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Lawsuit Seeks to Name Hunter Biden’s Daughter After Him

Lawsuit Seeks to Name Hunter Biden’s Daughter After Him

Hunter Biden’s daughter born out of a short affair with a strip club dancer doesn’t carry his family name, and her mother wants to change that via a lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in Independence County, Arkansas, by 31-year-old Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s 4-year-old daughter Navy Joan Roberts. It seeks to legally change the Navy’s last name to ‘Biden’ so as to “benefit from the family’s presidential lineage.” 

When Lunden Roberts first claimed that Hunter Biden was the father of her daughter Navy Joan Roberts, who was born in August 2018, Hunter denied it. However, by producing DNA test results, Lunden successfully proved in a court of law that Hunter was lying. Subsequently, Hunter Biden agreed to pay an undisclosed amount of child support in early 2020 while Joe Biden was a presidential candidate.

The effort to have Hunter’s daughter officially carry his family name comes after he recently tried to get some relief from child support and asked the court in September this year to lower the monthly amount he pays the child. The New York Post reported:

Hunter cited “a substantial material change” in his “financial circumstances, including but not limited to his income,” for the reason behind his request.

The lawsuit seeking name change is thus a step toward securing a better future for the child. The attorney for Lunden Roberts told the court that Navy will benefit from the Biden family name that is now “now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute, and politically powerful.”

Despite receiving child support from Hunter Biden, Navy Joan Roberts remains socially abandoned by the Biden family. Neither Hunter nor Joe Biden has met her in person. She is not visited or invited to any events. Attorney Clinton Lancaster, who represents Lunden Roberts and her child with Hunter, stated that changing the child’s last name to ‘Biden’ will undeniably make her known to the world as a Biden family member. 

Lancaster has also requested the court to deny Hunter Biden’s request for lowered child support. Roberts has been seeking details of Hunter Biden’s assets he has owned over the past decade to assess his wealth but Hunter has refused to provide those details. Roberts’ attorney is also seeking information about the tax fraud investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances – an investigation going on since 2018 but not talked about often in the mainstream media. 

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  1. Waynette Brown

    They are a sorry a**ed family for ignoring this child. Doesn’t matter who she was born to or how she may have come into this world, she is his daughter, their niece, their Granddaughter.
    The Bidens should at least acknowledge her.

  2. Tom

    Just more poop on the shady Biden family. If she has proved DNA traceablility to Hunter Biden, then she ought to be able to take the father’s name, whether or not he likes it should not be an issue or a court case. He dipped the wicket, now pay the ticket!

  3. emma

    WE THINK THIS LITTLE BEAUTIFUL GIRL IS 100% better off without any ties to this corrupt family.

  4. frank stetson

    Another Dempsey Dumpster story about a stripper-got-pregnant and Hunter has to pay.

    We now know that Hunter is a cad which is absolutely not new news, or news at all.

    I guess the ole “it’s the law” defense goes out the window for some reason on this one. Brave Tom never mentions it unless it’s Santos time…..

    In Arkansas, paternity out of wedlock means it’s the mother’s business, the kid is in her sole custody. The Dad does not even have visitation rights without a court allowance.

    If proven he’s the biological father, there may be a child support order, in this case yes, with an estimated $2.5M upfront and then payments which Hunter is attempting to lower due to his failing income stream. The mother is now a “former” exotic dancer; I am guessing Hunter basically bought her out of the life. As far as the name, Arkansas law says the last name is the custodial parents name. To change it legally to the father requires consent which I gather is not on this one. It appears that a chunk of the $2.5M went to body enhancement……wow, that shit defies gravity.

    They are going to court, and that’s the right place for this mess. And yes, Hunter is STILL a cad; don’t think this new information changes that.

    Whatttabotism — Trump’s Tiffany is technically illegitimate, but he covered. Remember, Tom brought up premature wick dipping. Then there’s the doorman’s story of a hide-the-love-child 30K payment he got to forget a Trumpian tryst, again. But therein lies the rub. The Trump family has a Kennedy-esque history of paying off sexual partners. Don has paid off strippers, spankers, and hookers in his career, I think M. Cohen was one imprisoned bag man over this.

    Bottom line: Hunter is a cad who is never going anywhere as a public person. He is a cad before, during, and will be after his father’s Presidency. Billy Carter laughs at him. Eric Trump thinks he’s a good painter but then again he owns three sets of his Fathers trading cards as art.

    Follow the law and issue what punishments prescribed therein, but there is little there here on this one. On the Trump one, no proof either except for the payoff and maybe Trump just wanted the nuisance removed and he can take it off his taxes :>)

    • Clifford mckinney

      Hunter shot the wad and brought the bod. Who cares?

      • Sam

        The best part of hunter ran down his mother’s leg

    • Tom

      Hi Frank! Brave Tom here. I am all in favor of following the law of the state, whatever it is. And I hope you realize that these laws vary from state to state.

      Now, from my research, it appears as the following: In Arkansas, If the MOTHER AGREES, the baby can have the father’s last name once paternity has been established through a court ordered DNA test. Do the parents have to be in Arkansas to acknowledge paternity? No. If the child was born in Arkansas, the parents may sign the AOP form in front of a notary public and then mail it to the address on the cover of the form. ACCORDING TO WHAT I READ, THE FATHER DOES NOT GET A SAY ON THE NAME IF THE MOTHER IS THE CUSTODIAL PARENT!

      The obvious effort of the Biden family in this filing is to preserve distance from this child. The legal standard for a name change in Arkansas has been based on the “best interests of the child,” not the political interest of the father and his family. Indeed, historically, Arkansas courts followed a presumption in favor of a child have the surname of its father.

      More recently, the Arkansas Supreme Court in Huffman v. Fisher laid out various factors to balance including (1) the child’s preference; (2) the effect on the child’s relationship with each parent; (3) the length of time that the child has borne the prior surname; (4) the community respect for the rivaling surnames; (5) the social difficulties that could arise from the adoption of the new surname; and (6) the presence of any parental misconduct or neglect.

      Almost all non-Biden family opinions agree that the child is clearly better off with the Biden surname, particularly in establishing the very connection that Hunter, Joe, and Jill Biden seem committed to conceal or ignore. Navy Joan is the grandchild of the 47th President of the United States. That alone makes the change beneficial. Navy Joan will be able to benefit from the cache of that connection in applying to college, seeking employment, and other pursuits. It also establishes (despite the efforts of the Bidens) that she is part of the family’s legacy. There is no real doubt about the best interests of his child in his filing. For their part, the Bidens have made it clear what is in their best interest. It is not this child. The court should make fast work of this petition and change Navy Joan’s surname to Biden. That will not make the family more loving or supportive or accepting. She will have to eventually deal emotionally with this latest effort to conceal her true identity. Source: “”

      As a side note, I did investigate Arkansas law. Clearly since paternity has been proven to the level of 95% likely or more, the mother and daughter can decide and agree that the daughter should take the Biden name – and the court will support this. Father’s permission is not needed – which is why Bidens are fighting it on the grounds of “not being in the best interest of the child”. This is a case of Bidens using big bucks to financially combat the mother into not being able to afford the law suits to change the name. Clearly, Bidens have no interest in this child and will do everything they can to discredit and disallow the Biden name for this child. Clearly this makes Joe Biden’s former statements on dead beat dads hypocritical at best! Clearly when the Biden name is taken by the daughter that will make for an interesting family tree discussion! LOL

      • frank stetson

        My comments were supposedly based on AR law; if yours are different, so be it. I file this under: “Frankly, Scarlet, I don’t……”

        I think I own part of a homestead in ARK, but don’t plan to ever go there. And the more I learn, the more I want to stay away.

  5. Eric

    Hunter should support and claim the little bastard