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Left Wing Radical Chuck Todd Slams NBC for Hiring Former RNC Chair

Left Wing Radical Chuck Todd Slams NBC for Hiring Former RNC Chair

NBC news correspondent Chuck Todd has slammed his own network for hiring former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel as a political contributor while ignoring his own long-time anti-Trump left-wing leanings.

Todd, the former host of Meet the Press, who is now billed as NBC’s Chief Political Analyst, said in a tirade to his bosses about McDaniel’s hiring, “The issue isn’t about ideology, it’s about basic truth,” Todd claimed.

“Those trying to make this a left-right issue are being intentionally dishonest,” he charged. “This is about whether honest journalists are supposed to lend their credibility to someone who intentionally tried to ruin ours.”

The problem with Todd’s stance is obviously he has not looked in the mirror lately.

For decades, there has been a revolving door between the media, government, and politics. The transition from campaign worker or White House staffer to paid media talking head is a “well-grooved template,” Politico explained. It has been happening for decades, and both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of it.

And yet, Todd only stands on his soapbox of principles to lecture us about “credibility” and the “basic truth” when a pro-Donald Trump Republican becomes his colleague. Meanwhile, it’s just a typical day in the Acela Corridor when a Democrat jumps ship directly from the White House to NBC News.

Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows the outrage is about ideology — McDaniel’s versus the corporate media’s — and that’s why no one believes Todd’s faux outrage, for example:

  • “Absolutely amazing that Chuck Todd really believes NBC and MSDNC have journalistic credibility and ethics — when polls show Americans overwhelmingly hate and distrust them — and Democrats now view Chuck Todd and this sh***y network as some beacon of journalistic integrity,” journalist Glenn Greenwald said.
  • “Given what you guys did with the Trump-Russia collusion nonsense and COVID, maybe your credibility deserves to be damaged. And you guys have perma-liar Jen Psaki and Simone Sanders, and whatever Obama press secretaries you had in the past. They spun and lied every damn day, but you didn’t mind hiring them, right?” radio host Ross Kaminsky said.
  • “Chuck Todd has pushed the Russia collusion hoax for years. He has NEGATIVE credibility. This is hilarious,” commentator Mollie Hemingway said.

However, Todd’s seeming outage must have struck a chord with the equally hypocritical execs at NBC, who just reversed course and said they have decided to cut ties with the former RNC chair.

“There is no doubt that the last several days have been difficult for the News Group. After listening to the legitimate concerns of many of you, I have decided that Ronna McDaniel will not be an NBC News contributor,” NBCUniversal Group Chairman Cesar Conde said in an email to staff members on Tuesday, March 26.

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    “LEFT WING RADICAL CHUCK TODD” is just ridiculous.

    Your facts is that he covered RussiaGate, oh my. He covered covid, oh my.

    Left wing maybe, but radical? What are you smoking?

  2. Jim wampler

    Chuckies is a political hack and probably diddles cows. Like Frank


    Now Jim, you should stop that. You have to know how upset Horist gets when someone picks me out as if they read my comments. He whines, cries, and lies about it, it upsets him so.

    You may think Chuck does weird things that only a guy like you can imagine. But TRUMP diddles strangers and is adjuticated as a sexual abuser and digital rapist. Digital means diddling Jim. You vote for a diddler. You love the diddler. You pray to the diddler to save you from the evil Democats that have ruined your miserable life and taking your liberity away forcing you to slave for the state. I say, diddle you my fine fellow.

    • Americafirst

      And just how would you know if Horist gets whiney, cries or lies? Unless you are his doppelganger or are really him! I think you are a diddler. You NEVER like anything anyone says, EVER unless it makes you look like a king! You prove you hate everyone that comes on here just like me. You try to take our free speech away. Just because we want to give our input does not give you the right to put down our thoughts or chastise us. You play dirty! A$$hole.

      • Theodore


    • Jim wampler

      I’ll take the sexual abuser over retard joe. Just because politics and corruption adjudicated Trump guilty doesn’t make it so. So go diddle your daughter

  4. Bill-3

    Todd is 100% CORRECT. McDaniel is an ardent election denier (Trump’s BIG LIE – which has been TOTALLY debunked) and she adamantly supported Trump throughout his 88 CRIMINAL INDICTMENTS without any remorse. She is NOT A CONSERVATIVE. She is simply a Trump lemming. The only more ridiculous hiring would have been either Kellyanne Conway or Margaret Taylor Greene.

  5. Frank stetson


    Wampler does not believe the rule of law governs Trump and believes Trump is above the rule of law because if Trump guilty, law is corrupted.

    He holds Trump as King.

    Wampler has spoken.

    See you in court on the 15th to prove law is corrupt and Trump is your King again.

    I like when he’s compared to Jesus, that never gets old. Did you get your Trump bible again from the guy who profits by selling God out? Horist probably has two…..

    • Americafirst

      I love to disillusion you. There is definite proof Biden is dead – executed. His funeral was 1/20/21 with a three-gun salute and no honors. He is buried at Arlington Cemetary. At the same exact time, Trump was being reinaugurated by the Military with a 21-gun salute and full honors as the President of the United States Republic and Commander in Chief. The fake Biden is there for special reasons – not as POTUS. You will find out who and why soon enough. I know you do not have the guts to understand any of this. You are going to be shocked. You also will find out how YOU are breaking the law. We are under Martial Law now. All civil and Federal lawsuits or courts are now illegal making all judges, prosecutors, DA’s, ADA’s, lawyers and so on in the act of treason among other crimes just as you are. Only Military tribunals are legal. This coup and psyop is being done for specific reasons. Are you going to be one that is also arrested? This truth is out there, hidden in plain sight. I guess you don’t have the intelligence to find it. Okay, Mr. Smarty Pants. Behave!