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John Bolton Fired!

John Bolton Fired!

President Trump has fired National Security Advisor John Bolton as of this afternoon.

“I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the Administration,” Trump tweeted.

Bolton said he had offered to resign on Monday and suggested they talk about it on Tuesday (today).

Bolton has been opposed to various measures that Trump has taken including his approach to North Korea and a potential meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, which President Macron has been trying to broker. He was additionally opposed to the meeting with Taliban officials which was abruptly canceled this week because of a recent attack on U.S. personnel.

Bolton apparently also led a quiet effort inside the administration and with allies abroad to convince Trump to keep U.S. forces in Syria to counter ISIS and Iranian influence in the region.

Bolton had been National Security Advisor since March 2018.

Editor’s comments: I liked Bolton’s aggressiveness and thought he would be a good match for a President who is biased in favor of action. I honestly believe that even with a certain amount of conflict, the country was better off for his time as National Security Advisor. He was much better than having a bureaucrat who favored inaction.

In hindsight, however, while Trump is biased toward action Trump’s best skill is negotiation and hammering out deals. I’m guessing Bolton’s experience with negotiation has always been with career politicians who were bad at it, so he did not have faith in that path of action.

In essence, a leader needs a person who will disagree on occasion and express opinions, but ultimately once a decision has been made, that person MUST support decisions 100% moving forward. My perception is that Bolton could not do that.

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  1. william couch39h2

    Bolton was the reason Haley left..

  2. Jack

    Unfortunately for the US we can’t fire politicians,
    there would be a bunch of them worthless turds out of a job too.

  3. Joseph St.Clair

    Greatest thing since sliced bread ; getting rid of the two faced chicken hawk John Bolton, he is certifiabley evil , a middle of the reader for the left wing zealots , he is a rino , always wanting too start WWIII , total hair lip and back stabber , two much facial hair , they those makes create emotional upheaval by making the wrong decisions , Pres Trump did the American Best thing !!! He was a Sheldon clone of from LasVegas !!!!
    Joseph St.Clair

    • Jason

      How in the heck can you refer to him as a rino, you ignorant moron! John Bolton had balls and he could see that certain governments and people can not be reasoned with. He has the previous experience to prove this. Big mistake by Trump! After, reading your comment, you appear to be the rino! In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if you are a full blown, (satin’s little helpers) liberal. Truly ignorant!

  4. Leonard Fritz

    Sounds a lot like Gen Mattis….

    You have to begin to wonder when two sage men in their field, one politician and one military, leave because they cannot support his agenda.

    “…You cannot reason with a Tiger when you head is in its mouth.” Movie, Darkest Hour, Churchill

  5. Jason

    Instead of worrying about making deals with dictators, Trump should be more worried about the new trade deal that Germany and the E.U. has worked out with major South American countries. Germany is headed for another dictators to take office,(by flatteries) since they’re in political chaos. Since, the 1950’s they have been saying, (German Politicians) to get ahold of The U.S.A. get South America. Now, they have done it. The path is being set for America to lose trade and seagates. South America is booming with natural resources.

  6. Steve

    Trump didn’t like his mustache, not central casting. Only YES men here with good looks.

  7. Archie Pelago

    This comment by Gilbertson is delusional:

    “Trump’s best skill is negotiation and hammering out deals. I’m guessing Bolton’s experience with negotiation has always been with career politicians who were bad at it, so he did not have faith in that path of action.”

    The reality is that this particular president is probably the worst negotiator we have ever had. He cannot negotiate with any of the European allies since he has alienated all of them and he has befriended all of the dictators and despots of the world. He also cannot negotiate any meaningful agreements with Afganistan, Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, Mexico, Venezuela, etc. He is the worst president we have ever had since Buchanan but may soon surpass Buchanan in uselessness. He has turned the presidency into a reality TV program and the republicans have let him do it as long as he did their bidding along the way. He is a failed business man with 6 bankruptcy’s before being bailed out by television networks as well as Russian oligarchs to fund his golf courses, condos, and real estate deals. He is forcing governmental officials from the US as well as service representatives to stay at his properties along with international figures seeking his favor. This is truly one of the dark chapters in our nation’s history. ” Make America grope again!”