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John Kasich to be a Contender in South Carolina

John Kasich to be a Contender in South Carolina

Ohio Governor John Kasich scored a massive win when he came in second place in the New Hampshire primary with 15.8% of the vote, beating Iowa winner Ted Cruz by about 4%. According to Real Clear Politics, the latest polls show a significant increase in support for Kasich during the past three weeks.

As we wrote earlier this week, Kasich’s success in New Hampshire was more significant and surprising than either GOP winner Donald Trump or Democratic winner Bernie Sanders. 

Analysts were shocked when Kasich scored a solid second place, but his success makes sense if you consider the fact that he all but abandoned Iowa to focus his limited resources on New Hampshire. His new position not makes him a contender for South Carolina, but will likely earn him additional super PAC donations and RNC support. 

John Kasich is a breath of fresh air when it comes to this campaign’s obsession with anti-establishment candidates who have never held office. Kasich’s success as Governor of Ohio proves that he is capable of leadership, gives him credibility and gravitas, and distinguishes him from his rivals. 

I did not overlook Ted Cruz when I said “candidates who have never held office.” Yes, he is a senator, but does the role of senator require leadership? Resource management? Does it prepare you for the presidency? I would argue that a governors is much more qualified. 

Support for Kasich in the Palmetto State is currently hovering around 21% (compare this to just 16% in mid December). South Carolina Republicans will cast their votes next week on February 20th. We predict John Kasich to score at least third place. 

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