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Kamala Harris Unveils Plan to Close Gender Gap

Kamala Harris Unveils Plan to Close Gender Gap

California Senator and Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris (D) on Monday unveiled a plan that would punish companies that fail to pay men and women equal wages.

“What I am proposing is we shift the burden,” said Harris. “It should not be on that working woman to prove it, it should instead be on that large corporation to prove they’re paying people for equal work equally.”

The senator’s proposal would force large companies to submit annual reports proving they have “eliminated pay disparities between women and men who are doing work of equal value.”

If pay gaps exist for similar jobs, employers must provide a reason other than gender.

Reports must include the percentage of female employees in leadership positions, the share of women who are among a company’s top earners, and the overall pay gap between the genders (regardless of position, experience, and performance).

Harris’s plan would also block companies from asking about prior salary history when hiring and prevent the inclusion of forced arbitration agreements in employment contracts for pay discrimination disputes.

“[My plan] will radically change the way we enforce equal pay in America,” said Harris. “Under our plan, for the first time in American history, companies will be held responsible for demonstrating they are not engaging in pay discrimination.”

Companies with 100 or more employees would have three years to obtain a certificate showing compliance with the new rules; companies with 500 or more employees would have two years.

Companies that fail to obtain the certificate within the given timeframe will suffer steep fines.

“This is a very big issue in our country and deserves all the resources and attention that anyone would expect when we are talking about whether or not people are paid for the work they do,” continued Harris. “It’s a simple American value, as far as I’m concerned, pay people for the work they do.”

If elected president, Harris said she would implement the plan with or without Congress. If necessary, she would use executive action to force companies that want to bid on federal contracts to comply with the equal pay standards.

Key problems with Harris’s proposal include:

  • Compliance would waste time and resources
  • Enforcement would damage the economy
  • There is no fair way to define “equal work”

On top of that, the business community will do everything it can to block the proposal from passing. And even if it did pass, companies would create new titles and new job descriptions to avoid altering pay rates. 

Author’s Note: Despite what you may have heard from the liberal media, there is little research suggesting women earn less money than men when working the exact same job. 

Census data shows that women earned 20% less than men in 2017, but this is an average for all full-time positions. Unpopular studies suggest the so-called “pay gap” is the result of many factors, with gender having very little impact. 

Bottom line: Kamala Harris’s proposal is a desperate attempt to attract female voters before they decide on another candidate. It will never pass.

Editor’s note: Kamala has confused “equal opportunity,” which is the value that most Americans believe in, with  “equal outcome guarantees” which is socialist garbage.

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  1. Don Nixon

    If person A was in sales, as was person B, and pay was 100% commission. Each had the same number of accounts. A always made twice as much commission and B. Everything is equal except sales and commission. What’s the problem?

  2. Keren

    This woman is insane, She is trying to make our private economy into a socialized controlled and regulated socialist government.

    One of the reasons our economy is doing so well, is that all the insane regulations that strangled free market enterprise were removed.
    A company has the right to do business in a free country. If someone doesn’t like the way they are treated or paid, they don’t HAVE to work for that company.

    Allowing business’s to compete freely against one another for employees is what drives up the wages and benefits in an organic way. Once you take the role of the enforcer, who gets to check up on these companies? So basically you have to create another bureaucracy and waste of tax payers money.

    Harris worked her way up the political ladder trading sex with a married man who was the mayor in exchange for where she is today.
    She has NEVER run a company nor does she know how corporations work.
    The modern corporation is nothing like business’s were back in the 50’s and 60’s

    There is no way I want any influence from Harris regarding the economy. Her state is al most bankrupt. Why are business’s leaving California and hemorrhaging the state like a gunshot wounded patient??

    Democrats haven’t done ONE THING to improve the aspect of jobs, security, or better healthcare in the last 2 1/2 yrs. They swindled the American public and used Big Pharm to milk us dry and settle for horrible healthcare.

    Trump has had to bring back 6.5 million jobs to this country. He’s turned entitled unemployed Americans into tax paying citizen with their self esteem in tact!

    Harris talks like there has been no change for women, and minorities in the last 60 yrs….
    That’s because she is still acting like a victim in the 50’s
    I’ve raised my daughters better than that!!
    Ms Harris, Get off your knees…..
    Women are not having it.

  3. Paul Lamothe

    Kamala Harris trying to fix something that isn;t broken ! another waste of taxpayers money. How about doing something worthwhile for our country like Imigration reform and securing our borders ?

  4. Donald C Pratt

    Yup….just another Socialists approach aimed at women voters. She will never be president, period!

    • Ron

      That’s why she will not mount to a hill BEANS.. She is a s WORTHLESS as the day is LONG !

  5. Ron

    IT, really really looks like KAMALA HARRIS is a TRANSGENDER he/she it is..

  6. Dianna

    was I taking a nap while America’s been taken over by “socialist”? I thought we still believe in American values. we shouldn’t have laws telling companies who they can & cannot hire, how many they can hire. next will government tell you company has to hire equal number of men & women, same number of blacks & whites, same number of Christians & muslims, so on & so on! that woman needs to be taught about what people suffered under socialism & are still suffering!

  7. Bon

    Would behoove a successful company to have whomever is best qualified to do whatever responsibility. Don’t want or need a person to be in charge because of their genitalia anymore than their skin pigmentation. Harris is ridiculous.

  8. Mary hall

    Kamala Harris does not fit in with our Republic form of government, nor does she understand what a republic form of government is.. She is a socialist and desires to tell everyone (companies/ individuals) what they can and cannot do.

  9. Larry Boston

    I guess I really don’t need to say anything because you have all said it for me, except the transgender comment.

  10. Bodhi Downer

    You’re all idiots, left-wing and right wing are corrupt!! The 1% hierarchy ( those who control President Dump and amost all politicians want to kill us all with poisonous food and vaccines and they are thrilled to see natural disasters taking out hundreds of thousands of innocent people !! Wake the fuck up masses of sheep people!!

    • Bodhi Downer

      I see that you guys have to moderate my comment, so much for free free speech you morons!! Too bad you’re not part of the 1% New World Order that’s going to thrive in the upcoming Armageddon times!!

      • Joe Gilbertson

        You have free speech you are free to start your own web site and write whatever you want. PBP is a monarchy, and peasants have no rights, only whatever benevolence we choose to show. And no worries, we have our guns and gold enough for Armageddon.

  11. duh

    Duh thats a tranny itself