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Liberal Left Pressures Joe Biden on Tara Reade Abuse Charges

Liberal Left Pressures Joe Biden on Tara Reade Abuse Charges

Critics and activists are cranking up the pressure on Joe Biden to address Tara Reade’s claim that he sexually assaulted her in 1993 when she was working for his Senate office.

Biden’s campaign says the allegation is “untrue,” but Biden himself has remained silent.

“Vice President Biden has the opportunity, right now, to model how to take serious allegations seriously,” reads a draft letter signed by several women’s rights groups. “The weight of our expectations matches the magnitude of the office he seeks.”

In an article published Wednesday, Fox News highlighted comments from actress and #MeToo activist Alyssa Milano, who is essentially ignoring Reade’s claims because she ‘just can’t picture Biden doing any of the things of which he’s accused.’

In her article “Living in the Gray as a Woman,” Milano explains that the #MeToo movement isn’t about believing everything women say, but about changing the standard:

“Believing women was never about ‘Believe all women no matter what they say,’ it was about changing the culture of NOT believing women by default,” writes Milano. “It was about ending the patriarchy’s dangerous drive for self-preservation at all costs, victims be damned.”

It is not the responsibility of women to “admonish or absolve perpetrators,” she continues. “Nothing makes this clearer than the women who are still supporting Joe Biden even with these accusations. Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, Amy Klobuchar, Nancy Pelosi, and Elizabeth Warren have all endorsed Biden and like me, continue to support him. Because it’s an impossible choice.”

Milano says she supports Biden because he is the best choice to lead the US towards a more equal future.

“In any black and white world, we’d have a woman to rally behind to replace Trump instead of an electoral college which says white men are the people driving the charge yet again this year,” writes Milano. But we do not live in a black and white world, and voters must choose between a white male with numerous allegations and another white male with one allegation.

The situation is particularly difficult for Biden’s female allies, especially for those he is considering as running mate. Several have been forced to answer questions about Reade’s accusations; Biden and his male allies have not. 

“I stand by Vice President Biden,” said Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). “He has devoted his life to supporting women and he has vehemently denied this allegation.”

Milano concludes her article with some unsolicited advice for Mr. Biden: “I’d advise him to face the allegation head-on, answer every question, and admit any wrongdoing, and to be the example for all men who face these kinds of accusations whether founded or not.”

Reade, understandably infuriated by Milano’s article, says she can’t understand why Milano is trying to get involved.

“I don’t know what her role is. She’s not really a professional helping women. She was basically talking about protecting powerful men the last time she made a statement,” Reade told reporters, noting that Milano supported Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. “It’s kind of weird and strange and I think she’s just looking for ways to be relevant.”

Author’s Note: Fox News is showcasing this story to show that Democrats will do ANYTHING – even ignore a sexual assault claim – to defeat President Trump. This issue will continue to heat up until Biden is forced to address it, ideally close to election day.

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  1. Donna Slivka

    Biden is a HAS BEEN, IF NOT a never was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    ROFL ,,,,,

    If there is one thing the Media cannot forgive,,, It’s that they were suckered by a Politician. Biden came in under the doting Grandfather image,, and now the Media has found out he is a Dirty Old Man.

  3. Barron

    What a racist and sexist article. This is total trash.

  4. Phil ward

    Biden, the Fems and the Dems being hoisted on their own petard. ☹️