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Jimmy Carter: 'Jesus Would Support Gay Marriage'

Jimmy Carter: 'Jesus Would Support Gay Marriage'

Former President Jimmy Carter’s recent comments regarding gay marriage perfectly encapsulate the state of Christianity in America.

 Carter asserted his belief that “Jesus would” support gay marriage. He followed that statement with saying,” I don’t have any verse in Scripture.” If a self-proclaimed Christian feels capable of assigning beliefs to Jesus Christ, can you really call the person a Christian?

Now in the second term of Barrack Obama, we are seeing more and more Christians fearful of standing by their convictions. The president’s army of name-calling political correctness police has succeeded in equating religious belief with intolerance and bigotry – and many American Christians are shockingly beginning to accept this as truth.

Even Jimmy Carter went on to confess “I’m not (in support of gay marriage), but that is my personal opinion.” If you are keeping score, the former president states believing Jesus would support gay marriage – but he is still against it. This illogical fit of mental gymnastics is not uncommon in today’s America, where true believers must live in constant fear of who will be offended by their personal religion beliefs. 

Alexander Hamilton once said, “If you don’t stand for anything, you’ll fall for anything.” And in America, at this time more than ever before, we are seeing a society where standing for something has been deemed ignorant and hateful. Compromising faith has become the norm.

If America hopes to avoid being degraded away like so many other societies in history, we will need to reestablish the truths and principals which once made our nation the greatest in history.

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