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Jeb's Betrayal of Working Class America

Jeb's Betrayal of Working Class America
According to Jeb Bush, there are two kinds of laws: those you agree with and follow, as well as those you disagree with and ignore. The illegal entrance into America happens to fall under the latter to the former First-Brother, who has been touring America on a “show respect to illegals” tour. While Mr. Bush will undoubtedly obtain votes from the Latin population, many conservatives wonder what impact mass amnesty will have on America. 
The current unemployment rate, including those who have given up looking for jobs in favor of receiving government handouts, is around 11.3 percent. As tax-paying American struggle for work, worry about which politician has their interests close to heart and long for the chance to survive in the country they were born in, many presidential candidates are leaning towards granting full amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. 
Despite the dubious Obama strategy to spend more money to save money, America’s social programs are already strained to a breaking point. Welfare, Social Security and Medicare are  costing Americans Billions of dollars. The addition of millions of unskilled, uneducated workers, all financially entitled to tax-payer money, will be catastrophic to the country. 
Most young Americans have already accepted they will never see a Social Security check, despite paying into the program every year. However, with this influx of new, dependent citizens, even the elderly and veterans need to be concerned about having security in the twilight of their lives.
More than simply the cost of millions of new dependents, illegal immigration creates a split labor force. Take, for example, many of the jobs which do not require advanced schooling or a complex skill set, then imagine an entire population who will perform these tasks at lower rates than ever before in America, if adjusting for inflation.  With the inclusion of people who will work for fractions of the cost an American would need to survive, wages for all Americans will plummet. 
Regardless of the threat of Liberals calling you racist, standing up for the laws of America is the most important thing to demand from our presidential candidates. Jeb Bush has proven to care more about electioneering than about the sustainability of the country he wishes to rule over.  As long as Jeb Bush is reminding people to “respect illegal immigrant” Democrats and Republican need to remind him to respect our Constitution. 

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