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Karine Jean-Pierre’s Deleted Tweet Suggests Biden’s Twitter Handler

Karine Jean-Pierre’s Deleted Tweet Suggests Biden’s Twitter Handler

Gaffes, lapses, falls, stumbles, and endless strings of confusion are the defining features of the Biden administration. Now a tweet by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has blown the cover off Biden’s Twitter posts.

On Tuesday (August 15, 2023), Karine Jean-Pierre made a post on Twitter that was in the voice Joe Biden. The tweet read:

Investing in America means investing in ALL of America. When I ran for President, I made a promise that I would leave no part of the country behind.

The tweet got instant attention and was shared around mockingly to point out that it was obviously meant as a post for putting on Biden’s Twitter account. Soon after posting, the tweet was deleted with no explanation or apology. It remains in the web archives.

Frantically deleting the tweet didn’t save Jean-Pierre from arrows of sarcasm and mockery shot by the administration’s critics on social media. “Too late! We’ll tell Joe,” one Twitter user posted with laughing emojis.

Another one commented that Jean-Pierre lies too much to keep up with her own lies. 

Karine Jean-Pierre’s deleted tweet suggests two things: first, Biden doesn’t write or post his own tweets, not always at least, as has been long suspected by critics of Biden’s collapsing mental health, and secondly that Jean-Pierre not only speaks for Biden but also tweets for him. The latter was mentioned in popular conservative commentator Joe Concha’s response to the tweet.

The Wrap published a story about Jean-Pierre getting roasted about the ‘When I Ran for President’ tweet and has yet to comment as to what went wrong. Most leftist mainstream media ignored the story of the botched tweet.

Meanwhile Joe Biden continues to rant about things that don’t pass a reality check. During his recent speech in Milwaukee, WI, Biden made multiple false claims and made himself the butt of jokes and target for criticism. Biden told a story that he saw the Pittsburg (Pennsylvania) bridge collapsing in 2022.

He also claimed that Pittsburg has the most bridges among all cities in America. Biden made a similar claim in 2022 after the Pittsburg’s bridge collapsed. Back then he stated that Pittsburgh has more bridges than any other city in the world and was fact-checked by Pittsburgh Magazine in March 2022.

The magazine reminded that Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, Chicago, Baltimore, and a number of other American cities have more bridges than Pittsburg.

Even the leftist CNN did a fact-checking story on Biden’s claims in his recent Milwaukee visit. CNN pointed out multiple false claims made by Biden in his speech including the repeated Amtrak story, the death of his grandfather just days before his birth, reducing the national debt, and the Pittsburg bridge collapse story.

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  1. Betty

    Does anybody really believe feeble Joe could post anything on the web? He’d have to do it during his working hours which are few and short. I’m just surprised they didn’t have the big O do it.

  2. frank stetson

    Isn’t it more feeble that Trump writes his own, all the time? And you all claim I should get a life instead of posting…..

    But Trump does the same thing. You can tell the edited posts, non Trump, versus the ones he actually pens and posts without an edit. a