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Kerry Denies that Muslim Refugees Pose a Threat

Kerry Denies that Muslim Refugees Pose a Threat
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Monday evening, Secretary of State John Kerry said that there is “zero evidence” that the Muslim refugees allowed legally into the US pose a greater risk than any other group in the country.  

He also argued that these individuals have undergone a “rigorous” screening program to obtain admission into the US.

“There is absolutely no evidence, my friends, zero evidence, that refugees who make it through this arduous process, pose any greater threat to our society than the members of any other group,” said Kerry. “And it is important for people to know that.”

This was in response to several Republican politicians recommending that Muslims not be given applicants.

One of the terrorists involved in the Paris attacks slipped into the country with a group of Syrian refugees. Since then, officials including Alabama’s Governor Robert Bentley has been arguing that allowing Syrian refugees puts the country in danger.  

Bentley even wrote a letter to Obama begging him to stop allowing this group into the country.  

“Last week, the city of New Orleans began receiving its first wave of Syrian refugees. As with former immigration crises and federal relocation policy, Louisiana has been kept in the dark about those seeking refuge in the state. It is irresponsible and severely disconcerting to place individuals, who may have ties to ISIS, in a state without the state’s knowledge or involvement,” wrote Bentley.  

Kerry, in an attempt to appear as politically correct, disagrees.

“Preventing any group from entering the United States solely because of their race, or because of their nationality, or because of a religious affiliation is directly contrary to the very ideals on which our country is based,” said Kerry. “We believe in individual rights, not collective guilt. And we believe in judging people based on what they do, not the circumstances of their birth or their choice of sacred texts.”

He then argued that by excluding this group, it only fuels hate.  

“We need to remember, that bigoted and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims plays right into the hands of the terrorist recruiters who propagate the lie – it plays into the hands of people who propagate the lie that America is at war with Islam, when in fact there is no country on earth where Muslims enjoy more freedom than in the United States of America,” said Kerry.  

Many republicans are simply arguing that granting the “victims” of Islamic extremists in Syria and Iraq safe entry could backfire and some dangerous individuals may also enter the country.

Of the 4,464 Syrian refugees admitted in the US by the government, only .3% are Christians and .2% are Yazidis, leaving the rest to be identified as an“other religion” or “none.” 98.2% of which are Sunni Muslims.

According to PEW Research, 91% in Iraq (which borders Syria) want sharia law to be the law of the land and sharia law is the real danger.

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