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Joe Biden’s State of the Union – I count 27 lies and misleading statements

Joe Biden’s State of the Union – I count 27 lies and misleading statements

President Biden’s State of the Union happened on Feb 7th 2023. He seemed alive and alert, slightly amusing, I only lost focus a few times. A very good speech for him if he decides to run for re-election. Might even push his numbers up, because some people are not very aware of Biden’s lies and incompetence.

So let’s count the lies and misleading statements:

1. “Greatest speaker in the history of the house, Nancy Pelosi.” That is obvious BS, a clear attempt to bolster Democrats. She was a lying, conniving, nasty political hack.

2.  “Created 12 million new jobs in two years.”  Sorry, Joe, you may have gotten some of those back, but these were jobs that existed before Covid you did not create them. In fact, your policies contributed to their delay in coming back.

3. and 4.  “Created 800,000 manufacturing jobs” (he said it twice). If you look at the trend in increases in manufacturing jobs, they were on a nice upward trajectory before Covid. While manufacturing jobs are up maybe 400,000 since before Covid, Biden falls well short of meeting the trend.  In my opinion, he can take no special credit, in fact, he is probably a half a million short of the trend line.

5.  “Inflation is a global problem, blame Putin.”  Inflation started well before Putin invaded Ukraine, and gas prices went through the roof before Putin invaded Ukraine.  We have some inflation because of the spending through Covid, but Joe’s massive spending launched inflation.

6.  “Inflation is coming down.” Joe, your people did not see inflation coming, and just because you think you see a trend does not mean that inflation is over.  In fact, we will likely see another round of inflation with the rise in Federal Reserve rates, since they will send our total debt payments through the roof. Your appointees are idiots.

7. “Gasoline price down $1.50.”  Gasoline prices are still well above the levels in the Trump Administration, and because of the Biden Administration policies, they will be high for a long time.

8.  Biden gave credit to Kamala for 10 million business startups but then he admits that the law she was working on didn’t take effect in the period this was measured.

9 “Criticized for saying supply chain begins in America”  Crappy statement, nobody has criticized him for that, Democrats won’t criticize him, and Republicans would agree with the statement.  This is a typical Joe Biden lie that cannot be checked.

10.  ‘Chip factory salaries average $130,000 per year some of them requiring no college degree.”  This is just not true.  Certain engineering jobs may pay in that neighborhood, but the average salary for degree’d professionals is about $100,000 (other sources say $77,000 or $65,000) and non-degree’d jobs are under $50,000.

11. Biden claimed to be criticized for saying “buy American.”  Another lie for the purpose of being persuasive.  He does this all the time, he thinks we are stupid.

12. “Jobs are coming back because of choices we made in the past few years.”  Jobs would be coming back whether Biden was president or not. Pretty easy to show that Biden’s policies slowed down the recovery.

13.  “Inflation reduction act.” The very mention of “inflation reduction” with regard to this legislation is a lie. It produces a lot more inflation than it relieves.

14.  “Negotiation by Medicare will save 100’s of billions of dollars.” No, drug companies are way smarter than the people who run Medicare. If they don’t make a profit, they will threaten to stop producing certain medications, at which point they will start to get subsidies. We will end up paying more. And everyone knows this.

15.  “Pay your fair share”  Biden addressed this to corporations. But corporations are responding to the tax regulations that Congress passed. They are encouraged to make investments and are relieved of taxes when they contribute to the economy with these investments. My fellow writer, Mr. Horist would make the point that corporations don’t actually pay taxes, since everything they pay is directly passed on to their customers. Either way, “pay your fair share” is a cynical lie.

16.  “No billionaire should be paying less than a teacher or firefighter.”  Again, a cynical misrepresentation. See the previous argument for the explanation. 

17.  “Oil companies didn’t invest in domestic production they did stock buybacks.” Wow! Talk about gaslighting. The Biden Administration has been fighting against domestic oil production throughout the term (and before during the Obama Administration).  Under Trump, we were energy independent. Now we are not.

18.  “Reduce the deficit by $114 Billion by catching tax cheats”  Sorry, not buying this. This is a gross project of what the IRS might collect over the next decade. But the Biden Administration has no credibility when it comes to reducing the deficit, this is not measurable, not real except in Democrat’s minds.

16.  “Trump added more to the debt in four years.”  Whoaaah there, bucko! Trump did not cause Covid, he reacted to it. Our economy (and thus our tax base) went down, and by bipartisan consensus, the country spent $trillions to keep the country afloat.

17.  Biden claimed that Republicans in Congress want Social Security and Medicare to sunset. The Republicans in the audience were incredulous, there is no serious effort to do this.

This was the biggest lie of the speech, his intention was to be deceptive, to gaslight the American people into thinking Republicans are out to cancel these benefits.

18.  “Kids in pre-school are 50% more likely to finish high school.”  Study shows that quality preschool helps by 11%.

19.  “Blamed increase in mass shootings on gun laws.” Biden made this gratuitous claim that a gun law was ended and mass shootings went crazy.  Complete horse manure, zero cause and effect. In the meantime, the Democrats are cheering on rioters across the country.

20.  “Record number working on the border, new border plan, asking for equipment to secure the border.” Anyone who reads a newspaper knows that the Biden Administration is purposefully allowing our border to be breached, with over 2 million illegals crossing in the past year.  Biden is an abject failure in this area, any claim of border security is a lie.

21. Biden claimed that McDonalds requires noncompete agreements that prevent them from working at other burger joints.  This is not true. A cynical lie to try to convince the American people.

22.  “Right to abortion was taken away with Roe v. Wade.”  No rights were “taken away.” The Supreme Court corrected a ruling made by their predecessors during a tumultuous time.

23.  “China threatens our sovereignty we will act and we did”  Anyone familiar with the particular incident of the balloon knows that Biden’s indecision allowed it to cross the country before he finally shot it down.  PBP has published multiple articles about China’s infringement on our sovereignty, and nothing has been done.

24.  “Fentanyl killing 70 million Americans a year”  The number is actually 70,000.  A slip? Or a deliberate lie to exaggerate the situation. 

25. “Let’s stop Fentanyl from coming across the border.” Holy moly, what a gaslight. Fentanyl is coming across our wide-open border, the border the Biden refuses to seal.

26.  “Paul Pelosi victim of political attack.” The guy who attacked Paul Pelosi was not a Trump follower, exactly the opposite. We don’t know all of that story, but there was a lot of weirdness that has nothing to do with politics.

27. “No place for political violence in America.”   Biden doesn’t believe this, nobody who has had an American history class believes this.  This is the mantra of people who hate Trump – violence by Democrats doesn’t count. The fact is that America was born of violence, and our founding fathers were all about it.  The 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms to fight against a tyrannical government.

As I mentioned, I tuned out a few times (Biden is not that interesting…) and others have found additional lies. These are just the ones I found with one pass through the speech (please don’t make me listen again).

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  1. Joe

    This arrogant,delusional,narcistic,lying,senile,old, puppet fool, is a pathetic,habitual,cronic liar.He wouldn’t know the truth, if it smacked in the face.

    • The Redhawk

      Dimwit Biden is a certified psychopath

  2. Johnny Guido

    I would be nice to see lists of his lying posted for the nation (indeed the world) to see that we have a lying fool for PROTUS!

  3. CornPop

    “We’ve been sent here to finish the job” – Just like Barry who was a master at open ended undefined rally cries ie: “Change you can believe in” or “Fundamentally transform” pResident Biden doesn’t define what that “Job” is! But like we learned from Obama… I’ll guarantee it’s not what will be good for the Country!

  4. Mike f

    Coming after the four failed years of the Trump Presidency, Biden is right to take a victory lap. Absolutely nothing was accomplished during the Trump era to benefit the nation as a whole. Deficits increased every year of the Trump administration, primarily due to the idiotic tax cuts for the rich that were pushed through by Republicans. Did those taxes benefit the country? Not at all, growth continued in the 2-3% range that it has been for a number of years, but the rich did get to keep more of their money. Trade wars with China and the rest of the world? Again, no benefit to the country-ended up having to pay farmers to keep them afloat because of their lost market share. Of course, there was the deal Trump made with the Saudi’s at the start of Covid to decrease production of oil to keep gas prices up-that certainly benefited the nation when gas prices surged during 2021 and early 2022. Our foreign relations have been rebuilt under Biden, during the Trump era we were the laughing stock of the world because everyone realized we had elected a buffoon as president. You will criticize Biden no matter what, but during his first two years he has accomplished more to actually benefit the nation in its entirety than any President in recent memory-due at least partially to the strong leadership that Nancy Pelosi provided in the House. There was no comparable legislation during the first two years of Trump when he had total support from both houses of Congress.

    • Nukstreasures

      You mentioned gas prices surged I’m 2022 and early 2022. I’m sure you know that BIden was president during that time frame right?

    • Joe Gilbertson

      You are perhaps the most delusional fan of the Punching Bag Post.

    • K Sny

      Under Trump we were energy independent and actually exporting a surplus. Deficits were created
      by a Pandemic that may actually been started by Americans.

      • frank stetson

        K Sny:

        Energy Independence, and the current lack thereof, is a pandemic artifact too. It’s easier to use domestic only when you aren’t driving as much. The demand drop was significant as was the demand spike that caused us to import again. Just look up the EIA reports on this and they will confirm.

        Trump’s deficits cleared a trillion in three out of his four years. Some analysts use the second year as the starting point meaning Trump-controlled budgets would span 2018-2021 in which case this shit gets even worse.

        Fact is he cut revenues via the tax cut, anticipated a 4% GDP growth and, instead, got the worst GDP growth since Herbert Hoover and The Great Depression. He didn’t need to fail on the pandemic to fail in managing the nation’s economy. The pandemic just doubled the shit pile he created. He OWNS 25% of the Nation’s debt. That’s an unfathomable picture to imagine. Like almost 50 Presidents, and Trump owns 25% of the total debt. Wars, Depression, Recession, and he own 25% of the debt still.

        He was borrow to broke as a businessman, he is borrow to broke as the nation’s leader too. Oddly, in both cases, it’s the taxpayer that bails him out. And some even credit his failure as success. Now that’s marketing!

  5. jim

    joe biden is a complete stupid moron

    • jim

      joe biden is the worst and the dumest president this country ever had

  6. Caroline

    As a rebuttal to Mike F. You need to re-educate yourself of the facts. NO. 1 President Trump wanted the American people to be self sufficient. He wanted to tap the Gas/Oil resources we have in this country. I’ve been told that the U.S. has the largest gas resources in the world. Why not tap into our own and make America rich again. We wouldn’t have poverty any longer. The Dems and their idiot president want to control people. They are one step away from communism.

    • Mike f

      Amazing how trumpettes like yourself ignore the facts. Though Biden encourages the US to go green, there certainly have not been any legislation from the current administration that have made any changes to oil and gas exploration. Trump was a failed president who did nothing to benefit the country as I listed above. Too bad you choose not to see facts regarding our country, and instead believe right wing BS that if we cut taxes enough, everything will be dandy. We need the government spending to repair our country to make it world class again, time to wake up and check the facts…

    • frank stetson

      Don’t trust that person who is full of hot gas :>) US is fifth in natural gas reserves. Yes, we produce the most, we also use the most, so we will run out sooner.

      But we hold 5% of the world’s gas reserves, Russia/Iran/Qatar/Turkmenistan in front of us with Russia holding 4 times as much as us.

      The only reason the US was self-sufficient under Trump was the demand drop due to the pandemic and the quasi-lockdowns. Is that what you are taking credit for?

      Yes, he wanted to tap into our resources in our National Parks, off the two coasts as close to land as possible, in the coal mines of West Virginia because everyone loves the smell of burning coal. But he DID NOT want to tap into our free resources like the sun, the wind, and the water. That would be bad, according to Trumpians.

      Why not reach your goal of self-sufficiency using renewable resources instead of fossil fuel? Why subsidize fossil fuel with all sorts of tax incentives? That’s like trying to save the dinosaurs.

      Both utility grade and small scale domestic renewable products took off under Obama, slowed down but did not level under Trump and is skyrocketing again under Biden. Frankly, you couldn’t stop this if you tried. Very hard to stop a good idea that has taken root, and this sucker not only has that, it has wings. I often say to young folk, enter the solar industry —- looks like jobs for life right now, cleaner jobs, safer jobs, and higher paying jobs very possible.

  7. RowZ

    I did not watch – on purpose – I did not want to be sick. I figured I would just hear the recaps of what really went on. And thanks for being a brave soul who waded through the sludge. Thanks for your critique which nails each point so well. Exactly what I imagined his speech writers would tell him to say. The entire administration is compromised by foreign agents. They need to be removed ASAP by the military – or the Brunson Brothers Petition to the SCOTUS (which, for those interested in praying for the justices to use common sense and compassion for the American people) – they will be reviewing the petition once again on February 17. If we truly have justice, we will see DJT reinstated as they overturn the 2020 election and many Congress people dismissed for their ignoring of the pleas of the people to look at the fraud. Many other hardships hoisted on the people should be accounted for concerning Fauci and Cvd. Those who are Christ followers, I ask you to please remember this petition and SCOTUS judges in prayer. Pray for wisdom, common sense and patriotism…and their duty to the American people.

  8. dg

    The Big Guy joe biden said he would not raise taxes so why is he having IRS go after waitresses tips? maybe the IRS should investigate joe and hunter fumbling idiot ,he also took credit for things that trump did he talked about creating jobs what about the thousands of jobs he ended chaos on the boarder,the skies .our schools war on each other turning on our legacy our founding fathers that made us stronger this was a campaign speech and why are we selling our oil reserve to russia? I will say one thing he is pretty entertaining this is not a nice person!!

  9. frank stetson

    I knew Joe has problems with economics, finance, and well, numbers, but this list seems very oddly numbered starting around item 16. Sure signs of abuse from opioids and alcohol.

  10. frank stetson

    First, a misleading statement is not a lie so putting then together in one database is like a fake number. If all 27 are misleading, then there are no lies….Or did he lie 27 times? Could be either or something in between. Then, again, using Joe’s numbering scheme makes any counts pretty difficult. My list is numbered as his, so sorry if it looks like a drunk did it. That’s just Joe counting.

    Second, this is unfair. Takes you seconds to copy/paste off the internet. And you still got the numbering wrong. Rebuttal just not available yet so I had to work at this. Guess its fair play after living under that yoke for 4 years of the most spectacular liar of all times cataloged from day 1. Quantity, quality, this guy had it all. He ever perfected the art of covering a lie with another lie — now, that’s a special talent never seen in any decent human.

    Points for the attempt; extra credit for speed, too bad you’re BUSTED on said attempt many times. Good idea though. My general response is too much opinion, too little facts. Seriously, when you say “everyone knows it,” you know you’re coming up short. You’ve been weighed, you’ve been measured, everyone can see that :>).

    My specifics:
    1. It’s an opinion, not a lie; how can an opinion be a lie? Joe G’s provided opine response is equal to the task, hard to discount his opinion unless a non-factual one which this is not.

    2. In actual numbers, Biden achieves greater job growth than any post-World War II President, especially Trump. That’s the raw numbers, not what happened in the past, what may happen in the future, not a percentage, not a ratio. Those are good too to tell a story. Biden has, hands down and bar none, easily superseded and outpaced every president since WWII in yearly job gains, in aggregate, in raw numbers. Come on man, numbers are numbers.
    You seemed to forget to note it’s also the lowest unemployment in 50 years; lower than Trumpian results.
    Now, being fair, something you should try more often, measured as a percentage from the time they take office, and percentages and ratios can add to the story, Biden rates middle of the pack. That’s something he should take note of.
    BUT: Biden has easily outpaced every post-war president in job gains per year, he has benefited from taking office after Trump on the upswing of a deep Trumpian-inspired recession on Trump’s watch. However, we reached pre-pandemic job levels in 2021 under Biden and exceeded them in 2022 under Biden — as in new jobs created: EXCEEDED. That’s something Trump just could never do in his four years where he took a growing economy and ended up trashing it. You can blame the pandemic, but other developed nations fared much better economically than under Trump. And Joe has only had two years so far. There is no lie here.

    3. and 4. You claim two lies due to repetition, which you then basically do the same….pot calling kettle black? He did get it wrong at 800K jobs, it’s 803K. As far as a trend line, you are wrong, probably an amateur mistake due to eyeballing versus economics. I used the same government numbers, however, went to December instead of January since 1) only two years on the job and let’s face it, the beginning of 2021 was Trump created and 2) December 22 and Jan 23 are still estimates. Seemed fairer. Trump’s fake promise of bringing manufacturing back created the following manufacturing job growths: TRUMP: 2017: 1.44%, 2018: 2.1%, 2019: .4%, 2020: -4.7%. BIDEN: 2021: 3.16%, 2022: 3.15%. In terms of manufacturing job growth, Biden crushes Trump.
    I don’t see a half million short of the trend line, not even close.

    5. Not exactly well before as you surmised. Inflation kicked in summer of 2021 – about 6.21; Putin invaded 2/22. So, half a year and most don’t notice the first three months at least. It is a global problem. Biden can blame Putin, but it’s obviously not only Putin. That’s a stretch at best, he should have caveated. There’s a plethora of things causing global inflation, where, under Biden, the US fared better than most industrial nations. And what massive spending, beyond Trump’s are you hinting at for Biden? His rate of increase for spending and deficits is under Trump’s so what are you talking about? Use the bottom line, not line items. I see a stretch, not a lie here.

    6. Opinion, perhaps one I agree with part of, incompetents, but opinion none the less; how can it be wrong? Your “debt payments through the roof” fact is wrong, technically it does not work that way, and since you have been warned before, and shown the economic math —– it’s your lie now. FYI – thus far, Fed rates up, inflation down, so hard to see how you get to your opinion, on so many levels. Since you have so many technical errors in your economic thoughts, this one is a lie.

    7. Part true, still higher prices. The rest is your opinion and thus far, your economic prowess is merely adequate.

    8. OK – so where’s the lie? It’s under her watch, it’s her area, it happened, so where’s the beef?

    9 It’s a lie because you can’t prove it true or false? I’m sorry, but is this pot calling kettle black again? This is typical Joe G….

    10. Stretch yes, lie no.

    11. IF he claimed this, it was off-copy; I cannot find it in any of the sotu text readouts. I can’t find it.

    12. Joe is right; yours is an opinion.

    13. Opinion and no, it does not produce more inflation necessarily. Again, your grasp of economics is tenuous, you should avoid issuing punditry about it.

    14. Keep an open mind, there is no lie in setting expectations backed by a plan. No, everyone does not know this and you offer no proof. None. Hot air only.

    15. Funny when I see a magarat defending big business. You might be right that if they pay their fair share, we will have to pay our fair share. And that would be great. Currently, every Big Mac you buy is subsidized by SNAP payments to their workers which is subsidized by taxpayers. IF MickeyD paid its taxes, paid workers a living wage, SNAP payments go down and the Big Mac price goes up. BUT who’s to say we end up paying more? Same scenario for every Walmart purchase as well as most big businesses. It’s so profitable that these companies actually spend money to teach their employees how to get those SNAP payments —- probably pay workers to fill out the paperwork for other workers. We put out the cost for them to do that, we pay the SNAP dollars too. We ALL need to pay our fair share, fairly, and not trough tax subsidies to big business. And mark my words: prices may not change at all — it’s called competition in the free market.

    16. It’s his opinion and your previous statement has nothing to do with it anyway.

    17. Again, you have been told; you are lying. **

    18. You are right, it’s a 10-year estimate. However, you can check each year. It’s a CBO number, you have your right to your opinion, but in no way is Biden lying or misleading on this one.
    16. (again) On TRUMP’S watch, we added more debt than ever, or any President combined with the lowest GDP growth since Hoover and The Great Depression. TRUMP OWNS 25% of our entire national debt. You wanna blame covid; where were you blaming The Great Recession during Obama’s watch? TRUMP owns this.

    17. (again) The plan is available. There is exaggeration at best, but he’s not far off. Plan calls for sunsetting (that means ENDING) of ALL programs every five years, not necessarily termination. Sort of like the debt limit, who would ever hold old folks’ hostage just to make an economic point. Republicans would have another way to hold the future opportunity hostage to their past mistakes. Wait, they do that all the time…. Biden is right, you on the other hand have already been misled.
    “This was the biggest lie of the speech, his intention was to be deceptive, to gaslight the American people into thinking Republicans are out to cancel these benefits.” OK, I can actually give you your opinion on that, except the plan to sunset ever five years exists, it is Republican, and based on track record, Republicans are out to hold these benefits hostage to the issue of they day they can not resolve politically, using the process.

    19. We can debate this until the cows come home. You cannot prove a lie.

    20. You did not prove there’s not a “Record number working on the border,” or a “new border plan, asking for equipment to secure the border.” Therefore, no lie. Yes, there is a disaster at the border and it’s on Biden’s watch, he is failing.

    21. Burger chain, not McDonalds. That was the internet for school age kids….. A total of about 20% of workers under these no-compete papers. Jfgi. Frankly, my first consulting gig had one: I said F it, let em sue, and went competitive.

    22. Seems like a right to many; it should be, it will be next time. Lie, no, just pandering to the truth.

    23. zzzzz: happened lots on Trump’s watch. He said what he will do, you have not presented facts to the contrary. Where’s the lie.

    24. Text said 70,000. Not sure if he muffed it. If he did, it’s human. I mean if we held Trump to the numbers, he starts right after in inauguration with the body count, and that’s before he enters the Oval Office. And it’s all downhill from there. Hell, he did a photo-op with an upside-down Bible; that’s just a creepy oops.

    25. You got facts?

    26. from an interview with the attacker: “I’m not trying to get away with it. I know exactly what I did,” “The lies are insane, people in Washington. It originates with Hillary. Honestly, day in and day out, the person on TV lying every day was Pelosi. It’s f****** insane the crime spree the Democrats have been on, persecuting the rival campaign.” So, he’s doing this against one campaign in defense of the other campaign…

    A San Francisco Police Department lieutenant who was interrogating Mr DePape asked if he was referring to Mr Trump’s campaign, Mr DePape said “yes, Trump.” That’s not the opposite Joe, that’s spot on, top dead center.

    What weirdness? Or are you just tossing burgers at the wall to see what sticks? I just hate when someone tosses the open-ended fill-in-your-own-perversion comment. Like: “Hey, Joe, are you still beating the wife? OR that other stuff……”

    27. You have no facts or basis for this opinion of what you think Biden thinks so therefore Biden is lying. It all made up, not even a valid opinion, just you saying Biden is a liar because you know better based just on your feelings. This is a lie.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      This is an obsession for you isn’t it, thanks for attempting to mansplain Biden. And your grasp of economics is unbelievably poor and you are no more truthful than Biden is.

      • Frank stetson

        You know, I do a thoughtful fact-filled rebuttal for discussion as part of the form of free speech and all you got in reply is horseshit.

        Show us where I lied. Come on.

        I provided evidence of your economic ineptitude; and you came back with crickets.

        Very disappointing

        • Joe Gilbertson

          I respond to horseshit with horseshit. Why bother to explain things to you that your delusions will not allow you to accept.

          • Frank stetson

            If you can’t, you can’t.

            If you won’t, you won’t.

            You can rationalize almost anything, but you didn’t respond. You won’t respond.

            Nuff said. You said it all. You won’t respond.