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Liberal Male Canadian Lawmakers Walk in Pink Heels

Liberal Male Canadian Lawmakers Walk in Pink Heels

To parallel the clown show of American liberals, the Canadian brand of liberal politics put up its own show of activism for women’s rights as male liberal politicians walked paraded in pink heels in a hall last Thursday.

The act was supposed to symbolize their support of women’s rights.

The liberal lawmakers walking in pink heels was part of the “Hope in High Heels” awareness campaign by Halton Women’s Place, a women’s shelter in the city of Halton. Times Now described the goal of the event as “awareness on violence against women while encouraging men and boys to be part of the solution. 

Hailing this display of men in heels, liberal Member of Parliament Karina Gould tweeted pictures of her male colleagues in pink heels and wrote:

“Educating men and boys is part of the solution, and it is all of our responsibilities to end gender-based violence.”

But conservatives were far from being impressed.

President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, tweeted the video clip of the liberal men’s pink parade with just three words to characterize the insanity: “Sad. And patronizing.”

On the news and commentary site Louder with Crowder, Lily Hayes wondered how walking in pink heels or “publicly humiliating them on the internet” would help decrease violence against women. She commented:

“Perhaps the violent male offenders will direct their attention towards the men in heels instead of the women.”

One woman on Twitter expressed her opposition to the pink heel parade by the male lawmakers and wrote that feminized men in heels wouldn’t be useful in the war on women.

A feminist author, who goes by Isidora Sanger, called the act a circus that makes violence against women a laughable matter.

In November 2017, liberal Canadian lawmakers made news for wearing pink heels and marching in them to symbolize their opposition to violence against women.

On its website, Halton Women’s Place describes its “Hope in High Heels” event as inclusive of every one “of all ages and ability levels.”

It also specifies that the heels are optional.

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  1. Bubbelove

    This is the most STUPID show I have ever seen, put on by supposed leaders. This does not help women, and these clowns are making a mockery of women. Maybe the show is to clarify that men cannot walk in women’s shoes.

  2. Frank stetson

    If the goal is to attract attention, and even Americans are paying attention to the Canadians, I would say the head over achieved on their goal.

  3. Frank stetson

    Although, I do think the Dempsey pose-picture looks more gay.

  4. Donald Gervais

    Oh Canada! Like the USA, what a joke you have become.