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Joe Biden Regrets not Joining Presidential Race

Joe Biden Regrets not Joining Presidential Race

Vice President Joe Biden disappointed a vast number of Democrats last October when he announced that he would not be seeking the presidency. Biden had managed to gather enough support to challenge Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton before stepping down. This week, he told the press that he regrets his decision.  

“I regret it every day,” Biden told an NBC affiliate in Connecticut. “But it was the right decision for my family and for me…and we’ve got two good candidates.” Biden has yet to endorse either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. He did not mention third-place Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley. 

After months of deliberations with family members and political advisers, Biden announced in late October that he had run out of time and had decided not to run. Many believe his decision had a lot to do with the tragic death of his son Beau, who died in May from brain cancer. “I believed I could win, but that’s not enough,” he said. “I know myself. And I know it takes time.” 

Even so, the Vice President plans to stay “deeply involved” in the elections. The Democratic side of the race is proceeding just as he expected. “There’s real, robust debate between Hillary and Bernie, as there would have been if I had gotten in the race,” said Biden. “There has been no personal attacks that I’m aware of or any consequence. It’s not a bunch of serendipity out there.” 

Biden’s words came during an interview with a Connecticut TV station he conducted while promoting President Obama’s executive actions on gun control. In regards to the Republican side of the race, he had nothing nice to say: “I promise you, I’ve spoken to three of the presidential potential nominees on the Republican side who tell me, ‘Joe, it’s crazy. It’s absolutely crazy.’”


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