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Jefferson Memorial in Danger as Extremists Blame Confederate Flag for Charleston Church Shooting

Jefferson Memorial in Danger as Extremists Blame Confederate Flag for Charleston Church Shooting

 The Confederate flag exists in this country today as a symbol of the southern United States and a tribute to American history, but when this symbol is blamed for playing a role in Dylann Roof’s actions, the resulting racial firestorm spreads all the way north to the Jefferson Memorial. 

Leave it to the liberals to blame the Confederate flag for the actions of one deranged and troubled kid. Instead of coming together to support each other after the tragedy in Charleston, the left responds by using the incident to blame white people and Republicans, promote the anti-gun agenda, and criticize the Confederate flag. 

In a recent discussion aired on left-wing CNN, anchor Ashleigh Banfield said, “Jefferson owned slaves…and there’s a monument to him in the capital of the United States, no one ever asks for that to come down.”

Wow. Even CNN has jumped on the hate wagon this time. Let’s remember that it was Jefferson who wrote a little something we call the Declaration of Independence, our country’s first step towards freedom. He wrote anti-slavery legislation into the original draft, but was convinced to take it out in order to up the chances of the document gaining approval. Personally, he opposed the idea of slavery. His slaves where inherited from his father. 

Those who are pushing to ban the Confederate flag seem to forget that it wasn’t a symbol used by the North or even by conservatives, but a flag flown by racist, southern democrats. But despite what history books say, the argument has persuaded companies like Wal-Mart to stop selling anything featuring a Confederate flag. 

Even worse, national parks have been ordered to stop selling merchandise related to the Confederate flag. This particularly affects historic battlefields in the south, places that depend on gift shop sales to survive. 

When historically significant objects are banned, I can’t help but wonder what will be next. Let’s hope Banfield’s purely anti-American suggestion to take down the memorial that has stood proudly in our capitol for over 70 years is ignored. 



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