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Kavanaugh Floor Vote Delayed

Kavanaugh Floor Vote Delayed

Senator Jeff Flake has made a motion in Committee move Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Senate floor for vote, however he is only “comfortable” if there is a delay of one week until the vote takes place. The purpose of the week is to allow the FBI to question the current withnesses.

Just before the vote, Flake and Democratic senators moved to the anti-chamber and had a discussion. No one at this point knows what kind of deal was struck.

Senator Grassley abruptly called the meeting to a halt using the “two hour” rule of personal priviledge.

After vicious political maneuvering that culminated in yesterdays’ dramatic “he said/she said” testimony.

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Editor’s note:  This is a huge bonehead move by Flake (who seems to be living up to his name). Watch for seven or eight more “entrepreurial” witnesses to come forth with ever increasing tales of debauchery by Kavanaugh. Flake played right into the Democrats’ hands. 

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