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Kamala Harris’ Inexcusable Record of Pathological Dishonesty Continues

Kamala Harris’ Inexcusable Record of Pathological Dishonesty Continues

There’s a difference between lambasting someone for simple ideological disagreement than for undeniable and inadmissible atrocious actions, and when it comes to Kamala Harris, it is the latter.

Her most recent spate of lying through her smile – while admittedly far from an affront to humanity – belies what a small amount of surface digging reveals to be a candidly disgusting record of abuses.

But first, Reason catches Kamala’s overt lies on TV just this Monday. Lies that are just… cringey.

“In an interview yesterday with the radio show The Breakfast Club, Harris admitted to smoking weed in college (“I did inhale,” she said, laughing, “I just broke news!”) and that she listened to Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur while getting high.

Here’s the problem: Harris graduated from Howard in 1986 and law school in 1989. Snoop Dogg, then known as Snoop Doggy Dogg, didn’t get started until 1992 and Tupac’s “career did not take off until the early 1990s when he debuted in Digital Underground’s ‘Same Song’ from the soundtrack to the 1991 film Nothing but Trouble.

So, either Harris was baked enough to time travel or she hit the bong after being in school. Not cool for a candidate whose slogan is “speaking truth, demanding justice.” Most likely, she’s just trying to curate a playlist that sends the right message.”

Yes. Kamala Harris is so inherently dishonest at this point that she lied about listening to popular music getting stoned. This assumedly to schmooze young voters she’d need to ascend to the most powerful office on the planet; the US presidency she currently pursues.

Yet, while Kamala’s Monday display of her pathological condition was more comical and sad than politically damning, it is merely the latest in an indisputable list of actions that *should* have landed her in prison, let alone out of politics.

Harris was called out by those on the left when she famously bragged about being a ‘progressive prosecutor’ when in fact she has been a “regressive… on the wrong side of history” (the NY Times’ words) it would appear that a less amicable review of her record reveals not only ideologically questionable actions, but criminal ones.

While her record has received universal condemnation the DNC has never sanctioned her form political power; now handing her a shot at the oval office. Reason, however, listed some more egregious samples off in a piece over a year ago with ample evidence.

“A judge removed the entire Orange County District Attorney’s Office from a death penalty trial in 2015—after it was revealed in a bombshell memo that the sheriff’s department had been running an unconstitutional jailhouse informant program—Harris’ office appealed the removal.

“The Attorney General believes the findings of the court regarding the discovery violations in this case are serious and demand further investigation,” the California A.G.’s office said in a statement. “But, as the court found, ‘there is no direct evidence that the District Attorney actively participated in the concealment of this information from the defense and the court.'”

In 2015, the California Attorney General did announce it was conducting an investigation into the affair, but that report has yet to be released. In the meantime, the jailhouse snitch scandal has tainted more than a dozen criminal cases, including several murder trials.

Harris’ record as San Francisco D.A. has similar instances. In 2010, a California superior court judge excoriated Harris’ office for failing to notify defense lawyers of known misconduct by a drug lab technician that later led the San Francisco police to shut down an entire section of the lab.

The judge wrote that an internal office memo showed that prosecutors “at the highest levels of the district attorney’s office knew that Madden was not a dependable witness at trial and that there were serious concerns regarding the crime lab.”

The judge wrote that Harris’ office had some “duty to implement some type of procedure to secure and produce information relevant to Madden’s criminal history.” However, the judge’s requests that prosecutors explain why nothing happened were met with “a level of indifference.”

As California Attorney General, Harris’ office continued to display indifference toward concerns of misconduct. In March 2015, the California A.G. appealed the dismissal of a child molestation case after a Kern County prosecutor falsified an interview transcript to add an incriminating confession.”

Kamala Harris’ demonstrably deliberate misconduct should have landed her in a jail cell. Instead, it seems to have landed her a spot in the Democrat primary.

Someone who time and time and time again has been caught engaging in mismanagement, directly and indirectly, resulting in the freedom of murderers and pedophiles shouldn’t even have the opportunity to be called out for lying about listening to Tupac. She shouldn’t have been on The View in the first place.

Kamala Harris isn’t just a pathologically terrible liar, she has a professional record that suggests she’s a terrible person, and she absolutely should not be the Democrat candidate for the 2020 election.

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  1. michael cieslak

    Karmala Harris fits nicely into the “Socialist Globalist 3RD World Country Demorats !! She is a disgrace to our Democratic Republic and stands for everything “WE THE PEOPLE” have fought “WARS” to protect the rest of the World from!!

  2. miles e drake

    It is hard to decide which presidential contender in the party of satanism, socialism and sodomy is the most despicable. Fartacus wants to use the police power of the state to force vegan swill down our throats. Lieawatha persists in the American Indian scam, even though it is now proven that she is whiter than the Queen of Sweden. Klobutchar, “the nice one”, is revealed to hit her staff and force them to shave her legs. For sheer unblinking mendacity combined with personal nastiness, anti-Christian bigotry and attachment to Orwellian socialism, however, Marxist Mongrel 2.0 takes the cake. She wants to do to the American people what Willie Brown does to her, and will say and do anything to get the power. In the end, any of these aspiring General Secretaries of Soviet America will have to be resisted and eventually overthrown if they manage to get into the Mulatto House.

  3. Dennis K

    Hey, she’s a Democratic Party politician. We expect her to be a pathological liar and spend every waking hour enriching herself at our expense, bamboozling her low-informational base and working on her election-re-election all to further the cause of big government and Marxism.

    • Randy Paddock

      I am pretty sure the Democrats are hoping there mindless idiots that keep voting them into office ,on Do as I say Not as I Do policy will buy her lies ,would be enough to elect her .. We already had a Rapist, Terrorist , elected plus all the paid political whores .. enough is enough .. Trump may not be the Best but he’s lot better then what’s taken to the field so far ..there are already enough whores in congress No need to add more ..

  4. Randy Paddock

    She is an other shining example show casing the hypocrisy of the left , its Don’t Do as I do ,just Do ,just Do as I say .. any one with a brain (that also seems in short supply,) can see past there lies and hopefully Just say No !!) anything for win with her and other antic’s and rhetoric seems Trump wining made easy .. lairs ,whores , terrorist , only left and their mindless minions can think that’s acceptable ..

  5. Paula

    These kind of people do not deserve to be any kind of leader over any of us. They don’t speak for the people who believe in our constitution, they are not patriotic, they don’t believe in United States of America! They believe in communist rule. The US rule is a country of, for & by the people. They are bringing in a complete opposite (a country by dictators) no freedom of speech, no freedom of religion, no freedom to “WORK” & become all you can be, etc. we “worked” for our Socisl Security all our lives. That is not money “anyone on gov’t can touch” they took so much already like a ponsi scheme, like their unlimited credit card. Who do they think they are, oh yes, communist!!! Socialism means the same. Look up Marksism, socialism & communism. You younger people are brain washed in grammar school, high school & college. Study for yourself & don’t just go along, it will be the end of you beautiful life forever. Don’t let this lying Democrat’s take you over. There is a truth of right & wrong.

  6. Carol

    Kamala fits right in to the Democratic party: She’s a pathological liar, dishonest to the core, only works to enrich herself and makes promises to voters she does not intend to and can never keep.

  7. john Brown

    Free money????? where does she think this Free Money is coing From???? I am sorry but NOTHING IN THIS LIFE IS EVER FREE!!!!!! Someone pays the bill!!! Same old story from a dumbocrat,TAX THE CRAP OUT OF THE TAXPAYERS AND give it to those that are too lazy to get and hold on to a JOB!!!!We don’t OWE anyone A Dime..Don’t preach the black card to me..I have black friend that worked their way thru college,NO STUDENT LOANS..Theyworked hard and now have a better job than I had when working..Makes more money than I ever did,SO DON”T PLAY THE BLACK CARD TO ME> Time to do away with all the FREEBIES!!!To all the lazy bums that think I owe them something,Cause I don’t. Harris screwed her way to the top of the heap!!!

  8. M.d.B.

    Just let all of them continue lying and steeling taxpayers money the American people see right through these no good lying cheating steeling people .

    Our greatest president in history will win by a landslide and these democommies are going to help with his reelection it is their behavior that will get him re elected.

    So lets get Trump back in there so he can keep America great.

  9. Ron


  10. Dan Danser

    “Kamala Harris’ demonstrably deliberate misconduct should have landed her in a jail cell. Instead, it seems to have landed her a spot in the Democrat primary”. That is the perfect resume for a Demonrat presidential candidate.