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Just Revealed – Obama-era CIA Spied on Congressional Staff Emails

Just Revealed – Obama-era CIA Spied on Congressional Staff Emails

Editor’s note: The fact that this was allowed to happen, and the fact that the CIA accepted this as a mission is an existential threat to our nation.

When I was with the CIA, no one would have dared come near anything like this. In fact, the FBI (who has the domestic counter-intelligence mission) would not have dared collect against members of Congress without a detailed and specific court order. Times have certainly changed.

Brennan should be in jail. Those of my former colleagues who participated in this should be immediately fired and considered for prosecution.

An intelligence agency that spies on the people it is supposed to protect is not an agency of protection, its an agency of repression. And when it spies on democratically elected officials, it is an agency of treason.


According to previously classified documents, the CIA under President Obama surveilled emails of some congressional staffers in an effort to “protect” the agency from whistleblowers.

Apparently, the CIA claims that the spying was part of “routine counterintelligence (CI) monitoring of government computer systems.”

The CIA inspector general Charles McCullough at the time said that the surveillance was “lawful and justified.”

However, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) saw this as an abuse of power and violation of privacy.

“The fact that the CIA under the Obama administration was reading Congressional staff’s emails about intelligence community whistleblowers raises serious policy concerns as well as potential Constitutional separation-of-powers issues that must be discussed publicly. I have been asking the same question for years: what sources or methods would be jeopardized by the declassification of these notifications?” said Grassley. “After four and a half years of bureaucratic foot-dragging, led by Directors Brennan and Clapper, we finally have the answer: none. The CIA has a vitally important function, especially when it comes to their critical counterintelligence work, but nothing—nothing—should inhibit or interfere with Congress’ constitutional job and protecting whistleblowers.”

For two years, Grassley has been trying to get the memos detailing the CIA’s surveillance activity during this time released to the public.

Obama vowed to protect the government from whistleblowers and prosecuted eight people under the 1917 Espionage Act, which is more than double the number prosecuted by all previous presidents combined.

“Critics further alleged that the administration displayed a double standard in aggressively prosecuting low-level whistleblowers while allowing high-profile, senior officials to go unpunished. For example, former Obama CIA director David Petraeus was only charged with a misdemeanor after providing his biographer and mistress notes containing “the identities of covert officers, war strategy, intelligence capabilities, and mechanisms, diplomatic discussions, quotes and deliberate discussions from high-level National Security Council meetings and . . . the President,” and lying to FBI investigators about it,” writes the National Review.

Evidently, this also means that the CIA was instructed to use whatever means necessary to discover internal whistleblowers.

Grassley applauded new Inspector General Michael K. Atkinson’s for his quick action to release the memos.

“To assign credit where credit is due, Inspector General Atkinson and his office were responsive and engaging on something that appeared intractable if small. I thank him for his work. Since the inception of this country, blowing the whistle has played an integral role in maintaining good government. It would be unacceptable and unpatriotic to overlook any action that could dissuade responsible citizens from disclosing waste, fraud, and abuse in our government,” said Grassley.

Author’s note: This is obviously massive abuse of the CIA resources. This is front page scandal material but the liberal media will barely cover this.


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  1. Philip Simon

    Brennan, you are a walking, talking tape-recorder who is nothing but a retired Big-Shit-Talk and no Action!

    • madmemrer

      Don’t forget, this hack (brennan) is a muslim convert and would do anything and everything to help fraudbama finish destroying the USA!

  2. Donl Longo


  3. Lynne

    Only a weak president such as Obama would weaponize every bureau of government against one another and the American population. His paranoia stemmed from his own weakness and inability to fulfill the presidential role. Throw in the fact he is a narcissistic sociopath and we had a total disaster.
    Obamba never had an original idea, no ability to negotiate nor any foreign policy experience..
    This former community organizer “ruled” right out of Ayers book and the Cloward-Piven strategy. Obama squandered the opportunity for a legacy. Unfortunately, in the years ahead, history will not be kind.

  4. Billv

    Brennan was not smart enough to come up with spying on anyone he was directed to do that by Obama. Obama also criminalized the DOJ, FBI, IRS and other agencies.

  5. Doug Connors

    Democrats, Always are above the Law, Comey cleared Hillary 2 months before investigating her. Hum did not Hillary scratch Comey’s back with the job she got him at Lockheed Martin, then steered No Bid Military Contracts to him, then Comey walked away with over 6 Million in unearned Commissions? Hillary, Is the most Corrupt woman in the World! She and Obama invented the Insurance Policy against Trump to frame him. Interesting “The Politicalization of the FBI” by Obama/Hillary using Robert Mueller the Head of the FBI and his second in Charge Jim Comey. Mueller delivered a weapons grade Uranium Sample to Putin for Hillary Clinton, then Mueller OK’s the Sell of 20% of America’s Uranium to the Russian Government, Hum Corrupt? Then Putin gives Hillary $145 Million in Russian bribe money then Bill Clinton fly’s to Russia for his cut, he gives the Russians a 45 Minute speech titled: “It Pays to Play with a Clinton” then Bill goes to Putin’s House for a over the night visit and Putin gives Bill $500,000 in Russian money. In the meanwhile Obama and Rod Rosenstein and Comey is running cover for the Real Russian Colluders!!! Then Hillary uses Her(DNC’s) Money thru her network of conspirators Perkins Law, Fusion-One, Orr to buy Fake evidence on Trump, which is called the Russian Dossier(Peter Strzok Insurance Policy). Now Comey drops off a copy to the FBI and Comey drops off a copy to the FISA court to spy on the Trump Administration. Funny, It was Rod Rosenstein and Loretta Lynch who signed this warrant using the Fake Dossier. Now they all are covering for themselves keep the heat away from the Real Russian Collusion a treasonous sell of America’s Uranium to Russia. Now Rosenstein appoints his COMRADE Robert Mueller to investigate Trump for using Russia to win the election using the Russian Dossier. Rosenstein give Mueller unlimited Powers and Mueller hires the Clinton Foundations Democrat Lawyers and other Democrat Lawyers 17 of them total and Peter Strzok the lead investigator who cleared Hillary in a few weeks. Now the Democrats call this a un-biased investigation, but it was the Democrats who should have been investigated. Think!! Putin had already Bought Hillary and Mueller. Comey was all ways there to run cover for her? Obama used 1917 Law to Policiticalize the Media, Obama visited every Democrat over and over until he could get Obamacare passed forcing Health Insurance Companies to pay for Sex Change Surgery for Transexuals, then steal 700 Billion from the Medicare Trust Fund to use for his Obamacare. Nancy Pelosi lead the charge saying I quote ” let’s vote for this Democrat Bill then we will have time to read what’s in it”. Obama wanted to destroy the Health Care Plans of the Middle Class, by calling it Cadillac Health Care!!! The he rewards his Democrat Congress with a Exemption from ObamaCare breaking the 28th Amendment. ” Democrat Corruption” Now then Mueller has went after Trumps campaign members for things done decades before hand, even using his power to Bankrupt Flynn, Manafort and Poulopoulos and attack members of their families, harassing them to pled guilty to fake charges. Funny, Indeed Hillary is cleared of everything from Benghazi, using a personal email server with top secret documents on it. Along with Uranium One Deal, buying fake evidence, Comey and Mueller Lynch Eric Holder clear Hillary less then a month, for they wanted Hillary for President just so they could give our country to Russia!!!! Why, Is Mueller still after Trump trying to force people to testify against Trump using lies.

    • Mary

      It is pass time for Obama and Hillary to be prosecuted for all the illegal things they did while in office.

  6. Joseph

    $65,000,000 up front for a book titled “Becoming” for Michelle from Crown Books…hmmm!!!!smh

  7. JosephJoseph


  8. Dave

    John treasonous Brennan former communist and now a ” soldier of Allah” was the one most responsible for aiding and abetting Islamic terrorists organizations of the Muslim brotherhood i.e. public enemy number one CAIR is Hamas by changing the language,narratives and handing the complete counterterrorism protocols to the council of America Islamic radicalization aka CAIR is Hamas. His ancillary actions further the existential threat to our constitution. Most incomprehensible to me is the verbal assaults and insolent threats upon president Donald Trump. Why is this seditious son of a bitch walking around free and espousing his venom across both social media and cable networks?

  9. Buddy

    It could be that Brennan thinks Obama and Hillary are coming back How else could you convert to a religion originated by a child molester that supposedly was a messenger from God ?
    They need to be prosecuted and put in prison or executed for treason.

  10. db

    Unfortunately we have a weak government who has forgotten who they work for and who governs them. So instead of doing the work they are assigned to do, they turn around and use their abusive power to protect their own fannies through illegal investigations, lies, trickery, and abuse of power. Until this stops and those that practice these traits are brought to justice and eliminated from Government Service we will continue to have abuse of our laws and people.

  11. Carl J Bujan

    Why these people aren’t in prison is beyond me. I guess privileged characters get a by.

  12. Randolph Chin-Quee

    Besides Breanna shouldn’t Barak Obama be facing treason here after all he is the head and the boss that calls the shots, who to spy on and who to let go, maybe because they had a queer agreement, and come on folks we all know that he is a queer so let’s all quit pretending that’s not the case. Maybe we should have called his administration the Gay Administration of the Democrats instead of pretending that it wasn’t. Anyway he is now a has been and probably went back Africa where he can do it openly to the monkeys and other animals, as you can tell I have no respect for him and care less where he is.,Well as Bugs Bunny would say that’s all folks, don’t like in one place and watch where you step as one would say if you saw it then why did you step in it, has, has ha! Bye now ya here that’s hillbilly talk ok.


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