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Jobs Guarantee is just too good to be true (and it’s not…)

Jobs Guarantee is just too good to be true (and it’s not…)

I will try to arrest my cynicism and give this jobs guarantee a fair shake. But it is hard. One can understand a grocery store giving you a guarantee that your milk will be fresh for a week or so. That is good. However, when the government gets mixed up in the business cycle, deleterious events are likely to unfold. I’m beginning to become a little unnerved, as I almost used “government,” and “guarantee,” in the same sentence.

As Chris Farley so eloquently stated in the film, Tommy Boy, “If you want me to crap in a box and put a guarantee stamp on it, I can do that.” Nothing in life is, or really should be, guaranteed. There is no guarantee that you will have breath tomorrow, or that you won’t live to be one hundred and ten. I digress again.

While on the surface giving someone a job is a humane and societal process. After all, we must produce goods and services collectively in order to allow consumption to grow and for economic development to prosper. Psychologically, it also lifts the esteem of the worker who is now contributing to society.

With that said, this is class warfare once again disguised as utopia. Capitalism cannot become socialism by wishful thinking. Socialism must be built from existing conditions through class struggle against the power of capital. Marx knew this all too well, as he postulated on how the masses could kick-start a social revolution by employing the idea to establish armies of labor to undertake large-scale development of farmland and other resources.

The altruism that exists in those leading this march is probably genuine, as one would believe they are not acutely aware of the history in which this new path will lead. Despite outright confessions of democratic-socialism, the polemic class views spit out are hard to ignore.

The primary goal, however, is to create a framework for the transition from private to social, or public control of wealth production by putting the ordinary people of the working masses directly behind the wheel of the economy. Marx rightly judged that a future revolutionary state would need to get control of the money necessary to do it, which in essence is why you see this jobs proposal intertwined with a funding mechanism like modern monetary theory.

This trifecta of socialism balances on a stool supported by Medicare for all, guaranteed jobs for all, and money to pay for it all. If we venture back again to Pol Pot’s Cambodian post-war healthcare system, you can get a glimpse into the destruction of care for the masses. As noted, the ruling elite will travel beyond borders to seek healthcare, rather than subject themselves to the minimalistic care offered to all for free. Here is an easy example of why this healthcare system for all failed, and why free Medicare for all will always fail.

One wants the best and the brightest, known to Stalinists as the one-percenters, to pursue medicine as a career, as has always been the case in our capitalistic economy. When you have a heart attack, you want a skilled surgeon on staff to work to save your life. That is exactly what we have now. Fast forward to the Green New Deal, where in a Pol Pot fantasy world, the best and brightest are no longer doctors, because there is no monetary incentive for them anymore. All doctors will be paid a wage that will be unworthy of their skill and education, and thus they will take their talents elsewhere.

So when you cast your vote for Medicare for all and jobs for all, remember these words, God forbid, if you ever have a heart attack and are rushed to the emergency room under our new utopian system, only to find a mechanic with greasy hands staring down at you with a scalpel, muttering that he always wanted to try this kind of surgery.

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  1. Dr. Johann Ertl

    “Here is an easy example of why this healthcare system for all failed, and why free Medicare for all will always fail.”

    This is either lack of knowledge, stupidity or ignorance.

    Scandinavia and central Europe have exactly that, on a better level than your best $$$ facilities.

    I was born 1978 in the CSSR, in the Soviet occupied RED part of Europe.
    In a condition where I would have 0 survival chance in Austria, USA, whatever.
    I not only made it but became a national league American Football player (largely due to universal healthcare) and got my PhD (due to free university for all).

    If you as the USA don`t rethink what you believe is carved in stone, you will further fall down to 3rd world status and be eaten alive by the Chines.
    And no one wants THAT.

    • Paul Miller

      Really Dr. Johann? I hear your opinion but where’s the facts? And why is it that you jumped over to America and engaged in a high-paying merit-based job instead of paying back socialist people that gave you all that free stuff?
      I’ve talked with many a man who misinterprets their experience and this seems like as much. The system you admire you left and most likely because it was gravely flawed. So we have to go back to fundamental principles like the simple fact that everything has to get paid for and if its free on the front end then you have to pay for it on the back end – and when you give it away to the vast majority of people that will never pay for it then those that do carry an extreme burden. That is what half of America that is paying for Obama Care is complaining about while the other half tells heartfelt stories like yours… because they’re not paying for it!

  2. Cindy DS

    When I think about socialism, I think of what Margaret Thatcher said: at some point you run out of other people’s money!

  3. Cheri Taylor

    What about those of us who do not believe that the AMA and big pharma are the first, last and only methods to good health care? We have been required to have health insurance and also must pay cash for our alternative good health care in addition by ourselves. Government needs to stay out of the healthcare business. Besides any time any government has overtaken privately run businesses anywhere, like in communist and totalitarian run countries, the bureaucrats take over, there is graft galore, nepotism, the businesses fail, the society fails, except for the elites, and the people become far poorer in everything.

  4. R.F. HORKA