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Jerome Corsi VS The Government

Jerome Corsi VS The Government

In a lawsuit filed December 3rd by the infamous Larry Klayman, conservative author Dr. Jerome Corsi accuses the federal government of violating his Fourth Amendment rights while illegally leaking secret grand jury information to the press.

The lawsuit, which accuses Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his cronies of trying to coerce Corsi into giving false testimony against President Trump, initially sought $350 million in damages.

The suit also named the Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, and the National Security Agency.

This week, Corsi amended the lawsuit to include Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his newspaper The Washington Post following an interview with WaPo reporter Manuel Roig-Franzia.

Corsi claims the reporter illegally obtained information from the Mueller probe and that the interview caused him to lose a $15,000-per-month severance package he had been collecting following his termination from InfoWars last June.

Roig-Franzia’s questions were based on the assumption that Corsi’s severance package was hush money intended to keep him from talking about Roger Stone – an InfoWars contributor and Trump ally who is also being questioned as part of the Russia investigation.

Directly after the interview, Corsi received a call from InfoWars informing him that his severance deal had been cancelled.

In the amended lawsuit – which now seeks $1.6 billion in damages – Klayman accuses Bezos and The Washington Post of “working together in concert” with the Mueller probe “to financially deplete Plaintiff Corsi.”

Why is Mueller interested in Jerome Corsi?

Corsi’s involvement in the Russia investigation began last August when he received a subpoena demanding he testify before Mueller’s grand jury.

What prosecutors are trying to figure out is whether Corsi had previous knowledge about WikiLeaks’s plans to publish emails hacked from the account of former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta; and if he had this information, whether he shared it with Roger Stone.

Corsi claims he had no relationship with WikiLeaks but somehow discovered on his own that the site had obtained Podesta’s emails.

During his testimony, Corsi said he told Stone in August 2016 that WikiLeaks was planning to release the emails. He also said Stone asked him to contact WikiLeaks about releasing the emails ASAP following the “Access Hollywood” tape that revealed Trump’s “locker room” comments about women.

Stone insists he had no knowledge about the content or source of any WikiLeaks material published in 2016, apart from a handful of vague texts from comedian Randy Credico including “Julian Assange has kryptonite on Hillary” and “Hillary’s campaign dies this week.”

After his testimony, Mueller allegedly offered Corsi a plea deal if he would admit to lying to prosecutors about email exchanges between himself and Stone.

Corsi refused to lie and instead filed the lawsuit.

“Based on these misrepresentations by defendant Mueller and his leftist and Democrat partisan prosecutorial and ethically and legally conflicted staff, defendant Mueller has threatened to indict plaintiff Corsi and effectively put him in federal prison for the rest of his life unless plaintiff Corsi would provide the false sworn testimony under oath that they demanded even after being informed that the testimony would be false,” reads the lawsuit.

In the meantime, Corsi claims the FBI is harassing, threatening, and inappropriately monitoring his family.

Author’s Note: Corsi knows his lawsuit against Bezos and the government has long odds.  But it doesn’t matter.

This is the sort of drama Corsi has stirred up in the past, and he is delighted to drag the FBI and Bezos into what will be a public relations bonanza for Corsi and nightmare for Bezos and the FBI. The potential settlement could easily be eight figures.

As long as the ordeal is a pain in the neck for Bezos and the feds and throws some negative press coverage on Mueller, I’d call it a win. And I think Corsi would agree.

Editor’s note: I’m betting on Jerry to sling these guys around so much that they gladly settle out of court. Klayman is widely seen as a true legal genious on the verge of mental instability (as in crazy all the way to the bank).  This is a fight the FBI will be very sorry they picked.

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  1. Inkpad

    Lock them all up that will end the muller bs once and for all

  2. BILLY G

    Yes Corsi! Give them HELL ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK!!!

  3. Billy


  4. Willie Lanham

    As soon as the indictments are delivered, everyone that is against him will be in jail or hung for treason.

  5. Richard

    What makes Larry Klayman infamous?

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Larry Klayman has filed literally hundreds of lawsuits against the government and other hard-to-sue organizations. He was dismissed for a long time as a nutcase, but then he won some major cases for his clients (hundreds of millions if I recall correctly). Now everyone is deathly afraid of him.

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