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Kentucky Teen Sues Liberal Media, Wins Millions

Kentucky Teen Sues Liberal Media, Wins Millions

CNN this week agreed to settle a lawsuit with Nick Sandmann – a student from Covington Catholic High School who was filmed during a protest in Washington, DC last January. 

This story is massively important because it sets a modern precedent that media outlets can be sued successfully. The settlement amount has not been released, but we can assume Sandmann will end up a very rich man. Hopefully, this case encourages more lawsuits against media outlets who are making up stories without bothering to check the facts before they publish.

Here’s what happened:

Nick Sandmann was part of a large group of students visiting Washington, DC in January 2019. On the last day of the trip, the students were directed to meet at the Lincoln Memorial before boarding busses. 

On their way, they encountered a group of Black Hebrew Israelites (a known hate group). The Israelites were shouting insults at participants of the inaugural Indigenous Peoples’ March, which occurred that day alongside the 47th March for Life.

The Israelites soon began insulting the students. Video footage shows one man describing the students as “future school shooters,” “a bunch of Donald Trump incest children,” and “dirty ass crackers.” 

After nearly an hour of verbal abuse, the students asked their chaperones if they could perform a pep rally chant to drown out the insults. That’s when Native American activist Nathan Phillips arrived.

Phillips later described the scene as a ‘large group of white men facing down a small group of black men.’ Video footage shows Phillips walking to stand directly in front of Sandmann while beating a drum. Sandmann did not move from where he had been standing and appears to ask some of his classmates to stop talking.

Phillips claimed Sandmann blocked his escape from the area. He also claimed he heard students shouting “build the wall.” Video footage does not support this claim.

CNN took advantage of the incident to portray Sandmann and the other students as racist.

“CNN couldn’t resist the idea that here’s a guy with a young boy, that Make America Great Again cap on. So they go after him,” says attorney Lin Wood.

“CNN brought down the full force of its corporate power, influence, and wealth on Nicholas by falsely attacking, vilifying, and bullying him despite the fact that he was a minor child,” reads the lawsuit.

CNN’s footage was broadcast to millions of viewers, and despite Nick’s pristine record, his life was forever changed. Nick was suspended from school after the trip and his family was forced to leave their home.

“Well, what CNN’s tagline is ‘facts first,’” adds attorney Todd McMurtry. “And what we believe their reporting was in this circumstance was lies first; cover-up second.”

Sandmann also filed suits against The Washington Post and NBC Universal.

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  1. Jack Suitto

    We all love you Nick! Stand proud my friend!

  2. Richard Magnano

    I am very glad to see Justice to those of us returning to compensate for the slurs and lies published about us.

  3. Gregory Thomas

    You should sue the school too.

  4. Francine Richmond

    I am disappointed in the school for taking the side of the fake news. Where were the chaperones when this was unfolding? Why didn’t they tell the school admin what truly happened: that Nicholas stood up for what was right and was an example to the what the Catholic faith stands for! Shame on them for persecuting him and his family. Truth will out. Nicholas is a brilliant example of a young patriot. He gives us faith in these young people.

  5. Carl J Bujan

    Congratulations Nick, I hope more people come forward and sue the hell out of the lying media.

  6. Dennis Jones

    The liberal media will never learn. They have none of those qualities that are most important for a great society. Like Honesty, Honor, Respect, Kindness, Love of Country, Love of all good people especially those with less fortune and vulnerable, etc.
    They would do anything for the almighty dollar, political gain, a job and unethical bosses.
    Did you see or hear some of the liberal Trump haters on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX go off on the drone strike on the murder of hundreds of our US service soldiers. They gloried this Iranian Terrorist though Trump did what any good leader should have done to protect his citizens and soldiers. GOOD FOR NICK
    I am getting to old to see what terrible abuse Freedom of the Press has become. It seems to be a right to spread dirt and lies. Not what the founders intended the press to do for the people. People don’t know what to believe anymore from any of them. Freedom of the Press was to alert citizen to corruption of government, not to be a political tool for themselves to pick who they want to support or impede.

  7. derek blurb

    Liberal media is staffed with university byproducts, well know lairs of socialist leftist liberalism, issued from union run high schools. Ever been to a Union meet? Ever been to a Communist Party meet? You will hear the same slogans in both places, but since neither will attend the other, they do not know they say the same idiocies.

  8. james roe


  9. Knobby

    I saw the videos of this event. What I saw from this young man was nothing short of inspirational. What a fantastic role model for others to observe and emulate.

    In the face of a goading, impolite, and disrespectful man, this young person not only held his ground, but did not attempt do interfere with his assailant or denigrate or even embarrass him. He stood there honorably, with a calm demeanor, and a smile on his face. He made me so proud it brings tears.

    I am roughly 4 times this young man’s age, and I could not have behaved this well under equal circumstances.

    Thank you, Nick Sandmann, for providing an undeniably positive example for ALL of our citizens to display civility under pressure.

    I hope he and his family were well compensated for their pain and anguish from being publicly humiliated and disparaged.

  10. Bill Chouinard

    Congratulations Pete, they got what they deserve for fomenting fake news. Your outstanding restraint shows the strength of your convictions.