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Large Scale Ballot Harvesting Operation in Florida Busted

Large Scale Ballot Harvesting Operation in Florida Busted

This is what the Democrats have been telling us never happened.

A new organization set up by Governor DeSantis of Florida called the Office of Election Crimes and Security is calling for the investigation of ballot harvesting in Orlando.

Cynthia Harris, a Democrat who unsuccessfully ran for commissioner in Orange County, provided a sworn statement to the election crimes office claiming that Democrat officials were targeting residents of black communities. They paid canvassers to help fill out those ballots, collect them, and sometimes alter them, all in violation of state law.

These operations are run by local Democrat officials, funded by liberal groups.

According to the Washington Times, “Ms. Harris said she has video evidence of paid ballot harvesters operating in Orlando neighborhoods in 2014 and 2017 and that the scheme has been going on for decades, including through the 2020 elections and the 2022 primaries.”

“They know a whole year ahead who they are going to target and who they’re going to prey upon,” Ms. Harris said. “They get them to fill out an absentee ballot request, usually a year ahead of time. Then they’ll knock on their doors, and they’ll say, ‘You received the absentee ballot, and we’re here to pick it up.’”

That is DECADES folks.

Harvesters pay $10 per ballot. And if the ballot does not match the liberal organization’s desires, they either steam them open and change them, or they just throw them away.

We all know that Facebook, Google and Twitter have been censoring any mention of election fraud in the 2020 election. This is perhaps the greatest slap in the face of all. And if this can be proven to be wide scale enough to have affected the 2020 elections, then it puts a different face on the Jan 6 protests, am I right?

We have this in Orlando Florida – and again, this has been happening for DECADES, according to the source – are we to believe Orlando is the only place this is happening?

I want to know which organizations have been funding this, and where else they are operating. I suspect places like Pennsylvania and other swing states had vast operations like this.

Thanks to Governor DeSantis, we now have a thread to pull on.

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  1. Carolinadog

    This reads like another progressive viewpoint. Real Marriage has, for thousands of years, been celebrated as the union of a man and a woman, blessed by religious, tribal or civil groups as society became more civilized.
    The Constitution was created as a form of government for a “moral and religious people’ (John Adams) . The founders expected the citizens to follow those principles in order to be successful. The progressive, leftist, communist, fascist and other immoral persuasions immediately began chipping away at that foundation. Marriage is mentioned nowhere in the Constitution as it is a moral issue. If the citizens want to continue into the downward spiral of immorality it is on, then there will be such idiocy as “gay” marriage, but there will be no Republic. We will have 51% tyranny of the majority shoveling that garbage onto the backs of the minority 49% in the true spirit of a democracy.

  2. Bill L

    Imagine a Country and World where Communists (DemocRATs, Russians, Chinese) no longer inhabit.

    This should be the unfettered goal of every free loving Human inhabitant of this planet.

    • frank stetson

      well bill, you can have your “imagination,” but when you act on it, you are going to jail. Or at least an institution. Because anyone who equates a Democrat with the Russians and Chinese and therefore desires them not to inhabit his world is fucking bonkers. You believe more than 50% of your fellow citizens should not be here, on this planet even, and it’s your “unfettered goal” to make this happen.

      you are unhinged.

      • Tikvah

        What kind of “bonkers”? Maybe he should have said,”Socialists & Marxists” because the “D”‘s are not the party that I left,after voting for JC.

        • frank Stetson

          You voted for Jesus Crist; now there’s a write-in.

          I am sorry, but if you said over 50% of your fellow citizens are equal to the Chinese/Russians and should not inhabit the planet, much less our country, yeah — that’s just bonkers on face value.

          With those odds, might as well legalize abortion —- you just deemed 1 out of 2 don’t belong on the Earth to begin with. Just crazy talk.

      • Joe Gilbertson

        I’m pretty sure it is the Democrat climate crazies claiming there are too many people in the world. And they are doing their best to act on it.

        • frank stetson

          As long as you’re “pretty sure.” Sounds like weasel words to me. Maybe come back to us where you are more than sure. And how are they acting on it? Cuz if “they are doing their best to act” on it, they must have scored or failed already. Are the targeting total population or JUST Republicans?

          Are there absolutely no Republican “climate crazies?”

          • Joe Gilbertson

            The “pretty sure” was sarcasm. Try reading it again when you sober up.

          • Frank stetson

            So that whole passage was sarcasm?

            None of what you said there was true?

            Well, you got me on that one pardner. Sure looked like the normal horseshit you fling about here.

  3. frank stetson

    Carolina’s dog seems to be in the wrong fight :>)

    Joe, this is alleged. Alleged by a person who lost their election about those, probably in her party, doing wrong. She has held the evidence for over 8 years before coming forward with the “goods.” Vetted by the same team who just did a sweep catching 20, count em, 20 felon fraudsters, some with valid voting registrations given by team DeSantis…..under his governorship at least. One had his case tossed, the others probably will soon too. They used the words “widespread” on that one too. They have tape of these arrests in which sometimes, the police are actually apologizing…..

    So, we have a claim by a person, 8 years after the fact, that she has evidence of harvesting. It is vetted by the same team who just arrested 20, count em, 20 felon fraudsters, most who had legal papers to vote from the DeSantis administration election team, one who’s case is tossed, the others will be soon tossed too. Good luck.

    As to the “widespread,” Joe did not make that up, he plagiarized it but there are no quantities nor scope mentioned at this time.

    So, we will see, but that’s where the facts are now. Reuters says —- not typical:

    News at 11, however bear in mind that DeSantis got his headlines, he may not be making any more news on this one. That’s what happened with the previous 20, they are just fading away from the spotlight after DeSantis got his perp walk.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Let’s see. First of all who would she have reported this to? Nobody wanted to tackle this.

      Second she claims to have video evidence, which I assume she has shown to the investigating organization since they are moving forward with it.

      Once again, you are making stuff up and demanding that somebody else disprove it.

      • frank stetson

        You don’t know how to report election fraud? Really Joe? Thought you have been combating this since before the 2020 election.

        I made nothing up. I demanded nothing. And there is no “once again” except in your mind.

        I led with “Joe, this is alleged.” Is it not?

        She does have video, God knows of what and from what dates. She has her sworn testimony. Still alleged. It all was vetted by DeSantis election fraud patrol, the same guys who screwed the pooch in the last arrest of 20 felon fraudsters. One case dropped, expect others to follow. So, still alleged. It is said “widespread.” I do not think she said that and she is from one FL county….where she ran…. So, alleged. And it’s been eight years since she first saw it; decided not to do anything except to run for office where she could benefit from it, and suddenly has come forward to give it to the team that fucked up the last PR stunt over election fraud.

        My point is NOT that it’s a lie, but it is alleged, there are some veracity questions, and we all probably need some more facts before we jump to the conclusions that you have already made the leap to.

        Therefore, my conclusion was: “News at 11, however bear in mind that DeSantis got his headlines,”

        Amazing that you have a problem with that. Of course, I don’t make money off voter fraud, you do.

  4. Rick

    I knew it was going to be the democrats. They cant help it. It is what they are – liars, cheaters, and everything else that is wrong. It is sad but it is true.

    • Crackerjack

      Amen to that

  5. Fortunate

    this is the reason why all who cheated in the 2020 election in the USA should have been taken down Immediately , corruption should not exist, all Americans paid elected officials are gown up adults who know better , all involved should have been immediately removed for goo from any city or state government job. all past corruption should be fully exposed from decades ago, why should they be receiving a pension for being corrupt , they are not getting paid to set themselves up with wealth to cover up wrong doing done to Americans who paid their taxes from the time they were born through out the years, I hope they all get busted & have to pay full reparations to all he white people who were victimized by black & brown people too , who were discriminated against. women are not things they are human beings on & off of the job past, present & future.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      The problem was that we had no checks on the elections processes and nobody to actually investigate. DeSantis changed that for Florida. It has still taken 2 years and a lot of conflict to get this done.

      • frank stetson

        Once again…..for the 2020 election, you brought up 65 court cases alleging voter fraud. They were 100% shot down for lack of evidence, lack of standing, lackluster….. 65 cases, 100% lies, batting 1,000 for failure. Lawyers lost licenses. Many forced to be retrained. Many referred to States for further sanctions. Your voter fraud for 2020 was The Big Lie.

        A half dozen recounts in a half dozen states. Many done by Trumplicants or Trumplicant serving companies. All failed. There was no significant fraud found in your fraud recounts. Much waste of taxpayer and Republican party funds. Your voter fraud for 2020 again was proven to be The Big Lie.

        The guy profiting from voter fraud is Donald J. Trump who reaped hundreds of millions in donor dollars to fund his activities and lifestyle. Hundreds of millions that people have freely given him because they believe in him and his lies. Proven lies. Over and over they are proven lies.

        Companies like yours rely on advertising for money too. Fraud sells. Better than your advertised sexual dysfunction remedies no doubt.

        You are wrong. There are checks and balances. There are investigations. All DeSantis did for FL was spend millions to create a new fraud investigation team that bungled the first mass arrest of 20, count em, 20 alleged fraudsters — one case dropped so far, expect the others to fail too. And now they have the harvesting with data from over 8 years ago to the current date that suddenly has come to light. They didn’t need the new team to do this; there are adequate processes already.

        There it tis.

      • X

        Hmmmm…. there used to be something called the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which Republicans have chipped away at since… you guessed it, 1965… It had judicial oversight of elections in states that were known to prevent minorities from voting and had widespread fraud. There’s also the Federal Election Commission, which is responsible for enforcing campaign finance law, but it didn’t have a quorum because Trump wouldn’t appoint anyone. And of course, there are state laws, but they have to be enforced, and all the “fraud” that you think is out there is under the (not) watchful eyes of state Attorneys General in Republican states. If you want election laws enforced, elect Democrats first.

        DeSantis has done nothing… He’s good at creating a controversy, but he hasn’t found any fraud. The 20 ex-prisoners that he arrested were told by election workers that they could vote, and then he had them arrested when they did. He kidnapped immigrants from Texas and sent them to Massachusetts using Florida funding – I’m surprised DeSantis himself hasn’t been charged for that one. And this latest “alleged scandal” is on the same level as the 60-something lawsuits that Trump brought after he lost bigly to Biden – it’s just noise meant to increase his own profile and drive campaign contributions into his pockets.

  6. Duane Bausman

    Mr. Gilbertson,

    Your tenor of the harvesting article is very close to being biased. Your “about us” pledge tells us you will be unbiased as much as possible – you are not – sensationalizing is awful.

    I read your site’s information, but it is getting uncomfortably pro us – neutralish is better.

    IMHO – the harvesting article was not deep enough – like who sent the collectors out there? Comments from the election board???? Why did this lady wait so long to come forward? Was it presented to election board? If not why?
    Is she credible? How so? With answers to these type of questions it becomes a very believable article not just propaganda and smear.


  7. MSGLeo

    Voter fraud needs to be classified as treason and charged as such. The laws are way too lax, that is why we have such a problem.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      I don’t disagree with that. Interfering with democracy, our basic, most important Constitutional principle is certainly one the road to destroying the country. I would call it treason.

      • Frank stetson

        Sarcasm, right?

    • X

      So, calling for “patriots” (i.e. right-wing nut jobs who want to overthrow the US government because of guns and religion, both of which are protected by the same US Constitution that they want to overthrow) to storm the Capitol and prevent the counting of ballots shouldn’t be treated as treason? Or creating fake electors in states that Republicans lost? Or laws that prevent whole groups of people from having easy access to voting?

      There have been only a handful of proven cases of fraud that changed the vote count by 10’s of votes. Yet, 10’s of thousands of registrations have been cancelled or deleted, almost entirely by Republican administrations and only in Democrat majority districts. Republicans have been gerrymandering districts to gain advantage for themselves, and hold majorities of legislatures in states where they are in the minority. Which of these is the real fraud? Why aren’t Republicans ever held accountable?

      DeSantis has created an imaginary scandal where none exists, with no evidence to back it up, purely for political reasons. It keeps him in power, and drives money into his campaign coffers. He doesn’t care that it’s not true. Shame on Gilbertson for repeating unverified and obviously false claims of voter fraud, especially given Desantis’ previous ham-handed attempts to create controversy.

  8. tom williams

    I know that my view is one that will never see the light of day, but I feel that the franchise should be EARNED! I go back to the 1959 novel STARSHIP TROOPERS in which Robert A. Heinlein espoused a system of government where everyone had the choice at age 18 to decide to try to be a “citizen” or just a participant in society. You could gain the right to vote by serving in Federal service for a couple years, or a few years. Usually this service was to be not necessarily harsh or difficult and could consist of Peace Corps, military service, park rangers, or any other public service sort of job. You could choose to be a career government worker, too. But, during your Federal service you could not vote. Not until you became a civilian again.
    After seeing some of the complete idiots who intended to cast votes during the last three or four Presidential elections, it’s no wonder why we keep ending up with other clueless idiots in office. If the franchise had to be earned, those who have to work for it would show at the outset that they place the “body politic” ahead of themselves. Not like many in public office today, who are there on a power trip or some such nonsense.
    Finally, I find it difficult to understand the Democrats’ disdain for voter identification cards. These would be free, requiring only the owner to give his or her social security number, name, address and other such info. This would make sure we have one person, one vote. You would not be allowed to vote without it and when the owner of it dies, so does the card. We need a national database to just track voters as alive or dead, and if they vote. No penalty for NOT voting.
    What we have right now is simply chaos, and a system that INVITES fraud. Time to change it somehow.

    • Clifford mckinney

      Democrats are sleazy cheaters

      • Frank stetson

        That Republicans are to stupid to catch.

  9. D.D.

    Here we go again… Looking in a haystack
    for a needle that just isn’t there…

    • Frank stetson

      Actually they are looking for the haystack but only found a needle. Yeah, they ARE that dumb about this.

      Trump sold them the bridge that Christie tried to sell to NJ.

      • Jim

        But guess who’s going to win the midterms

        • X

          Well, let’s see… the Republicans are running such brilliant candidates: There’s Walker in Georgia, who claims to be anti-abortion but has paid for at least two of them, has multiple children out of wedlock (some claimed and others not), and by the way, thinks he is a police officer because he has a phony badge, and won’t debate his Democratic opponent because he thinks he (Walker himself) is not smart enough. Then there’s puppy-killer Oz in Pennsylvania, who lives in New Jersey and even filmed his campaign commercials from his mansion there, a snake-oil salesman who comes across as creepy and has attacked his (very popular) opponent because he had a stroke. There is also Vance in Ohio who doesn’t bother to campaign, has said he doesn’t care about the Russians taking over Ukraine, and just came out with the theory that his “poster board” opponent was going to import millions of refugee children so they could have their sex changed.

          There are various candidates around the country that are still saying that Trump won the election, others calling for Social Security and Medicaid to be abolished, and yet others calling for a national abortion ban. Speaking of which, Trump gave Republicans what they asked for, the repeal of Roe v. Wade, and it’s pissed off women across the country, whether D or R or I. This is promising to bring out the pro-choice voters in large numbers (even bright-red Kansas went Dem in a recent election because of abortion rights).

          Republican groups are publishing phony polls that show their candidates leading, in order to get a boost in media coverage. All that does is make Democrats work even harder to get more Dems registered and to the polls. And, by the way, millions more Democrats than Republicans have already come out for early voting, and this early lead is even bigger than the last election, where Trump got trounced. MAGA voters, on the other hand, have shown in the past that if Trump isn’t on the ballot, they don’t bother to show up.

          For you brilliant conservative Republicans who are struggling to keep up, “brilliant” is sarcasm-speak for “stupid fucking idiot MAGA cult”… So, yeah, I’m going to guess Democrats will win the midterms.