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Largest City of SC Flipped Red for the First Time Since 1877

Largest City of SC Flipped Red for the First Time Since 1877

After remaining under liberal mayors for 146 years, Charleston, SC, elected its first Republican mayor on Tuesday (November 21). The historic victory by Republican William Cogswell was called “a stunning defeat” for incumbent Mayor John Tecklenburg in Tuesday edition of Post and Courier.

The story described the interesting twist in the final moments of the election results as Tecklenburg, a Democrat, was so confident he’d win the historically blue city that he had already called on Cogswell to concede.

By 9:10 p.m., Tecklenburg had called him to concede, promising to help with the transition. About five minutes later, Tecklenburg was giving his concession speech.

This was a run-off election after the November 7 general election for the mayoral office in which Cogswell beat Tecklenburg but could not pass the 50 percent threshold.

The Western Journal noted that the Charleston mayor’s office is considered nonpartisan. However, every mayor of the city in the past 146 years has either identified as a Democrat or has been recognized as a liberal by people. The last Republican that held the city’s mayoral office was George I. Cunningham, who remained the mayor from 1873 to 1877.

“…the new mayor-elect served as a Republican in state legislature, no matter how the ballot may list their political party affiliations — or fail to.”

National Review wrote that in addition to administrative issues like flooding, public safety, tourism etc., Cogswell ran against Tecklenburg on the incumbent mayor’s response to the post-George Floyd riots of 2020 in the city. The paper cited Teckleburg’s courteous concession speech in which he encouraged people to extend their full support to Cogswell as the new mayor. He said:

“When Mayor Cogswell succeeds, Charleston succeeds, and that’s something we’re all in favor of.”

Conservative commentators cheered at the news of Cogswell’s victory. Graham Allen even called it a miracle in his Twitter/X post that shared a video of supporters cheering Cogswell along with his family on the evening of his election victory.

Popular conservative account End Wokeness pointed that Cogswell won despite being outspent by his Democrat opponent.

William Cogswell’s win in a historically blue Charleston runs contrary to the victory of Democrat Donna Deegan earlier this year in the mayoral race in Jacksonville, Florida. Deegan beat DeSantis-endorsed Jason Fisher in the otherwise red city where DeSantis won the county by 12 points in his gubernatorial election the previous year.

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  1. frank stetson

    Well, that’s got to ruin Mr. Horist’s day….. did the systemic racism disappear yet?

    • Dan tyree

      What racism? Because a Republican won?

      • Tom

        No Dan, I think Frank is referring to the racial slurs and accusations that the GOP has used in the past for reasons why Dems win. Maybe Frank will be so good as to inform us of a few of them. The one that I remember appearing often is that Backs have been fooled by a dishonest Dem party. Sort of makes it sounds like Blacks do not think. Another I heard and saw in print was that Blacks are the stupid pawns of the Dem party because they do not realize they had it better under the GOP. Another was homosexuals always vote for the Dem party. Somehow, it seems that the tables were turned and these people voted for GOP.

        Maybe Frank can add a few.

        • Frank stetson

          Nope, it’s just Horist saying all major cities, Democrat, with systemic racism that doesn’t exist in Republican controlled lands. Charleston’s must be gone now. Wonder howxthey will do that?

        • Dan tyree

          Actually it’s the democrats who instruct blacks that they can’t get voter ID. Why not? And the democrats are always trolling for victims among people of color. And it’s democrats who bought and sold them and laid whips on their backs. And guess who invented Jim Crow laws. Today the democrats are loaded with systemic racism we must flush it out. I’ve been around republican politicians and rallies and never heard a racial slur. I’ve been around democrat rallies before I learned better and heard plenty of it. And the democrats have been known to get their sheets bloody

          • frank stetson

            It was Democrats who established slavery whose offspring today are Republicans.

            As to voter id, whatver you are saying: prove it.

            Points is Horist beleives Dem cities systemic racism, Repub areas not. Nothing you said changes that.

          • Tom

            Actually there are several reasons why a person cannot get voter ID. Below, is why not:

            1) Millions of Americans Lack ID. 11% of U.S. citizens – or more than 21 million Americans – do not have government-issued photo identification.
            2) Obtaining ID Costs Money. Even if ID is offered for free, voters must incur numerous costs (such as paying for birth certificates) to apply for a government-issued ID.
            3) Underlying documents required to obtain ID cost money, a significant expense for lower-income Americans. The combined cost of document fees, travel expenses and waiting time are estimated to range from $75 to $175.
            4) The travel required is often a major burden on people with disabilities, the elderly, or those in rural areas without access to a car or public transportation. In Texas, some people in rural areas must travel approximately 170 miles to reach the nearest ID office.”
            5) Many minorities move often and their records often get misplaced or lost in the move.

            Many state transportation departments will issue free ID but the issue tends to be the supportive documents required to prove who you are. Searches can be difficult. Many of these folks do not know how to search nor have access to computers/internet.

            There is no doubt in my mind that voter ID would have favored the GOP which was why Dems were against it. Dems knew at least 11% of their voter base does not have a government ID and thus they would lose that percentage of votes.

            For more info, read **

            By the way, it was LBJ that instituted the Voting Rights Act which got rid of Jim Crow laws.

  2. Tom

    I just hope the GOP sees the bigger message here!!!! The GOP seems to see the victory and stunning defeat. Ok, that is well and good. BUT the bigger picture here is how the Dem candidate handled the defeat with grace and respect of law. He did not claim that the people still wanted him and the election was a fraud. He has not filed law suits to block his opponent. He has not started nor continued any lies claiming the election was fraudulent. None of this happened. All that happened was full of grace when he said, ““When Mayor Cogswell succeeds, Charleston succeeds, and that’s something we’re all in favor of.”

    I hope the GOP/Trump folks see and learn how to handle a stunning defeat. And Dempsey, I hope you see it as well. This is the deeper and true meaning of this election and what are election system is all about, i.e. people peacefully deciding their next leader.

    • Jim lucas

      Trump was cheated out of the election. Ballots with no votes for down ballot people. Only Biden. The poll watchers not being allowed to supervise the vote count as per law. A lot of dead people voting. Nobody will ever convince us otherwise. Yes, I know that the courts wouldn’t do their jobs. Were they threatened or bribed? Nobody will ever know. The list goes on. But don’t try it again. Don’t doubt me.

      • Frank stetson

        Jim Lucas, you don’t know the half it. Believe it.

        Only Trump can stop us, donate today! 🤢

    • Dan tyree

      Frank you have proven yourself to be a dumbass again. I can definitely prove my views on voter ID. Everything it comes up the democrats start raising hell saying that blacks would be hindered by the law requiring ID. Why??? Can you answer that?? I see black people driving, working, owning homes and renting. Running businesses. The list goes on. And the same old bullshit get spread around with any mention of voter ID laws. Do you idiots on the left really believe that blacks are too stupid to vote? And do they really need a nanny state to survive? You people ain’t woke. You’re just hiding your systemic racism.

      • frank stetson

        Dipshit Dan, I just asked you to prove it because you said: “it’s the democrats who instruct blacks that they can’t get voter ID.” which I have never heard of even.

        I do understand voter id issues and some democrats being against them as disadvantage lower incomes.

        Myself, as I have said here a few times, is just being able to establish the law with enough time to be able to get the documentation necessary. Instead of Republicans cheating and establishing the law with not enough time.

        • Dan tyree

          Busted!!!!!!!! I can’t count the times that the rat party was in court fighting ID laws. Don’t want to lose the cheat.

          • Frank stetson

            Read your first sentence. Instruct? That they can’t get voter id? That’s what I asked you to prove. It doesn’t make sense?

            After you rephrased it, I would totally agree except for your dipshit name calling and misunderstanding of the purpose of which I just don’t know. Given my stance, don’t care.

            But still waiting for you to prove your first statement about instruct? I just don’t know what you even mean. Feel free to further illuminate or just say you oops the language.

    • Jim lucas

      The democrats have morons for part of their voting base. Minority voters should make better choices in life and be prepared to absorb the cost of obtaining ID. They have to have ID to get welfare and public assistance including housing. My suggestion? Stay off drugs, out of prison, and work for a living. And stop the steal. My truck is over 20 years old and runs great. I mak do with what I have

  3. Darren

    Was the local TV station out for a while.
    Maybe the sheeple could not watch the View
    and started thinking for them selves?

  4. Dan tyree

    Frank you’re still busted. You didn’t prove me wrong.

  5. Frank stetson

    Prove? Why would I. I justcasked a question to which you went postal.

    I don’t think you can bust me for asking a question.

    And when you rephrased it to make sense, I agreed.

    • Dan tyree

      The quote “if you don’t vote for me you ain’t black “ was priceless. Did Biden pull that out of his ass by himself? And the bright and articulate comment about Obama in 2008. Interesting comments from the party of no racist.

    • Q

      You got got by Dan. He 100% smashed you!!

  6. frank stetson

    Independent TOM: can we get a ruling here? Have I been “gotcha’d?” These pretzels are making me thirsty.