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Kansas, Missouri, South Carolina Fight Back Against Planned Parenthood

Kansas, Missouri, South Carolina Fight Back Against Planned Parenthood

The backlash against Planned Parenthood is continuing as several states recently announced plans to take action against the organization. The source of the backlash is undoubtedly the secretly recorded videos released last year that showed Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted baby parts to buyers.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback announced on Tuesday that the organization will no longer receive any funds from Medicaid. A Planned Parenthood lobbyist in Kansas stated that the organization currently receives around $61,000 a year from Medicaid and intends to fight the Governor’s decision.

Brownback has long been an opponent of Planned Parenthood since he has signed multiple laws that restrict abortion procedures in the state of Kansas since taking office.

In Missouri, Republican state Senator Bob Onder has introduced a bill that would require abortion clinics to undergo annual, on-site inspections. This bill also states that aborted baby parts should be sent to pathology labs for examination instead of sold.

St. Louis was specifically mentioned in the leaked Planned Parenthood videos, so there has been an increased focus on the state of Missouri and their response to how to handle the organization. Onder believes his bill will help “uphold medical standards, protect women and ensure public standards.”

After South Carolina launched an investigation into Planned Parenthood facilities and their disposal of baby parts, the state found that all three abortion clinics violated state laws. The law that deals with disposing of aborted baby parts is not written clearly and because of this, officials have asked lawmakers to make changes that make it clear to the state that selling baby parts is illegal.   

It can only be expected that more states will follow soon down the path to reduce funding or impose harsher laws in reaction to the leaked Planned Parenthood videos.


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