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Kamala Follows “AI” and “Culture” Gaffes With Another on Climate Change

Kamala Follows “AI” and “Culture” Gaffes With Another on Climate Change

Just after recently swallowing her foot with “word salad” comments on culture and artificial intelligence, VP Kamala Harris makes another gaffe, this time on climate change. 

The Veep’s “gaffe-filled” week came to a close on Friday when she appeared to mistakenly call for lowering the population as a way to provide cleaner air and drinking water.

“When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water,” Harris told a crowd at Coppin State University in Baltimore, Maryland, in a speech centered on the Inflation Reduction Act.

Harris meant to say “pollution,” and her office said the vice president misspoke. The official transcript of the event reflects that Harris meant to say that electric vehicles and clean energy would “reduce pollution.” 

Her late gaffe came just days after Harris attempted to explain artificial intelligence at a roundtable of labor and civil rights leaders.

“I think the first part of this issue that should be articulated is AI is kind of a fancy thing,” Harris said at the Wednesday event. “First of all, it’s two letters. It means artificial intelligence, but ultimately what it is, is it’s about machine learning.”

“And so, the machine is taught — and part of the issue here is what information is going into the machine that will then determine — and we can predict then, if we think about what information is going in, what then will be produced in terms of decisions and opinions that may be made through that process,” she added.

A day earlier, she was ridiculed for other comments during a roundtable discussion on transportation.

“This issue of transportation is fundamentally about just making sure that people have the ability to get where they need to go! It’s that basic,” she said. And just prior to that, she seemed unable to define culture during an important event for African Americans in New Orleans, where she stated, “Well, I think culture is — it is a reflection of our moment in our time, right? And — and present culture is the way we express how we’re feeling about the moment.”

Lately, Harris seems to be as gaffe-prone as her boss, President Joe Biden, but he is 80 years old, at 58, what’s her excuse?

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  1. frank stetson

    Oh my, how the right can live with knickers so knotted all the time. How long until we see the word “cackling” one more time!

    On this one, Billy-boy copy/paste journalist wannabee picks up on a few days old FOX piece, almost verbatim, that reported accurately the gaff including “Harris meant to say “pollution,” and her office said the vice president misspoke. The official transcript of the event reflects that Harris meant to say that electric vehicles and clean energy would reduce pollution.” BS picked up on that in his BS story and highlighted all the other two recent gaffes — just like Fox did. No added value over the FOX piece which I am pretty sure all of PBP reads.

    The Colorado Sun did not even mention this, did not see it as news. Twas a nothing burger.

    NY Post called it SHOCKING. Yeah, she misspoke, the transcript is crystal clear on the misspeak, all documented, neat and simple. Has the post. or Bill, ever called out Trump’s frequent, let’s call em, misspeaks that he continues to make hourly on ANY GIVEN DAY. Crickets. With this kind of snarky? Post indicates this is disquieting as noted by Twitter. Well, there’s a source. Twitter for the truth. Next, they will quote the Stetson angst on PBP :>) which still has more veracity than Twitter.

    OMGoodness how sensitive you all are. You bitch if someone reads from script, you bitch if they use a teleprompter, you bitch if they do it from memory, and you bitch if they have a script and flub a line, even though you have the transcript right in front of you. But you give Trump millions of mulligans on his bs that BS cannot even mention. And he free-hands it, lies, makes mistakes, never corrects (as Kamala did in the associated transcript they put out), and often just doubles-down on a lie with another lie. Sometimes a baker’s dozen in succession. He even changed a hurricane forecast with a sharpie which could have killed millions if the storm had exceeded expectations and suffered no harm. Heck, Republicans give him money to run as he is convicted for sex abuse, indicted for unlawful retention of defense information where he also obstructed justice , and now named a target in the 1.6.2021 investigation which is a 99% slam-dunk as a future indictment. And with more yet to come, Republicans line up to give him money (which he gives to lawyers and his chauffer), support, and adulation. Even when they know Georgia is yet to come…..

    But a Kamala misspeak, well, that’s Bill Sheridan (BS) news of massive import.

    Have some class. Have some honor. Let’s drop the petty change and pick up the priority issues. Climate change is serious and your trivializing the issue while focusing on a trivial minor totally explained gaffe is ludicrous as VT goes under water, we reap hottest global temperatures since the dawn of man, the Southwest is a frying pan, you can be burned by touching the street, and Rand Paul still thinks it’s natural no matter. He would rather terraform Mars than try to fix climate change (he may have a point that a second planet may be the answer to turning this one into a steamy hot toilet.) We have serious problems that require serious discussion with some serious actions YESTERDAY. This is just a waste of resources to fixate on the small stuff with such vigor and Bill seems to have.

    • Hugh Jass

      Quite touchy about your losers in your Dem party aren’t you. Bumbling Biden and Cackling Harris have messed up our country and you cant even see this. You are a follower which is just what the left wants. Enuff said….

    • JBD

      Get on some medication, fool. OMG, you are such the fool…

    • Tom

      You are right Frank when you say, “Have some class. Have some honor. Let’s drop the petty change and pick up the priority issues. ” Maybe calling someone “Billyboy” would be a good place to start. You make good assertions about Trump, but some of them lack proof. He has not been found guilty yet on many of those things you say – and this is one of your choice defenses of Biden Crime Family. That is why I use it. And climate change is real but some are opportunists about it. We need a good and serious discussion which suggests logical changes that can be started without hurting people’s wallets. Mandating electric vehicles is not the way for many reasons. Changing out coal fire plants with natural gas generators is much better.

      Personally, this Independent/unaffiliated voter thought the Kamala thing was a nothing burger (I know you like this description!). But even if it was a Freudian slip, it was true. Less people, less burps, less fart gasses, less manure, less cars being used, less power needed, less food and fertilizer needed. I think the right is just being a little sensitive because all the way back to the Hitler days and before that, the left has spoken of and been involved in Eugenics. The right hates this and it is a point of sensitivity for them. Don’t let it twist your knickers too much.

      Hey how is your Disney stock doing? I hear theme park admissions are down and movies have not made the big bucks they hoped. I hear some of the movies bombed.

      Nice to see you again!! 🙂

      • frank stetson

        Ya know, I said I wouldn’t, but I thought about it and these so-called “journalists” are fair game IMO, UNLESS you feel public persona should never be made fun of, in which case, you got a lot more people than me that you’re letting off the hook. Until I see some general agreement on a discontinuance of name-shamming public folk, including from you, nah —- BS or Billyboy got lucky. The article was trash.

        “but some of them lack proof. He has not been found guilty yet on many of those things you say – and this is one of your choice defenses of Biden Crime Family. That is why I use it.” Then use it correctly since there is absolutely nothing wrong, no premature convictions by me when I said: ” he is convicted for sex abuse, (true, convicted, plus defamation conviction) indicted for unlawful retention of defense information where he also obstructed justice (true, indicted) , and now named a target in the 1.6.2021 investigation which is a 99% slam-dunk as a future indictment (all true with a slight chance of no indictment, but really, really doubtful unless Smith really screwed up). And with more yet to come, (really true). Sorry, Tom, think you got this one wrong.

        It appears we can solve much in a year with white paint…… as to the rest, whatever. Biden is doing more than any President since the 1980’s. It’s about time and too late at the same time. No, e-car mandates would be bad, tax incentives are OK by me though. Plan to use them soon.

        I agree and was going to note that less population is a good thing, as you say, and amazingly, many more countries, as they leave the third world, naturally arrive at that fact. But didn’t bring it up as felt twas a bridge too far for these folks. Good spot!

        Disney: not good at all, but then again not that much worse. Started the year at 89, at 86 today, went to 113 in Feb, waffled around the 90’s for a few months. Second Q was good, but folks said mixed. The sad part is in 2021 it was close to 200, I got in in early 2022 on a dive at 135, so I will be here awhile, it’s pretty much at an all-time low, $2 ahead of 52-wk low….. DeSantis kicked in weeks after my buy, but as I said, they were on the run before DeSantis. Subscribers, mostly India, and the run continued. The 2Q was the first time they dropped the subject. Worse yet, can’t even take the tax break, it’s tax sheltered. I too heard park feet were done, but 2Q report said park revenues just fine. Also, Igor chumming the waters for sales I would suspect and the TV channels may be first to be shot. He’s spewing shit, but really just looking for nibbles I imagine. I suspect he could give a rat’s ass what he sells, he’s just pruning. Workers are tense and that’s no good either. Must be really scary at Nat Geo or HULU. Fact is, all streamers are gonna be under extreme pressure. And Disney invested heavily in massive production, so those folks scarred too —- they will produce less. Mando will survive though!

        Igor is cutting costs, but he’s got to make some bold moves.

        Since I usually go value stocks, with a few growth on top, Disney being neither means I went with my heart cuz I just love those parks, the streaming, and even the merch. I have light-emitted ears that synch to media, that’s just sick :>) My bad, but I suspect it will work out, just later than I thought. Hey, my own q was up, made half my salary, it’s OK. After two disastrous Q’s, my past three have been up and, God willing the economy holds, I will make salary by EOY. The bottom line is good, I’m spinning gifts to kids who are jump-starting their investment portfolio’s early too. Mom would be proud :>)

        Thanks for asking.

        • Tom

          Ahh Frank, that’s why I love you. Nobody wastes more time and words on a simple response than you, you beat me. By the way, you stated of Trump, “…You are right Frank when you say, “…where he also obstructed justice.”, but this has not been proven yet nor has he been convicted. And if he is not convicted of the documents, then there will not be a conviction for obstructing justice, that’s all I’m saying. LOL You are such a pistol buddy!

          By the way, do you have proof that Biden has done more than any other president since the 1980’s? May I ask your proof on this? Trump definitely disagrees. And I may add that even if he did do more, he has done a lot that many do not like. And that white paint comma, WTF is that about? Sounds a bit racists! I think black people might disagree!

          Yes, I am not saying that I agree with population engineering or any form of imposed reduction. I am simply saying that it would definitely reduce green house gases. Very true too that countries that move up the scale of development do tend to reduce the number of children per family. China is currently finding this out big time.

          Yeah I agree with you on Disney. He is ready to sell assets as soon as he can find a buyer. We’ll see. Sounds like your on a good roll though, and that’s good. Glad you are well and wealthy!

          So what do you think of the drug companies sueing Biden admin about trying to lower drug prices! Claiming 1st and 5th amendment violations. Wow!

          • frank stetson

            Tom, I am glad you finally understand the difference between indicted and convicted. Next we can talk about Target letters and a Sunday delivery proving the Federal Government CAN work on the weekends :>) I think the counts are separate and you can be convicted of obstruction without being convicted on the crime itself.

            “In addition to starting the reconstruction of the EPA, Biden has led the enactment of the largest environmental funding laws ever enacted by an American government. Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill in 2021 included over $300 billion for public green investment. The Inflation Reduction Act included another $400 billion for renewable energy subsidies. These public investments have already stimulated billions of dollars in private investment for electric vehicles, charging stations, and batteries.” *,billion%20for%20public%20green%20investment*

            White paint is new invention by Purdue scientists: **

            Drug companies gotta do what drug companies gotta do.


          • frank stetson

            Tom, FYI, Ratner on msnbc had a media financial review which made some fascinating facts:

            – tv out, streaming in for watching
            – revenues drop by defintion as streaming cheaper
            – streaming glutted market, competitive, losing money
            – streaming will have a market, but there will be shake-out — soon
            – everyone is raising price

            – took streaming by storm, invested way too much, but gained incredible market share, like 20% in a glutted market —- they will be here after the shakeout. add in hulu and they are 26% — HULU could be sold…..Nat Geo too, even espn+
            – has way to much new production, will prune, good luck John Stamos with woke coach show….
            – Disney’s production level matched anyone, Loki, Mandalorian, however only Mandalorian hits the top 50, in the bottom third so money can obviously better spent to attract a wider audience. Pruning the current and picking the future productions is key to survival.

            In the end, Highlander, there can only be one (or a few :>) and Disney will be there. And so I wait…..

  2. frank stetson

    And “cackling” has landed!

    “Oh my, how the right can live with knickers so knotted all the time.”

    Ya gotta love it.

  3. tj

    Maybe Kamala is taking speech making classes from Senator Hank Johnson in the back room. They seem to have the same level of intelligence. They both seem to be trying to assimilate to copy Obama or B. Clinton’s speech technic/spin