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Joe Biden Absent from DNC Summer Meeting; Speculation Dies Down

Joe Biden Absent from DNC Summer Meeting; Speculation Dies Down

Joe Biden had better make up his mind soon. Things went poorly for Draft Biden at the recent Democratic National Committee (DNC) meeting in Minneapolis and although the group held secret meetings and urged delegates to keep their options open, the Vice President was suspiciously absent from the event. 

As soon as he stepped off the plane, DNC member Pete Gertonson was invited to attend a secret meeting hosted by the Draft Biden super PAC. Gertonson noticed nearly 30 other delegates at the meeting. Unlike many of his companions, Gertonson hasn’t decided where to cast his vote. Although he was excited about the meeting’s potential, he came out of the room disappointed, still confused as to whether or not Joe Biden had decided to join the race. 

After weeks of reports about Biden meeting with advisers and key donors, most attendees expected him to make an announcement at the DNC event. Hillary Clinton, still reeling from months of bad press regarding the email scandal, went into the conference determined to nip Biden speculation in the bud. And she did – with enormous support from the audience. 

“Most people have already committed,” said Virginia delegate and Clinton supporter Sandra Brandt. Joe Biden “is kind of behind the eight ball at this point, trying to raise money…He’ll have to pick up a lot of folks.” 

Martin O’Malley stole the show, taking everyone’s mind off Biden with a passionate speech about how the DNC rigs debate schedules. In fact, many DNC delegates didn’t even know that Draft Biden was at the conference.

Some attribute Biden’s absence from the event to the loss of his son Beau, who died from brain cancer in May. New rumors suggest he may postpone his announcement until October or even January. Gertonson mentioned after the secret meeting that Draft Biden’s message was “don’t make up your mind, keep your options open.” But democrats trying to derail Hillary want an answer now. 

Biden was expected to make an announcement after his vacation to South Carolina earlier this month and said himself that he would decide by the end of the summer. What is he waiting for? I agree with Pete Gertonson when he said that Joe Biden “needs to crap or get off the pot. The longer he stretches this thing out without announcing, the worse off he’s going to be. If he’s in it, go for it.” 


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