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John Kasich May Be Dark Horse in New Hampshire

John Kasich May Be Dark Horse in New Hampshire

Three separate polls have John Kasich coming in second place in the crucial New Hampshire race next week. These polls, coming from Harper, ARG and Suffolk University, have Kasich beating out big name candidates such as Cruz and Rubio.

So who is this John Kasich and why is he just gaining ground on the frontrunners now?

Kasich is a man who once referred to himself as a “prince of light and hope” and admitted crying after The New York Times, a publication that is usually cruel towards Republican candidates, endorsed his run for presidency.

Some voters may be turned off by Ted Cruz’s constant religious references, however Kasich has also used religion to explain his  motivation  behind certain policies, including the increased budget for Obamacare that he hopes to enact if elected. Kasich has even gone as far as to say people who don’t agree with his government expansion probably don’t own a Bible and should go out and get one.

As this dark horse climbs closer to the top of the polls, it will make for an interesting day in New Hampshire next week.

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