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Jim Jordan’s Fiery Response to Trump Indictment

Jim Jordan’s Fiery Response to Trump Indictment

The indictment of former President Donald Trump sent shockwaves throughout the political landscape, with supporters and opponents alike eagerly anticipating reactions from key figures within the Republican Party. Among those figures, Representative Jim Jordan emerged as a prominent voice.

Jordan, a Republican congressman representing Ohio’s 4th congressional district, has consistently been a staunch defender of Donald Trump’s policies and actions. Known for his combative style and fiery rhetoric, Jordan has become a prominent conservative figure, often appearing on news programs to articulate his viewpoints. 

Known for his steadfast loyalty to Trump, his reaction to the indictment was swift and loud. When news of Trump’s indictment broke, Jordan wasted no time in addressing the issue publicly. Speaking at a press conference, Jordan stood firm in his defense of the former president, dismissing the charges as politically motivated.

He portrayed the indictment as a continuation of the long-standing effort by Trump’s opponents to undermine his presidency, asserting that it was yet another example of the “deep state” attempting to silence conservative voices.

Jordan spent time on the Sunday talk shows rallying behind the former president, reiterating his belief in Trump’s innocence and criticizing what he perceived as an overreach of prosecutorial power.

Jordan argued that the indictment was an attempt by Trump’s political adversaries to tarnish his legacy and undermine the will of the American people.

Moreover, Jordan questioned the timing of the indictment, suggesting that it was a deliberate effort to distract the public from pressing issues facing the nation. Insisting that this was part of a broader strategy employed by the Biden administration to divert attention from their own shortcomings and policy failures. 

Jordan’s often fiery response to those interviewing him over the weekend, like CNN’s Dana Bash,  also expressed his belief that the indictment was an affront to Trump’s supporters, whom he characterized as patriotic Americans exercising their right to free speech and political expression.

He repeatedly highlighted the importance of defending the principles of democracy and protecting the rights of those who fervently supported the former president.

By standing firmly beside Trump, Jordan not only defended the former president but also positioned himself as a vocal representative for those who continue to support Trump’s policies and his second bid for the White House. 

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  1. frank stetson

    Jim Jordan: investigate this guy and lock him up. The only court of law he prevails in is the FOX court of lies. DIdn’t even pass the bar.

    In 2018, over 8 wrestlers accused Assistant Wrestling Coach Jordan of being aware, and doing absolutely nothing about his Coach, Strauss sexual abusing young athletes for decades. His buddy assistant coach said he and Jordan were unknowing. Four of the wrestlers said Jordan, who had a locker next to the groomer, said he’d kill him if he tried that shit on Jordan. While not accused of sexual misconduct, he was a defendant in the civil lawsuit that the University paid out and assumed guilt. Two of the witnesses in the case said they were pressured to by Jordan-affiliates to support Jordan, they accused Jordan of ignoring what he knew about the sex abuser. Jordan did not cooperate with investigators, branded them as political pawns, and would not respond to the Cleveland Plains Dealer editorial board either when called upon to go on the record with what he knew. There are text messages and collaborating witnesses to the team Jordan tampering. Another coach sued saying Jordan was warned; in that case Jordan called the guy a liar. The abuse went on for 20 years, from 1978 to 1998 and over 170 boys were abused and Jordan knew nothing. OSU knew about it in 1979, but buried it. Jordan was there for 7 years, between 1987 and 1994, his locker next to the abuser.

    No guilt? OSU paid out $41M or over $230K per victim. Jordan still claims he knew nothing about the 1,400 fondling’s and 47 rapes right under his nose, on the team he was assistant coach of, by the man with the locker next to his. The final report stated there was no definitive proof that any assistant coach knew. The report also states athletes told, in open sessions, of the sexual abuse and 22 coaches, in the report, confirmed that they were aware of rumors and complaints from the 70’s to the 90’s. Only Jim could not ferret it out, even with all the whistleblowers…..

    I wouldn’t trust this guy to investigate anything where “sides” might be taken since he appears to take sides istead of telling the truth. These were college boys for God’s sake and they told him right to his face and he still didn’t hear it, didn’t see it. Now he’s got a guy who is renown for not reading, with more archival documents than Carter has pills, more secrets in the open air than Canadian wildfire smoke in New Jersey, a guy with boxes and boxes of the stuff and Jordan is upset that it’s politics that made us notice room after room with 8 foot piles of boxes, 20 feet wide, all full of archival documents, and the only harm Jimbo can see is this guy is a victim. Just like his old sex abusing next-door locker buddy he couldn’t see either. Maybe he was just busy with his “King of the Sauna” certificate program awarding naked boy wrestlers for talking shit in the sauna. Must have been interesting judging them there, Jimbo….were you scouting for your locker buddy?

    Jordan claims he has many, many FBI whistleblowers to blow the roof off the FBI Deep State. Dozens of agents. So far, he brought four to the table and refuses to even provide interview notes for any of them. The FBI noted that the witnesses were so pure that they had their security clearances revoked, for cause. One, an active conspiracy theorist, was suspended without pay after it was known he received cash payments from Trumplicant money man Kash Patel. The four were suspended after making rude 1.6 comments not becoming of an agent. Another lied to Congress about no-contact with media after it was learned he was leaking secret information with Project Veritas too. This gent was found to have far right extremist group ties as well. IOW—Jordan’s top witnesses lie, deal with extremist groups, leak FBI info to right-wing media outlets, preached the big lie as valid cause for 1.6.2021 lawbreaking, and have basically had their ticket punched for this —– and that’s who Jim Jeffords is bringing to the table to prove government institutional weaponization. But he has dozens, just can’t or won’t produce them. After the first four — makes sense.

    It was a month ago, May, he trotted these four superstar FBI whistleblowers who turned out to be FIBlowers. After saying for months that he has DOZENS of whistleblowers, Jordan gets blown out of the water with his first fab four FBI whistleblowers. He was asked about the dirty dozen’s; he demurred. He was asked to produce interview notes; he balked. It’s the middle of June and all we here about the dozens is dozens of crickets.

    Jordan’s famous summary of the day: “We can talk about the testimony, but right now you’re not getting the testimony.” IOW — Jordan will mouth-off on FOX alleging this, alleging that, but don’t expect to get turthful testimony in Congress, under the threat of perjury. That’s a bridge too far, but remember, there’s dozens. JIM says so just like he tells you Trump is innocent as long as Kash Patel still has the cash…..

  2. Mike f

    The fact that this author quotes one of the dumbest republicans in congress, gym jordan pretty much says it all….