biden. If it is true then Biden should not be President. If it is not true he deserves it be revealed and not hang over his head if elected.
    In any circumstances the truth should be known.

  5. Durham Ellis

    Our not-a-democracy government is a republic. Read Article 4, Section 4 of our Constitution. Our brilliant founders knew that de-mob-ocracy (direct or representative) is just another evil form of government.

  6. Ben Weber

    I’m all for you posting on alleged wrong doings of Biden. I’m a Democratic voter, not a cult member.
    But a few things; 1) this story has been deemed unreliable by reliable news organizations. 3 of the 4 journalists whose names appear on the article have disavowed the story. One saying that she was in no way involved in the research or writing of it.
    2) Do you really want to bring up where money comes from when Eric trump said,” we get all the money we need from Russia”, Don trump owes someone 400+ million dollars. What are the chances they say,” yes, we can push the due date back a year, I need you to do me a favor though”
    3) Social Media companies work under the free market you Cons claim to love so much. If their decision to not associate themselves with a news article with sketchy reliability, let the free market decide if they are right to do so.

    • Richard

      Don’t be a dumba$$ like Mike. Free markets have little to do with broadcasting rights granted to companies. They (FB, Twitter, etc) should all lose their Section 230 privileges and that would stop how they choose some stories over others and whom they block over others. For the same reasons they blocked this story, shoudn’t they have blocked multiple Trump stories which were mired in fiction. Liberal reporting is and always has been a fact of life, but without many facts.

  7. Reggie

    If everything is copacetic as the Democrats claim then why don’t they launch an investigation to look into this like they did for 3 years against Trump? If Biden is innocent then he should allow a Special Prosecutor to be assigned to get to the truth like Trump did so then he will have something other than himself to proclaim his innocence. A word of warning to you Democrats. The things being done in this country such as riots, defunding police, wanting illegal immigrants and censoring free speech is exactly how the countries of China, Russia, Cuba and Venezuela became who they are. You are being lied to by the Democrats and the Social media giants and they only hope that you won’t seek out the truth until its too late. WAKE UP PEOPLE cause if Biden wins, America will be changed forever. For one brief moment , look at other news outlets like FOX news and compare what they are reporting because CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC do not report the full story. So, please I’m asking all who read this to put aside your bias and let’s all just be Americans and seek out the truth because “Freedom is just one generation away from extinction!” Let’s not be the generation that looses our freedom to people who are pretending they care but who really aspire to fundamentally change this country forever. Please open your eyes before it’s too late!

  8. Eliot

    After 4 years, what have republican bureaucrat politicians accomplished as far as Hillary Clinton is concerned???
    Does anyone out there really think ANYTHING is going to happen to lifer politician joe Biden?????
    The only thing I hear from republican politicians is: “We’re being out spent by democrats 100 to 1 and we desperately need you to donate so that we can keep “working hard” FOR YOU.”
    Yeah, right!!!! lol lol lol lol

  1. Frank I can’t understand what’s wrong with MAGA. You idiots on the left are satanic bastards out to destroy patriots.…

  2. Don’t tell me nout proof. I’m too Young to need proof. I don’t need no stinkin proof. We all know…