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Kasich: Nobody is Talking about this in Ohio

Kasich: Nobody is Talking about this in Ohio

On September 24th, Democrats launched a formal impeachment inquiry of President Trump regarding his phone call with the Ukrainian President in July.

During the call, Trump suggested the Ukrainian government investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Trump released the transcript of the call this week, saying he was forced to do so because “folks were saying such lies, such horrible things about a call that was so innocent and so nice.”

When asked about the phone call, former Ohio Governor John Kasich told CNN that people in his state didn’t seem concerned about the call.

“I think it’s absolutely worth condemning,” said Kasich, who ran against Trump in 2016. “But the question is, where are the people? I’m out here in Ohio, I’m finally back in the heartland. There’s nobody talking about this.”

“This story is just ridiculous,” adds political commentator Tim Pool. “The best they can say is that it was a ‘Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.’ I’m sorry, you can’t impeach someone based off a ‘Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.’”

As Pool explains, Democrats’ impeachment efforts will take up valuable time (and headline space) during the Democratic primaries.

“Democrats can’t beat Trump on his policies or his stellar record of accomplishment, so they’re trying to turn a Joe Biden scandal into a Trump problem,” said Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale. “The misguided Democrat impeachment strategy is meant to appease their rabid, extreme, leftist base, but will only serve to embolden and energize President Trump’s supporters and create a landslide victory for the President.”

The truth is, Trump is making progress on real issues (whether you agree with him or not) and Democrats are spending their time on scandals and impeachment. Come election time, Trump can talk about his achievements and point out that Democrats wasted their time. 

“Wow. Impeachment over this?” tweeted Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). “What a nothing (non-quid pro quo) burger. Democrats have lost their minds when it comes to President @realDonaldTrump.”

Some analysts believe Trump’s phone call was intentionally designed to create bad press for Joe Biden – because it would reignite the controversy surrounding his son’s work in Ukraine while Joe was overseeing Ukrainian policy at the White House (click here to read my previous article).

Indeed, Trump reacted to the impeachment inquiry with a fundraising video that raised over $1 million during its first hours. It has now reached OVER $15 MILLION.

Democrats’ sole focus is to impeach the president to prevent him from being re-elected, claims the video. Impeachment “is the only way they’re going to beat me,” says Trump at a rally. “And actually it’s working the other way, because now we have our best poll numbers that we’ve ever had.”

Editor’s note: I see a new campaigns fundraising strategy here. The only people watching this are hard core Trump fans and they send money when Trump is under attack.

Once this scandal is over, Trump should ask the Democrats for a new one. They are his best campaigners!

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  1. Trump Supporter

    love it. Let s the democrats ruin their chances while the rest of us move forward, even under their stall tactics..

    • Jim1937

      Their entire motivation for this circus is to take the focus away from REAL issues and keep it on their doomed impeachment crap.

    • Jim W

      This MIGHT be a possibility, except for the FACT that the DEMOKRATIK controlled states are giving individuals, not entitled to vote, the vote. Of course, the Demokratz are saying that the vote is allowed for LOCAL elections, only; however, once and anonymous ballot is cast, how is it determined that the ballot was lawfully cast?

  2. Kurt Walker

    With what these democrats in congress are doing right now, and the comments coming from their presidential candidates I hate to think what they would do to the nation if they managed to get into power.

  3. George Seco

    To USA, Trump will Win in 2020 the question is does America have enough truly truly Americans, that will be able to re-take Congress and continue keeping the Senate since the yough that is coming up to Vote in 2020 has being indoctrinated since the last 30 years by PC, Liberal and Coummunist Democrat’s. Wake up USA and Vote with Trump in 2020 and get him the Congress and keep the Senate, because he will continue for one only thing doing for y the truly appreciate Americans. Vote Trump in 2020.

  4. David Bello

    I disagree
    I was a reliable Hispanic Democratic voter. My native Venezuela was ruined by socialist corruption.
    Democratic Party is becoming Socialist and if they do not investigate Biden they became corrupt. No Hispanic will Vote for them

  5. judith

    We just went thru 2 years of this kind of crap now we will be paying more millions for this farce and the age to vote should be 21 also to go in the military

  6. Michael Kennel

    I’m sick and tired of politicians using the government as their playground ! Shouldn’t they be held responsible for complete failure! I’m talking about the waste of time ( “on the books” ) and money, lots of money , 30 million dollars plus , spent on the collusion investigation.
    And now their starting again with impeachment inquiry knowing their isn’t any illegal activity that President Trump has done. It’s nothing more than a campaign tactic, mudslinging , slander in hopes of hurting his status for the 2020 presidential election. If you don’t like a president, vote them out .
    Politicians holding office need to do their job that we pay them for and stop wasting my money !

  7. JC

    The Democrats are going to bury themselves and most of Americans will be glad to see the Schiff type people disappear…and Beto, AOC, Schumer, Clinton, Obama, Brennan, Comey Durbin, etc all of the criminal liberals we have come to loath along with their media friends that lie every day and each Sunday news show with their biased hosts that can’t stop faking news!

  8. john zver

    Pelosi ruined last tuesday,s un address when the prez made a remarkable speech targeting all the world leaders who don’t focus on the good of their people. it was a fabulous message that was wiped off the airwaves in favor of a very deceitful, hate filled speaker of the house announcing the ridiculous biden probe. she looked like a snake as she struggled to hold her dentures in. a very poor choice of airing on the part of our biased news industry. leave washington on your broom, nancy. your are a most shameful beast.

  9. Rev. Hendrik Laur

    Unfortunately, the Democrat party had become the DemocRAT party! I am an independent who came here as a legal immigrant from the displaced persons’ camps in Germany in 1950. Through the years I have voted for Democrats, Republicans and Independents. I even worked on a Democrat’s campaign! But that party is now in the control of DemocRATS and I will not vote for a Democrat or DemocRAT again! They would destroy this country and transform this government of the people, by the people and for the people into a socialist dictatorship. As a child, I lived under the Communism of Stalin and Nazism of Hitler. I don’t want to live under a miserable American imitation of either! As I look at what the DemocRATS are doing to our President and to our people, I cannot conceive how anybody could vote for them, especially considering the pretenders they are submitting as candidates! May God protect us from this catastrophe!

  10. Joe Moench

    I do believe we have forgotten Civics. Basically Civics means “who’s the boss”
    We The People ordained a LIMITED govt. only We The People collectively can turn the tide. Donald Trump is a Temporary servant as is congress and the senate.
    Tacticalcivics is the only real law enforcement I have heard of in 30 years . I know all the problems, but now I see or Founding Fathers have given us , By the Grace of God , for responsible citizens , a way to stop the monsters in DC.. check it out please.

  11. Gary

    This is as funny as watching Wily E Coyote and the Road Runner on Saturday mornings when I was a kid! These Democrat misfits are so hilarious that I just can’t wait for each day to come to catch all the fun. LOL

  12. Gary

    Oh, yeah, and since I live in Ohio, and absolutely cannot stand Kasich, like most Ohioans, let me just say, no, we don’t give a crap about thing’s that aren’t real! Kasich is such a good little establishment RINO. We here in Ohio just wish that he’d go away and stay gone. He’s worthless.

  13. Rawhide

    Sometimes I think that Trump does things like this to get the democrats panties in a wad. Every time something like this happens the media and the demos go stark raving mad. Trump supporters looks at this as a nothing burger, particularly with the release of the documents shows nothing happened. And the whistle blower didn’t have first hand information. The demos, like Wiley E Coyote, says “We’ve got him now!” And then they look like laughing stock with crap on their faces. Its a blast! Oh, by the way, the U.S. and Ukraine have a mutual legal assist treaty where they help each other with legal issues, like the biden corruption issue.