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Lawsuit Filed Against Alleged Rapist with Epstein-Clinton Connection

Lawsuit Filed Against Alleged Rapist with Epstein-Clinton Connection

Billionaire businessman Leon Black has been sued for allegedly raping an autistic teenager over 20 years ago on a property owned by disgraced pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Records have revealed that Black financially contributed to some prominent Democrats, including payments to the Clintons.

The federal lawsuit, filed in a Manhattan court on Tuesday on behalf of Jane Doe (anonymous victim), accuses Leon Black of raping the victim in 2002 – when she was 16 – in Epstein’s Upper East Side townhouse.

The New York Post cited the lawsuit for some disturbing details of the sexual assault the victim has claimed in her lawsuit against Black. One quote tells that at the time of the alleged sexual assault, the victim’s mental age was about 12:

“Developmentally she is about 12, and when she was threatened to do as told because ‘bad girls’ get in ‘trouble,’ she did as she was told.”

The alleged victim reportedly suffers from a rare condition called Mosaic Down Syndrome that made her vulnerable to sex predators Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, whom she was introduced to at a party in a Washington DC suburb by her coach. The duo sexually exploited her at various places before handing her out to Leon Black.

Black’s attorneys have denied the claims brought up by Jane Doe and stated that Black never met this person.

While Black has in his corporate career made financial contributions to both Republicans and Democrats, his investment management firm Apollo Global Management generously paid the Clintons during the Obama-Biden administration.

As reported in Mother Jones (June 2016), Apollo’s subsidiary Apollo Management Holdings paid Bill Clinton $250,000 for a speech when his wife, Hillary Clinton, was running for President. Hillary herself had made $225,000 for a speech at Apollo in 2013.

A Twitter account “Lords of War” tagged Democrat congressman Adam Schiff in a post reminding him of accepting campaign contribution from “individuals, subsidiaries and/or PACs affiliated with Apollo Global” for the 2022 midterm election.

The post poked Schiff with the question: “Did you ever meet Jeffrey Epstein and/or visit any of his mansions in NY, FL or the infamous Epstein Island?”

The details of the campaign contributions by Apollo Global Management in the 2022 election cycle show that the firm donated more than $1.4 million to Congressional Democrat candidates and over $1.1 million to Republican candidates.

The donations went to 69 Democrat House candidates and 33 Democrat Senate hopefuls as well as 53 Republican House candidates and 28 Republican Senate hopefuls. Schiff’s share of the contribution by Apollo was $11,918.

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  1. Tom

    Wow Frank, I am impressed!! I did not know you knew Latin!!! I agree with your comment.

    • frank stetson

      Semper ubi sub ubi. Words to live by.

      I would sing you “In taberna quando sumus” and other German drinking songs, but they would censor song lyrics….. It’s a knockout!

      Four years Latin; couldn’t handle accents so seemed the way to go :>) The third and fourth years you get to read, sing, and have fun once the rote declension and conjugation stuff was out of the way. And no one knows what Latin sounds like, so accents are a wild card!

      • Tom

        I learned a little Latin as a Catholic alterboy but had four years of German in public school. From what I have read, Latin is making a comeback. They used to call it a dead language but it is no longer dead. I still remember some of the church responses in Latin back when the mass was said in all Latin. I did not realize you were such a man for all seasons. A real Mediterranean man!

  2. andy

    Gotta love the way the right makes spurious connections.

    Man kills wife. Man also donates to Clinton. Ergo, Clinton must have been involved in the wife murder.

    • Tom

      Funny you should point that out. There happens to be an unusually high number of people that know the Clinton’s also end up dead. Whitewater may just have been the tip of the iceberg! And I ain’t talking lettuce! Now it seems that Obama is carrying the Dem Death Mantra. He started with his personal chef.

      • Frank stetson

        Well Tom, either they are damned good about it or those investigating really suck.

        Obama killed his chef? Obama? The guy is a nerd yes but killer? Maybe you mean Michelle.

        Objective independent? Not here.

  3. Tom

    Ernest, in the words of the great opiner from NJ, this is a nothing burger. I am sure there are plenty of people with criminal records that contribute to candidates every day. Just look at Trump, look at the number of folks that went to jail for him, and those that went to jail that he does not care about like the folks at 1/6 and you will see quite a collection of generous criminals. I do not know of any law that makes it illegal for a politician to take a donation from someone with a criminal record. As far as Shifty Shiff goes, that is a very small contribution. With regard to Apollo, all in all his party contributions seem more balanced than most.

    • frank stetson

      There is a difference; I think Trump has transferred $40M to his legal funds. That’s something you don’t see in campaign donations too often. ** This is probably “tip of the iceberg” numbers as to how Trump spends the hard-earned money of his supporters. He’s probably billing document storage fees for the Mar A Largo bathroom at Presidential Suite prices. (perhaps that’s why he took em :>)

      • Tom

        Yes, there appears to be nothing illegal about what Trump is doing. The media tries to make a big deal out of his donors not knowing they are paying his legal bills. Personally I think many of his donors know they are paying his legal bills. I chuckled yesterday at his narcissism. He said at a recent event, “They are not coming for me, they are coming for you!!! And I am the one between them and you!!!” He has gotten a much more grandiose savior complex. According to Trump, he is the only thing standing in the way of good law abiding citizens that the government wants to arrest. He has taken his narcissism to a new and what I believe is a dangerous level.

        • Frank stetson

          It’s an old Mussolini gambit that he used to rile the Fascist Party up on his ascension to power. Not a new trick.

          Not that Trump is a fascist. He just likes to use the same tricks.

          In terms of the money, you are correct that what he has announced is probably legal. The question is remains is that if he’s doing this legal, how much money is being thrown around in an illegal fashion. In other words, if he’s basically robbing from Peter to pay Paul, how far will he take that? we know that with documentation he seems to take it further than the law will allow, even though the basic premise of having documents has never been seen as much of a crime. At least, as long as you give them back.

          • Tom

            Well Frank, I do not know much about Mussolini except that he except seeing pictures that had him hanging upside-down. Seems that it all caught up with him. And his buddy Hitler stole the show anyway. Seems like Mussolini was really more of a side kick to Hitler. I will say, the more indictments, the more cash comes in to Trumps PACs and campaign. There are a lot of red necked folks out there that are way to happy to fund Trump’s law suits. On the news today it is being said that a Pro-Trump PAC is now low on cash, only $4M on hand, donors, mostly sore Peters are a bit mad that their funds were supposed to go to campaigns, not defense lawyer Pauls. Either way its a great Dem strategy to bleed him dry, death by litigation, so he cannot do much campaigning. I still think it most likely will be the battle of the crooks. Some GOPers are starting to question why they are throwing so much money at someone with so many legal problems! DUHHHH!!! Nice to see at least a few are waking up. As long as new charges are bringing in more money, Trump will continue to ride that wave. Maybe there is hope that there will be a quality candidate. I am still cheering for Joe Manchin.

          • frank stetson

            My FIL was born in Genoa in the early 1900’s. At age 13 or so, he boarded a ship for work as all Genovese boys did, and worked his away across the globe for millions of miles. No commercial air until about 1939, these ships were floating palaces and The Rex, worked on by Mussolini as a PR stunt, even included sandy beaches around the pools. She had four screws driven by four turbine engines. While the King and Queen sent her off with a unique Champagne cracking, Mussolini was Premier and was there too. It’s first attempt at the Blue Riband ended up in a service dock for repairs. On the second, they took the price for fastest crossing and held it from 1933 to 1935 — pretty good considering. She was the largest until 1991.

            My FIL was there for some of this ship history and my hatred for all things Mussolini, and all things authoritarian, was built on his feelings. A true European gentleman, he broke ranks went he went vitriolic over this ass. He came to America and was married, living in NYC, in the early 40’s. With five sisters, a mother, he hopped a ship to go home before the war and disappeared into Mussolini’s hell. I imagined a stripped shit, red bandanna, and beret blowing up bridges and such when I asked: what happened during the War. He said: I slept. Bwhaaaaat! He explained, Mussolini was starving the country, he spent his time looking for food, or sleeping, dreaming of food. They were starving and they lived by and on the sea. He said when your are starving, sleep takes away the pain. Then you wake, and look for food.

            He was there for years, could not call or mail the wife, could not catch a boat until a year after the war after they were re-fitted from war to commercial uses. His wife declared him dead and moved on.

            And now you know the rest of the story and why my hackles rise when people talk about how hard it is to wear a mask, get a life-saving vaccine, or desire to send our boys to Ukraine to fight for Ukrainians as if that’s fighting for America. I think about your big decisions being looking for food or sleeping, not did Clinton know someone who did something bad. Some of this shit has serious outcomes.

            Mussolini started as a media mogul, newspaper, trade union advocate, and had a huge following, like a Reality Show star. After WWI he leaned right, became a war monger, and began terrorizing leftist organizations. In 22 he forced himself into being Prime Minister, in 25 he became Il Duce, dictator throwing the monarchy aside.

            Ultimately his own government tagged, bagged, and hung him out to dry — literally.

            Sound familiar?
            “The Liberal State is a mask behind which there is no face; it is a scaffolding behind which there is no building.”

            Socialism is a fraud, a comedy, a phantom, a blackmail.

            We do not argue with those who disagree with us, we destroy them.

            The crowd love strong men. The crowd is like a woman.

            Italian journalism is free because it serves one cause and one purpose… mine!

            If only we can give them faith that mountains can be moved, they will accept the illusion that mountains are moveable, and thus an illusion may become reality.”

            I am not a big believer in History repeating itself but it certainly provides examples, possible paths and conclusions. The problem with freedom is that once you taste it, you can’t get enough. However, with great power comes great responsibility and Earnest is being irresponsible in his investigative reporting relying on coincidences over correlations, rumors over facts.

  4. Darren

    When Growing up everyone was told by Teachers ” Some day you could be President “.
    We all now know that is not true.
    The situation with Trump proves this correct.
    Unless you have Kissed a lot of Asses, and much worse, it is obvious any individual in this country can NOT become
    If Trump winds up in a prison cell, he will still get my vote.
    If his name is not on the ballot, I will be writing it in.
    Nothing has changed!

  5. JPop

    Epstein Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moon Light and paid the price. By his own hand, or anothers he’s paid in full.