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Lawsuit Filed against Federal Government over Wrongful Killing of Ashli Babbitt

Lawsuit Filed against Federal Government over Wrongful Killing of Ashli Babbitt

The reckless killing of Air Force veteran and pro-America protester Ashli Babbitt at the federal Capitol on January 6, 2021, is not forgotten. While her killer was given a free pass by the corrupt federal law enforcement, the victim’s family is still hoping for some sort of justice. On behalf of Babbitt’s family, conservative organization Judicial Watch has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the federal Government.

On Friday (January 5), Judicial Watch announced in a press release the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit against the U.S. Government on behalf of Ashli Babbitt’s husband and Estate. The $30 million lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court Southern District of California. Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, stated:

“Judicial Watch and our supporters are honored to represent Ashli’s steadfast widower Aaron Babbitt and her estate in this legal action. Ashli was shot in cold blood and the rule of law requires justice for her.”

The release underscored the facts that Babbitt’s killer Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd shot unarmed Babbitt despite her hands being “up in the air, empty, and in plain view of Lt. Byrd and other officers in the lobby.” At the time of the shooting, Lt. Byrd was not in his uniform and did not give Ashli any warnings or commands. And Byrd was a person prone to incompetent and dangerous behavior, based on his past record, yet deputed there on January 6 for the Capitol’s security.

Byrd’s police powers had been revoked more than once for failing to meet or complete the department’s semiannual firearms qualification requirements as well as for a reckless shooting at his stolen vehicle while he was off-duty. An official investigation into the vehicle shooting incident found that Byrd’s “use of force was not justified.”

In another incident in 2019, Byrd left his gun unattended in a bathroom inside the Capitol, leading to a police investigation into his negligence. The department decided to let him stay and Byrd owned the incident as a “terrible mistake” in an interview. Conservatives have defended Ashli Babbitt since her killing on January 6, 2021, and continue to do so. In May 2023, during a CNN town hall event, President Trump called Ashli Babbitt a “good person, a patriot” and denounced her killing by Michael Byrd whom he called a “thug.”

Trump’s rival Republican candidates for presidency 2024 have remained silent over Babbitt’s killing with the exception of Vivek Ramaswamy who mentioned Babbitt in a tweet a day after the Judicial Watch filed the wrongful death lawsuit. He called her killing a murder.

Following the news of the lawsuit, Tom Fitton talked to Newsmax about Babbitt’s homicide and asked on Twitter/X whether the Biden administration will defend her wrongful death.

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  1. Dan tyree

    Good luck suing the government bastards

  2. Frank stetson

    Is that law and order Dan?

    Funny; if this was your house, you would shoot away. You’re fine with shooting folks breaking into places during the summer of Floyd. But in the people’s house as the mob is hunting Pence and Pelosi, it’s a wrongful death. Wonder what would have happened if the mob got in the chambers. If they found Pence or Pelosi, would they use the gallows. And where did those gallows come from if somebody didn’t have a plan….. .

    Sad someone had to die; that’s on Trump. And it worked, the mob immediately backed off the chamber instead of breaking through. Lucky more didn’t die vsorry so many cops had to be harmed by Trump.

    • Dan tyree

      Are you saying that I should let someone break into my house? By the way I wasn’t at the capital

      • Jim wampler

        Look at the bright side. Typical home invasion assholes are liberals who think they can take whatever they want and get away with it. And sometimes they get shot. Great!!!

      • Harold blankenship

        It’s great that we have the right to defend our homes and families. Pence was in a bind not knowing how to handle such open voter fraud. So he took the low road. But pelosi shouldn’t have been anywhere near the capital. That smartass bitch should have been in her commie city shoveling shit from the streets. Someone nicknamed her nasty pussy. Great name for the lowlife walking shitbag.


          ” Pence was in a bind not knowing how to handle such open voter fraud. So he took the low road.” Blankinshit: You are delusional. YOU HAVE NO PROOF and the most egregious attempt to RIG the 2020 election is in court, in Georgia with 19 being charged, including Il Duce Trumpy, for election tampering. Of the Georgia 19, 3 have already said we are guilty, guilty, guilty —– they are Trump lawyers, so not a good thing. But it’s sure that they have said they tried to rig the 2020 election and will testify against Trump. Bail bondsman Scott Hall also pleaded guilty but he does not lead to Trump, so small fry.

          Nice that you know Pelosi well enough to nickname her and her 83 year old vagina, what a guy!

          • Harold blankenship

            It’s like scaring people into admitting they did something wrong even if they didn’t. There’s strong evidence that the election was rigged. Just like the Hillary crowd rigged it against Bernie Sanders in 2016. The government and courts are more crooked than people realize. And maybe laws were broken by mistake. Don’t we have the right to descent and question the government? I guess not. So going forward I’m teaching my children and grandchildren to not fully trust the government especially if democrats are involved. Yes, I want them to vote, and at least pretend they voted republican around me. lol. My dad went bat shit crazy when the democrats left me. ( as per Reagan) And the last time he voted before going to the great republican home in the sky he voted republican. Being a southern Baptist it was mainly the queer and abortion thing that flipped him. With me it was a combination of things but mostly the gun issue

          • vladimir

            Hopefully your god worshiping, demonrat husband and all his god worshiping, demonrat boyfriends agree with you, you don’t want any paulie pelosi incidents at your trailer park at 200 am while you all prance around in your underwear .

          • FRANK STETSON

            Ah Blakenship, delusional with a cause, rebel without a clue.

            I find it humorous that it took you 70 or so years after the 60’s, as a movement, to realize that “The government and courts are more crooked than people realize.” Last time, in the 60’e and 70’s, they were coming for us, or so we thought…. And that’s the point, people do good and bad things all the time, mostly good, IMO. And people try to use the system to gain/retain power, steal, force others to their desires, whatever. But that’s people. Not parties. There is no Team Democrat infiltrating the government. How could there be, there’s Republicans all over the government. You don’t say what party you are for in government. You can’t ask either. There is no way you can prove Dems are worse than Repubs or vice-versa in that regard OR that there is some sort of deep state operating across the entire government, all governments, local, state, and fed, as a secret cabal. Much less looking for a little turd like you or I. But remember, we invented government paranoia before you and I am sure the Founders had it too.

            As far as: “scaring people into admitting they did something wrong even if they didn’t,” yeah it happens. Cohen said he did it, and that torches his “I hate Don” reality show. He got trashed in the NY civil trial recently. But let’s be honest: if we was truly innocent, he could prove it, so go to court. I am guessing the odds of innocence were not in his favor. At all. Of course, in the Georgia case, they tossed any concept of a pardon in pleading guilty and hoped for a better deal, which they got, but going early Probably tossed their careers too. And they are lawyers, so even IF they felt coerced, gosh, sure seems like they didn’t think they would win, Don could get them off, all sorts of wiggle room. Looks like they did it to me. And the rest appear to be waiting for the August plea-or-drop-dead date to see where Don is in the polls. But if more step up, it will be tsunami time.

            “There’s strong evidence that the election was rigged.” You have posted NONE, much less with sources and links. I posted lots of facts saying you are full of shit on this one. No proof, no evidence, no facts. And Trump’s lawyers will testify that he DID try to rig the election (remember, the phone call.)

            “Just like the Hillary crowd rigged it against Bernie Sanders in 2016.” There was certainly hard ball from the elites. But I don’t think there is hard evidence as Brazile and Warren walked their shit back.
            “Don’t we have the right to descent and question the government?” Peacefully, yes.

            Oh my goodness: you are teaching your kids to distrust Democrats. What a world. I teach my kids to trust or distrust people based on words and actions, with a weighting on actions. My kids and I talk about votes: being young, so far they are Progressive and have opened my eyes about woke, systemic racism, and stuff. It’s amazing to me that, in my time, “where are you from” meaning what ethnicity, seemed important. Off color jokes were the rage. My kids don’t know off-color jokes and good care less whether you are Italian, Slovakian, whatever in heritage. I like the new generation and what they are teaching me.
            My Dad was a Democrat, my Mom a fiery liberal. He never swore, raised his voice, but could take you apart with a few words. It was fun to watch someone try to bully the guy who was bullied by a few thousand Germans in his youth, lost his first wife and child, and these shits were going to scare him? Both were Democrats and like me, liberal on the issues, conservative on the money. Although Mom was a little more liberal on the issues.

            I did vote for Reagan the first time, thought he could, and he did, help heal the nation, but he lost me on the second vote as his money management was just stupid, and certainly not conservative, except in words.

            Queers, abortion, guns —- people are people, I judge as noted and could care less how you get your pleasures behind closed doors as consenting adults. Not for me, but enjoy many a gay man’s company. A botched abortion pretty much sealed our vote on choice, need I say more? And I could care less about gun laws, I have all that I need, and a few more. At this point when I see a mass shooting, I honestly just laugh. Why not? It’s gonna happen over and over, so might as well see the black humor in it. I mean 18 people shot in a Maine bowling alley. Come on, 18 people in a bowling alley is funny right there. Then it takes two days to find a dead man in a trailer where he worked that was searched twice, just not the back lot. Come on, that’s just funny. But the best is the cry for better mental health, a surefire cure as we line up all the gunnies once a month and ask: “are you feeling crazy today?” The very concept of mental health improvements fixing this is the funniest joke of all. All I can say is: GOODBYE WAYNE “PEPPY” LEPEW; the NRA will miss you. The Russians will miss you. Thanks for the laughs and good discussion, good anecdotes, nice to not be name calling for fun. That does get old.

          • FRANK STETSON

            Vald the impaled (I am pretty sure he’s not an Impaler. but likes the other side of the fence better….) : if you are targeting me on that one, it must be your fantasy that I am gay for I am not, never have been, yet have many gay friends who just seem to know which side I butter my toast. They are delightful, smart, and well meaning folks some who have helped me though some serious personal tragedies.

            But you paint an interesting picture of boys prancing in a trailer park. You seem to really enjoy it.


        Dan, don’t think I said you should. think I said “if this was your house, you would shoot away.” I know I would.

        You weren’t at the capital, thanks, I will tell the internet sleuths to back off :>) But were you at the Capitol? Now that’s capital idea.

        • Dan tyree

          Again, I wasn’t at the capital.

          • FRANK STETSON

            Yes, I said that, and I am sure they are not looking for you as being at the Capitol either.

        • Harold blankenship

          We will do just fine without Wayne. The nra existed before he was born. And I’m proud to be a part of this great organization. You sometimes speak of shootings like the one in Maine. Well that’s not me doing that. But armed people can shoot back. But I’ll say that shooters are in the same category as abortion doctors

          • FRANK STETSON

            Mass murderers the same as abortion doctors are the same as abortion-ban states IMO. And I vote for the doctors, not the ban states on that one.

            Not sure the NRA will be just fine without Wayne, I can’t say what they are, but I expect changes. At some point, it might dawn on gunnies to look for the win-win instead of the terrible results they have today from current gun laws. All we can say is if mental health is the issue, we are the craziest nation of all developed nations. Batshit fucking gun crazy for dispatching tens of thousands each year as simple as point and click. We can do better without selling the store. For example, I am all for allowing legally registered, monitored, etc. militia’s having much bigger and better arms than are legal today. Why not? They are here to protect the nation, so why not give them a chance. And then you can get a tank! An rpg! OR how about letting the NRA manage the gun registration database and actually 1) register these things but only with the NRA, who, under court order, can divulge the secret for guns used in crimes so we can track crime guns in minutes instead of weeks, 2) the NRA can protect the database on-net and including a doomsday switch to erase it all, and now we can trace crime guns in seconds while owners are even more off-the-grid than they are today regarding government knowledge of their guns. And fuck the AWB, control the features not the model —- so, get the gunnies together and pick a reasonable LCM size. 50 or 100 per mag just is stupid. Ten may not be enough, but 17 or thereabouts should do. And then make the existing larger ones ILLEGAL if not turned in for a proper replacement. And close the loopholes, every transfer requires the same checks as buying new from an FFL. Period. Finally, have some balls and set the incarceration rates for just having a gun in a crime at astronomical times. Right now at the Federal level it’s 5 years for having, 7 years for brandishing, 10 years to life for discharging during a crime Like triple that — 15 years for having, 20 years for brandishing, and 20 years to life for discharge. Let’s make criminals think about their weapon and the time, before doing the crime.

            But if you guys continue to just say no, you will be rolled over at some point. It’s just getting out of hand. It’s not a mental health issue, it’s a crazy country issue.

  3. vladimir

    WHY should the hard working tax paying Americans need to suffer for the CRIME that globalist puppet, god worshiping, demonrat criminal bird committed and got a reward for killing her, a promotion for murder .


      What reward was that Vlad?

    • Harold blankenship

      Frank the nra will be just fine. And every state has gun rights groups defending our rights. And we mean business. As for tanks and silly comments us people who are more intelligent know better. As per scotus it’s common use weapons we are allowed. But gun ownership is growing by leaps and bounds.


        “As for tanks and silly comments us people who are more intelligent know better.” Hmm, the self-proclamation of greater intelligence plays well when correct grammar is used. Even us people who are less intelligent know that…..

        I still say they are good ideas and laws can be changed if you remember Heller that changed the gunnie landscape was only 2008. And the NRA did not even get political until the mid-70’s. Peppy Lewpew came there from politics in 77.

        Before all that, the NRA was more into hunting, targets, and such, and less into the 1st at all costs becoming the lobbying arm of gun and ammo makers across the globe. Pretty clever set up actually and much more powerful and intrusive than they deserve due to very professional lobbying efforts.

        Fun fact: the NRA made it possible for a Indy Jones like warehouse to house all failed FFL paperwork. After Katrina, the workers needed hazmat suits to enter due to mold and fungi. They can not database the contents, the NRA made sure of that.. So they take pictures of the disgusting paperwork and file them as pictures — not databased by name or anything modern…….

        Another fun fact: Because the NRA lobbies against anything that could track a gun owner, it’s all paper housed at the FFL. For the ATF to trace a gun takes about two weeks. Not sure this is still correct, but a decade ago they first called or emailed the mfg with the info they had, and the mfg responded back with a distributor. Then the AFT redid what they did with the mfg to the distributor, who gave them an FFL. Then the ATF did the same thing they did with the mfg and then the distributor to the FFL who often got up from his chairs, walked back to a filing cabinet and rifled through until he found the right 4473 I think. Today users can download and fill it out, but would YOU put that stuff in your computer? Or print it and fill it out to go in the cabinet. It’s all those cabinets the AFT got after Katrina. Dripping, stinking, sewage encrusted files. Thousands of them. Could have been on one thumb drive….

        Whatever, you the smart guy. So figure out how we can stop all this bad use of guns. More than any other reasonable country.

        • Dan tyree

          The nra was forced to get political by people like Ted Kennedy And his car killed more people than my guns ever did By the way, how is Illinois doing with their gun grabbing? Not much compliance from what I hear. Good!!!! That’s the attitude of people in every state. We refuse to comply with dictators. And we damned well mean it.

  4. vladimir

    The hard working tax paying Americans always get sued and need to pay when god worshiping globalists and their god worshiping demonrats and their god worshiping rinos and their god worshiping voters commit crimes .


      That is so funny since it’s the government being sued Vlad. And your demigod Don does more suing than anyone in America. He even sues anyone who sues him. That’s why he is in court for the second EJ Carroll defamation case. After getting off the rape charge on a NY technicality over the definition of rape requiring penis penetration, he sues her for defamation over the initial rape allegation to which the judge said: hey, you got off on a technicality and any normal human would call what you did, digital rape or finger penetration. Now, maybe that’s OK in your house to have people do that to your family, but the judge tossed the case, Trump bullied on with EJ and now he’s in there a second time. Must be a god worshiping globalist demonrat committing yet another crime, eh……

  5. Darren

    Frank, you always make a habit out of defending the GUILTY.
    When will you quit pushing a car up a hill with a rope?
    Ashley Babbitt was murdered. Of all the people trying to get in to the capital, the
    one person shot was a person in the crowd who posed the least amount of threat!
    I feel she was shot, as there were NO cameras there to record the MURDER!
    Remember, someone had to die or it would not be an insurrection!
    If there is one thing Democrat’s can do, it is thinking how to turn SHIT into GOLD!
    To do this you have to have planning, cunning, and a good sense to perform EVIL!
    Congratulations to all Democrat’s, you succeeded! FOR NOW!

  6. frank Stetson

    Darren, I hear you but ask why you think Ashley who was trespassing in a rampage to break the doors and enter the chamber where God knows what she would have done to the congresspeople in there. She was armed at least with a knife in her pocket and obviously military-trained.

    I might ask why have you turned against the cops trying to seal off the chamber from the mob?

    But, so far, the law has determined no crime, decent shoot, although a tragedy.

    This is a civil case, no criminals will be convicted and they are trying to score punishment bucks from the taxpayer ultimately by holding the government accountable for what happened to Babbitt when she violently broke into the Capitol and then attempted to breach the last doors between her, the mob, and members of Congress. I am sorry she got shot but glad the action stopped the mob from hurting many more. There is no reason to believe they would have tea and crumpets if they got into the gallery.

    But the law is the law and Judicial Watch is fully in it’s rights to back the husband and try to hold the government, that would be the TRUMP GOVERNMENT, liable. Lord knows my side has found him liable and will find him criminal soon. But, IMO, she is not innocent in this, not at all. She chose to take the risks that sealed her fate, IMO, and just should not have been there if not for Trump’s lies.

    • Darren

      Who brings a knife to a gun fight.


        Babbitt did Darren…. And now the government is being sued for shooting someone, who broke into the Capitol and was attempting to break into the Speaker’s Lobby beyond which Congressfolk were sheltering. That government, ironically, is the Trump government, the guy who brought Ashly to DC and who watched the destruction he was part of go one for over three hours before he issued a lame tweet, he who defends our nation from all adversaries, foreign and domestic. And now he wants to free these criminals because they supported him in The Big Lie.

        I hope they win and show how corrupt the government is; the Trump government.

  7. JPop

    Ashly Babbitt was murdered, and I hope her family wins the suit.

  8. JPop

    Good luck to the Babitt Family. May justice be done.

  9. Frank stetson

    Yes jpop, they are suing the Trump government; how fitting. Hope they bring him in to testify. It is a good test of a good shoot in a terrible tragedy that just didn’t need to happen. It all was The Big Lie and they just shouldn’t have been there in the first place.