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Jan 6: When is a blockbuster not a blockbuster?

Jan 6: When is a blockbuster not a blockbuster?

The answer to the headline question is any time politicians report something as a blockbuster.  And boy, was that true of the Pelosi Select Committee’s presentation of former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson.   

This was Hollywood at its best (or worst?).  Big build up.  Coming attraction teasers.  Last minute leaked information.  And the promise that this movie is going to be big, BIG Big.  The left-wing media outlets gave it more free pre-opening promo than they did for “Top Gun.”

Even FOX News got suckered into putting this super hyped session on gavel-to-gavel coverage – although I am pleased that they did.  It is important that people actually saw the performance instead of relying on after-the-fact spin by a very biased media.

My one take away was that should Trump or any of his top aides wind up in court, Hutchinson will not be one of the prime witnesses.  In a real court — where there is a rule-of-law and rules-of-evidence — she would be a disaster.  Much of what she testified to as factually accurate was hearsay – totally inadmissible in a court-of-law.  That did not prevent the left-wing newsies taking up her statements as if they were proven facts.

The most damage to her testimony was when she related what had allegedly occurred in the presidential limousine when President Trump wanted to make an appearance on Capitol Hill.  When told by the Secret Service that they were heading back to the White House, Hutchinson testified that Trump became irate, grabbed the steering wheel and assaulted the driver.

Three individuals with direct knowledge of the event at that time have come forward to say the Hutchinson report was untrue – both as to what occurred in the limousine and what she alleges she was told.  They all have offered to appear before the Committee under oath.

The real shocking part of that testimony is that when Hutchinson first reported her version of the events during a deposition, the Committee never contacted the others involved to corroborate Hutchinson’s story.  Instead, they put her on the stand claiming that her unverified testimony was a blockbuster.  That is a prime example of the problem with one-side tribunal.  

They did not want her testimony refuted.  Maybe the Committee had hoped that the others would not come forward – would not be willing to appear under oath.  

That part of Hutchinson’s statements to the Committee alone casts doubt on the veracity of her entire testimony – especially when you consider that her entire testimony was her words without any supportive evidence in any case.

Most of Hutchinson’s testimony was rather insignificant in developing a criminal case – dealing mostly with bad behavior.  Did Trump get angry in the limousine?  Did he throw food against the wall in the White House when he learned that Attorney General William Barr publicly said there was no major election fraud?  Those are all temperament traits.  Good God … everyone knows that Trump has a pugnacious personality.  Other Presidents have had temper tantrums – Lyndon Johnson was famous for them.  George W. Bush was said to have gone off on a rage when the Secret Service would not return Air Force One to Washington on 9/11.

I would never defend Trump’s behavior, but what Hutchinson was reporting is a big nothing in terms of making a criminal case against the former President.

The most significant portion of her testimony was what she claims Trump demanded that the magnetometers put in place to check for weapons be removed so more  people to be inside the perimeter to hear his speech..  Trump did not feel threatened by the crowd – noting that that they were not there to kill him.

The Committee stretched this information to mean that Trump wanted the rioter to have guns.   They even stated that this is evidence that Trump wanted the rioters to kill Vice President Pence.  That accusation will never hold up in a court-of-law.

The fact that virtually none of the protestors on Capitol Hill had guns – and the fact that Trump authorized the National Guard to protect the Capitol Building – suggests that Trump did not want the riot that took place.  At least it is an arguable defense.

The Committee also showed what they said were messages that suggest witness tampering.  They said things like “We know when you appear before the committee, you will say the right things,” “we know you are a team player.”  The Committee, however, refused to reveal who had received such a calls – and who the callers were.  This is what inquisitions do – not fair-minded congressional committee.

Take out the hearsay … take out the unsubstantiated claims … take out compromised evidence … and what do you have?  Not much – nothing that will not be tossed out in a court-of-law.

What we know of Trump’s behavior on that day, we can say it was reprehensible in many ways, but the Committee is a long way from establishing criminality – and Hutchinson’s testimony was more of a dud than a blockbuster.

Democrats, their media allies, and the Committee really oversold this session in support of their case-for-the-prosecution – and they are still spinning the blockbuster narrative.

As a footnote, I would say that I do not have an inordinate interest in what happens to Trump or his aides.  If they have committed crimes beyond a reasonable doubt, I think justice should apply.  What does bother me a lot is how Democrats and the media cronies have attempted to use Trump to smear and malign the entire Republican Party as a campaign strategy to avoid losses in the November midterm elections.  It is more about politics than justice.

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So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Ben

    Stupid democrats. There’s no story there

  2. Trebor Retsbew

    One thing that so many misconstrue is that the Secret Service can not divulge anything that happened on their watch, it has to come from the top liaison of the Secret Service and they have not made any statement in any way about the matter, yet this same article accuses the left of not playing by the rules. I see nothing was mentioned here about the facts Hutchison did have personal access to and testified about. It seems like Trump supporters are like a mother who has gotten shot robbing a liquor store and does not want to hear that part of the conversation, just that the police should not have shot her son, much like Trump supporters here is a President who told more lies in 4 years than any other President in the history of this USA, failed to live up to his oath of office and broke more US laws than any two Presidents put together in 8 year terms and Trump did this all in 4 years, yet Trump supporters do not want to hear any of those facts.

    • Ben

      Just like the ghetto scum getting shot while committing violent crimes and idiots saying that the cops or armed citizens shouldn’t have shot them. But we’re talking oranges and apples here.

    • Snaps

      Oh, really? The Secret Service members who were there have already refuted her hearsay claims. She’s obviously trying to feather her own nest with a book deal, etc. And have you been on another planet since Biden assumed office? Talk about lies! Every time he opens his mouth he tells a whopper–the Pinocchios just keep multiplying and if you want to go into law breaking, let’s talk about Hunter selling influence all over the world with 10% for the “big guy.” This Jan. 6 kangaroo court is a total flop. When the Republicans take over, you’ll see an expose of the Biden crime family that will curl your hair.

      • frank stetson

        Not really sure on this one. For Biden lies: “Biden false claims so far is in the dozens, while Trump delivered well over 1,000 total false claims in his own first year and more than 3,000 the next year.” I am sure you can find more in the FOX database if they learn to add.

        And while rumor has it that three SS agents dispute the claims and the SS has agreed that they should testify, there are a half dozen others ready to testify that Hutchinson makes sense based on what they saw and heard. So bring it on, but right now Hutchinson is on record, under oath, and your assumptions are just that. Pat Cipollone will testify 7/8, closed doors, but we will probably hear confirmation or denial of many things Hutchinson around then. See you then. Have your burgers ready :>)

        The total flop got 13M in viewers for Hutchinson for a daytime hit better than the NBA finals, except the last game.

        I do agree that if the Republicans take over it will be Benghazi all over again revisiting Russia to Ukraine to the Capitol; you guys are much better at this then we are. We are one and done, move on to a new topic, but you guys… you guts are like junk yards dogs and just can’t let it go when your teeth are sunk in. And if Trump gets it, it will be four years of revenge, maybe you will even get down to the little people…… Revenge, ah… American.

        But first you will have to figure out how to stop the DOJ by 2024. Good luck with that one.

    • bob

      Spoken like a true liberal , brainwashed puppet !!! Now , go back down your moms basement , eat your Doritos , and turn on the view !!!!

      • Ben

        Wow, that’s some compelling argument bob, what a powerhouse of ideas. NOT.

        • Perry

          Stfu boy.

      • frank stetson

        Nope, you didn’t prove any of it as wrong, it must be right. My Mom is dead, I am a Tostito’s guy, haven’t had a Dorito since the 1970’s, and I have never seen The View, except those excerpts of startling moments. How do you like it? Brainwashed puppet? Hell, aren’t we all? You follow Trump, believe The Big Lie, and probably stand done, stand ready whenever you can. Where were you on January 6th? Hiding in your Mom’s basement, drinking Jolt Cola, and seeing how many times you can disparage non-hetero’s in a single sentence?

        uh oh, jobs up, unemployment down, finally at pre-pandemic job levels 18 months after The Big Liar. Gas prices down too. Bad news is since economy still moving, Fed with probably continue to raise rates so, trust me, recession still in our future for that reason alone. Weird economy, as was Trump’s, that right now Fed rate up, CD interest up, mortgage rate interest down. Go figure. We got a ways before we get out of these woods —- the pandemic still is fucking with everything and with
        Trump’s respected leader’s War on Ukraine, we are in very uncertain times still. Two 1/6 public sessions next week, summer is getting hotter and hotter.

  3. Robert John Haggerton

    Larry, Larry, Larry….please! You missed the entire point in your article and doted on the point that you don’t like my president – President Trump’s personality or his behavior! I didn’t like President Johnson’s arrogant behavior either but that’s NOT the point! This un-select farcical panel is a joke and serves for 2 reasons and 2 reasons only – One, to convene Impeachment #3 and two to stop him from running in 2024! Your article failed in voicing both!!! I could give 2 hoots to hell about his tweets, personality or behavior! He disrupted the Swamp in DC and they hate him for that – both demoncrats and RINOs! His America First – MAGA Agenda did more to save America and change the face of DC then ANY president we have ever had!!! Your desire to summarize his J6 behavior or elsewhere is lost in your story! This man has had to face more abuse and criticism/scrutiny than ANY president in our history!!!! The Fake News Media has crucified him at every turn! Shame on you for NOT telling the entire story!

    • Mike

      Robert-I hate to say it, but you hit the nail on the head when you said the purpose of the committee is to make sure that trump does not run in 2024-that was the purpose of Impeachment #2 as well. Most of us realize that trump is unfit to be dogcatcher, and should not get anywhere near the white house, but enough of you may think that he is just dandy that, depending on who he is running against, he might just squeak by and be elected. The January 6 committee is doing an outstanding job of presenting his unfitness for public office, and I suspect they are changing enough people’s opinion that they have been successful at their primary purpose…..

      • larry Horist

        Mike … you seem to be conceding my point that the Select Committee’s “primary purpose” is to stop Trump as a political objective. That automatically means the Committee is not fact-finding or conducting a fair hearing. You may personally believe that Trump is unfit for office. You would bypass due process for the authoritarian imposition of your opinion. That is no different than all those all-white Democrats juries dealing with blacks based on political and cultural prejudgment. No matter what you believe about Trump he is entitled to a defense. Indict him if there is sufficient evidence and let a jury hear both sides and decide. This is a politically motivated kangaroo committee … and that is just wrong .. un-American. Would you believe it would be right for the Republicans to investigate the Bidens with a committee on record with a predetermined outcome. I am not sure they are changing many minds … but I have previously written that I do not think Trump could win the GOP nomination or the presidency no matter what the committee says. Neither of us wants to see Trump return to the White House, but I am not willing to cast aside democratic principles for an authoritarian operation. I trust the system and the people more than the craftiness of politicians. The people can decide in elections and in courts — but this is a form of vigilante justice even if the goal is worthy. You cannot reach a just goal by unjust means.

        • Mike

          Larry, Just because the purpose of the hearing is to make sure that Trump is never President again does not make it unfair. You are wrong again on the hearing, I did not make your point (if you had one other than to denigrate the democrats). We are hearing from people who were around Trump, mostly people who supported him, and they are proving his unfitness for office. Of course, the Republicans have also had these sorts of hearings-or don’t you recall the Benghazi and Email hearings for Hillary? As I mentioned above, the purpose of the second impeachment was to try to ensure that he wouldn’t run again as well, but as per usual, the Republicans did not listen to the facts (as was the case with the first impeachment). I realize that you support most of his policies, but I believe that you also know that he is totally unfit to be President-there are plenty of other choices that Republicans could make other than Trump. Why don’t you spend some of the time and effort you are wasting with your writings on the Jan 6 committee hearings and look into why Comey and McCabe (and McCabe’s lawyer) had very intrusive tax audits? Sure sound suspiciously like Trump put his finger on the scale there (and we all know that is something that he would at least attempt to do-just one of the reasons he is unfit for public office….)

          • larry Horist

            Mike … so you do agree that the Committee was formed with a purpose — and that is to find Trump & Co. guilty of crimes that would prevent him from hold office again. That was my point. It is not a hearing designed to discover the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It is a prosecution with an opportunity for a defense. While you may personally believe in the goal, it is sad that you would throw out all the protection of a defendant. Even if this is not a court-of-law, the same principles of fairness and justice should apply. That is why a real hearing has two sides. You are only hearing from people who either have a biased viewpoint — or whose testimony is edited and censored. You see that in the questions the panel did not ask .. or the witnesses they did not call. They do not seem to be interested in putting Engel and Onato under oath to refute Hutchinson’s hearsay testimony. They apparently did not ask Chipollone if he told Hutchinson’s what she said he did. According to reports, he was prepared to say he did not. That is how one-side inquisition work. You miss the point that what ever Trump did or did not do becomes irrelevant because of the process. In American, even a guilty person has a right to fairness … in court and in tribunals.

            Benghazi is not a good comparison in making your point. It makes my point. In those hearings Democrats were free to select their own members for representation on the committees. That is how it was done until Pelosi abused her power to trace more than 200 years of tradition. You are just showing that Republicans respected fairness.

            As far as the Comey/McCabe tax audits you making a point based on zero supportive information. You are assuming. We do know they were audited. The IRS (now under Biden) recently issued a very strong statement that there was nothing out of line in the random selection of Comey and McCabe. You are finding sinister motive in what appears to be a coincidence — and then you are accusing Trump because you believe it is something he would do if indeed it was done. Come on, Mike. You are too smart to peddle that kind of vigilante thinking.

            Finally, I assume you know that even if Trump is indicted or convicted of a crime, it does not preclude his running again. That was true of an impeachment, but not necessarily a court verdict. I am not defending Trump in any way,,, but defending the American culture of justice. Fairness and hearing from two sides is not just enshrined in courts-of-law, but permiates the entire American culture. We expect it in hearings. We expect it in news reporting. We expect it in civil matters. We expect it in theories of science. The Select Committee is an abomination of due process — and therefore will never be able to issue a credible and non-controversial report. It actually hinders your desire to have Trump found “guilty” beyond a reasonable doubt.

        • Trebor Retsbew

          Mr. Horist
          Now to try to confuse other with absolute Bs is the name of the game with you. The fact is this is an investigation partial or impartial has no bearing, this is actually being conducted in the open where everyone who cares can actually see what is going on, where most investigations are in fact secretive, and on top of that those who are testifying or the testimony was done under oath and backed up by several different methods.
          The first impeachment was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, even the Republicans in Senate said that, but they were not going to remove Trump from office. This investigation is as you say a continuation of the 2nd impeachment, except this time it will be by an unbiased group of persons.
          Now as far as Autocratic rule, that seems exactly what trump and his supports maybe even you who want to tell everyone how to live their lives when there is no medical or security reasoning for that, then they want to turn this USA into a Christian Country against the wishes of the actual founders, when in fact the religious right is a super minority in this USA.

      • frank stetson

        +1 Mike although IMHO it’s all about him taking another shot at the Presidency allowing him to have his revenge. I really don’t care whether it’s impeachment or DOJ conviction, both work for me.

        He brought them there on 1/6 for what? A celebration? Doing something at the Capitol? Why?
        He whipped em up and sent them to Congress, for what?
        He brought down the mags so no weapons check
        The Proudboys and Oathkeepers were already in attack mode before the rally finished
        He wanted to get to the Capitol, he said it to the crowd. For what? Planning to hold a sign and megaphone?
        He sat and watched the violence for over three hours and did nothing. The DC mayor finally called in the extra troops.

        With all of the potential wrong things here, the biggest one IMO is the fact that he sat there, watching it all unfold on TV, and did not attempt to call it off. For over three hours. Why? To me it’s telling. We questioned Bush for hesitating 7 minutes on 9/11 in an attempt to project calm. But Trump watching his own rally riot rampaging the Capitol for over three hours barely raises Republican eyebrows? Right, men like Bush and Reagan are Rinos, we have a new breed today. What’s three hours when it’s our side with the ugly sticks beating the hell out of the other side.

        So yeah, I don’t want more of that. Not for any economy, a few judges, and the biggest deficits, debts, and deaths in US history.

        I don’t think McCarty/McConnell will impeach. That would be the fastest way with the least amount of further division in the US. I think we are heading to get er done through the DOJ, or State courts, a much longer, tedious, process that will keep these wounds open until, potentially, late into 2024 at least.

      • Jason

        Mike I guess that you think Biden is fit to be dog catcher. Typical of a liberal moron

        • Ben

          Apparently, only a moron would feel Biden is unfit to be President. The Constitution says different. The law says different. Your opinion seems to reject that, not very patriotic.

          Good luck with it, see you at the polls.

          Good jobs report, low unemployment.
          Gas prices down, Biden’s release to China must be working :>) Largest price decrease in a decade.
          Refinery production up from 90% to 98%, most gas production
          Strangely, mortgage rates see largest drop since before Trump
          Lowest monthly trade deficit in over a year
          Factory production up as of May

          Are we out of the woods? Fuck, we don’t even know where the forest is, much less the trees.

          Fact is we have a negative GDP growth in 1Q, best estimates are positive by a hair in 2Q in a recession-defined-by-2-negative-quarters recessionary world. However, no matter what GDP growth is, full employment has never been part of any recession.

          But between the debacle that 1/6 is to Republicans, the economy for Democrats, abortion for Republicans, wars — either participating or running from — for Democrats ===== gonna be a hot summer and hotter fall.

  4. Mike

    Larry, Not sure why you continue to write about the Jan 6 televised events-you are batting zero for accuracy so far (notable comments in the past: nobody is watching-wrong, the committee is not changing anyone’s opinion-wrong….) Perhaps you hate to see Democrat’s successful at what they set out to do, or perhaps you are just trying to compensate for the stupidity of the Republicans for not participating in such an investigation. However, back to today’s writing, while the testimony about the limousine ride is probably the most salacious, it is hardly the most noteworthy. Cassidy made clear that she was hearing this from Tony Ornato, and my suspicions are that if anyone was lying in this matter it was Ornato in telling her the story in the first place, not Cassidy in re-telling the story. As for the SS people involved who are willing to testify under oath that the story is not true-we have heard lots of people “say” they are willing to testify under oath to the Committee, but when it comes time to do it, they think better of it (Does the name GIn Thomas ring any bells???) So, talk is cheap, Cassidy was under oath, and there have been others in the SS that state that her story is basically true…. As for what was the most noteworthy portion of her testimony-you basically blew it off as not being pertinent, but it certainly was. That would be trump insisting that the magnetometers be removed so he could get his “big” crowd for his “big” speech, and his knowledge that they were armed but “they weren’t there to hurt me”. The question a logical thinker would ask after that is-if they weren’t there to hurt trump, and were armed-who were they armed for? That is a rhetorical question, we know the answer-they were armed so they could attack the Capitol. That testimony by the way was not hearsay, she heard him make that comment. Bottom line-the Hutchinson testimony was credible and was blockbuster-yet again you are wrong with your commentary about the Jan 6 Televised Testimony….

    • Duke

      All of the idiots running the shit show did was show how stupid they are. Trump didn’t put anyone up to anything and it’s hilarious that you lefties are scared shitless of him. Go take a pill Mike and stfu.

      • frank stetson

        Duke, Mike is spot on. How would anyone know what Mr. “I need a favor” might do if “I need you to find 17,237.2 votes” is on the line. Now he might pre-announce his 2024 bid for the Presidency as a ploy to avoid DOJ indictments which will just cause you guys to begin to eat your own as DeSantis an others spend their political time fending off the bully without his pulpit.

        The man invited people to DC on the day Congress was certifying the vote while putting intense pressure on Pence to de-certify the vote, one man to overturn 50 individual State’s certified votes. He told them to expect a wild time. What other purpose could he had had? Selling t-shirts? More donations? What was the objective if not to storm Congress?

        The man knew they were armed, with body armor, and two of his “planners,” Flynn and Stoner, have close ties with The Proud Boys and the Oathkeepers. He took down the metal detectors and said: “come on down…..”

        The man sent them to the Capitol; did he know The Proud Boys and Oathkeepers were already there?

        Only the Secret Service stopped Trump from joining. What would he have done there as the crowd screamed: “Bring out Pence, Hang Mike Pence,” what if they had found Pence.

        Then Trump watched the violence for hour, after hour, after hour, after hour —- like four hours until Mike Pence made the call to send in more troops. The man charged with defense of the nation created the conditions to make this happen and then just stood back as the whole thing unfolded. Hundreds of people are going to jail. Their first mistake was to listen to Mr. Trump. Their second mistake was to believe him.

        Some people say he called the Nat Guard before the affair and they stood down. Some say Pelosi failed to protect Pence and the Capitol. Pelosi did not call these folks to DC, Pelosi was calling the President, and others, hour upon hour upon hour, but no one answered the phone, the President was busy watching TV and tossing burgers at the wall to see if anything he did would stick. It didn’t. They will all be punished for listening to The Big Liar.

        The Big Lie can not be proven; there is no Big Lie. All of these folks are suffering because they not only believed The Big Lie, but they believed Mr. Trump and they came as he asked, they did what he intended.

        Pat Cipollone comes up tomorrow and that should move the trend line pretty decisively one way or the other. For, against, or plead-the-fifth no movement at all.

        • Duke

          My money is on DeSantos. I would prefer him as president. But if. Trump gets the nomination he’s got my vote. In 2016 I voted for Cruz in our primary

          • larry Horist

            Duke … I am the same. I will not be voting for Trump in the Florida primary if he runs. I have long opined that Trump cannot win the GOP nomination despite what he and the left-wing media say.

          • frank stetson

            I was hopeful when Cruz of Texas came to DC, thought his work in TX was as good as I could expect from a conservative. Unfortunately Ted took a hard turn in DC. No one like him, no one would work with him, he was not a good team player, for either side. And then, under Trump, he really went bonkers. How could anyone be insulted, verbally abused, lied about, vilified, and then turn around an support his attacker? Only Ted could be that low making one wonder, how low could Cancun Cruz go to sell out his constituents for power?

            James: Are you, from the people who brought you the Capitol insurrection, lecturing us on destroying it all? If you’re going Roman on us, how about your orange-haired NERO who fiddled around for hour upon hour upon hour, over three hours — watching the insurrectionists scream “hang mike pence,” as they violently attacked Capitol Police to breach the Capitol.

            Over 850 indicted. Over 350 have pleaded guilty. Already, a handful have pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy. Batting 10 for 10 for in-court guilty verdicts. And there’s at least 350 more identified but not captured yet and living in fear of that knock-knock on the door. That’s over 1,000 in total if we can find these remaining insurrectionists.

            Larry and you guys, continue to feel there’s nothing to see there beyond some tourists gone wild. A little over caffeinated Capitol crowd. But every session now, the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol continues to climb the ladder within the Trump Administration. Hard to see how anyone could say this is not a blockbuster.

            Larry and you guys now are in backup mode, saying you don’t condone violence but you realize there may be court in the future which you applaud over the Select Committee which should have been a 9/11 style commission, but you said NO, coulda been more bipartisan but you boycotted since you couldn’t put your favorite disrupters on, and now you whine it ain’t fair. Well, whose fault is that? Now you dump on your own saying good Republicans that worked next to the President are inaccurate due to hearsay, dishonesty, have books under contract — you’re eating your own to protect this man. You say there’s three guys willing to testify she’s a liar — bring em on, where were they to begin with?

            Fact is like all “mob trials,” or “mahogany row” white collar conspiracies, investigators and prosecutors start low, put together a narrative that can be quite ponderous, boring, and complex, and then let the chips lead them upwards in the organization. Today it’s Trump’s White House lawyer, a real Republican that we are pretty sure “just said no.” We’ll see where his narrative, under oath, leads us from there. Better order extra burgers, ketchup and mustard, for Mara Loser, gonna be like a Jackson Pollock drip technique festival down there.

    • larry Horist

      Mike … You say my saying the Committee presentation was not a media blockbuster is wrong .. and that I am wrong about it changing minds. I accept that as your opinion, but not as a fact. Perhaps you did not see my earlier commentary giving the comparison on television viewership with real statistics … I would not argue that there may be some minor number changing minds, but I was alluding to enough to impact on the election — or to change the trajectory. I still hold that to be true. And that makes the goal of the Committee a huge failure in my opinion. I did see one polling statistic that caught my attention. After all this propaganda about the GOP being a danger to the Republic, it appease that voters are not buying it. To the question of what party best defends democracy, the GOP squeaked out a one point advantage — 47 percent for the GOP and 46 for the Dems. I know that is at statistical tie, but even that suggests the public is not buying the Dem party line.

      As to the stupidity of the McCarthy for not putting members on the Committee, we are in agreement. I have done two commentaries on that point. But that does not change the fact that the Committee is a one-sided prosecutorial panel. There is no chance of accuracy, full disclosure or fairness from such a panel. I think most uncompromised people understand that such a panel cannot be trusted to get to the truth — only to spin in one direction. They are not looking for truth, but merely building their re-ordained case. That is just wrong.

      If this were not essentially an inquisition, I think there would have been other witnesses … cross examination .. and different interpretations. That is why we have two sides in courts. Would you say it is a fair trial if only the prosecution could speak, call witness and present evidence? The problem is the process. Whether those accused are guilty or not is irrelevant to the conclusion of the Committee because the Committee is fatally compromised. This is one movie in which we already know the ending.

      The prosecution is only making its case in the court-of-public-opinion to those predisposed to believing it — and those predisposed to not believing it. I think you will find a much different situation if and when any of this has to go to court.

      The fact that Trump was told some folks are armed is not enough to establish they he wanted them to use arms in attacking the Capitol Building. suggesting that the magnetometers be removed may be reckless and stupid, but the fact that they were not makes it hard to press a case on that point.

      Believe it or not, I have an open mind as to whether there was prosecutable criminals activity by the major players. I have seen weaknesses in the case the prosecution as presented — and I bet so has AG Garland. I think you have to deal with each individual as a separate case. I cam inclined to think — at this moment — the those associated with the fake electors are in the deepest trouble — but that may only be a misdemeanor. A few of the Proud Boys got seditious conspiracy charges — and that is out of 800 arrestees.

      The incident in the car — even if true — is colorful, but of little meaning in any court case. As I have written, Trump has a boorish and pugnacious behavior — that is not good, but not a crime, either. Even if he did grab the driver, you would be hard pressed to turn that into an assault and battery case. It is nothing more than fodder for those who already hate Trump.

      It is going to be very difficult to prove intent — and what is a violation of the law. The idea that state legislatures have the constitutional power to throw out electors is not new. The law may vary from state to state.

      Looking ahead, what is the chance of convictions even if there are indictments? That is the issue for Garland — and not an issue in the scurrilous court-of-public-opinion. The dust will not settle on most of this until well after the 2024 presidential election. What we have if political theatre, the goal of which is to influence the 2022 election as much as bring justice. In less than a year — if current trends are maintained — there will be no Select Committee. If Trump is not a candidate for president, the issue of Trump fades significantly. All of this will be in the rearview mirror looking like a big political bamboozle.

      • frank stetson

        Using Larry’s rating litmus test, Hutchinson was a hit with 13M viewers for afternoon show, better than the NBA championships, until the final game. Can’t wait to see how the Bathkeepers boost the ratings. Hutchinson told us:

        -Trump invited a mob to DC on the day Pence was to certify the vote, Pence was Trump’s great white hope.

        Trump whipped up this mob and then encouraged a mob he knew to be armed to march on the Capitol. He was cognizant that violence was about to ensue, he was cognizant that the Proud Boys and Oathkeepers were part of the mob. Over 120 people are held now on arms charges, 20 are already found guilty, they have found ak’s, gernades, all sorts of stuff, especially in the off-site stashes intended to be brought in after marital law was called by Trump.

        Trump was confidants with Proud Boy and Oathkeeper liasons Stone and Flynn, both part of 1.6 as were the extremist groups benefactors using them as arm candy whenever in public.

        – Trump watched the violence unfold but refused repeatedly to call off the mob, he did not take affirmative action for hour upon hour upon hour upon hour, over three hours of NADA and burger tossing.
        – He can’t control himself and has physical meltdowns
        – His advisors wanted pardons for what was happening
        – Cabinet members considered removal of Trump
        – Trump is actively pressuring witnesses

        Sure, food flinging meltdown tantrums can be expected from a man like Trump, why would he change now? Don’t expect it while he watches the Capitol insurrection of TV and does nothing. Larry likes to say nothing there because nothing illegal. Gee Larry, that’s not even what impeachment is about, is it?

        If there’s no there, there, then why all the pardon requests? And before you go, well, it’s one sided, it’s all hearsay evidence, all I can say is whose fault it that? Yours. Three bites at the apple and you screwed the pooch every time. And now you whine it’s one sided, it’s not a court of law, boo hoo, boo hoo. Come on down an testify, the truth has no sides. Your side is afraid to testify. I would say be sure to bring a lawyer, but it’s lawyers committing the crimes.

        It’s an investigation Larry, there are no sides. There is only truth and lies. And the facts of the story are coming 100% from Republicans, each of whom people like you have turned their back on in favor of Trump, you are true Trumplicants. You can hide behind your “but I don’t like his personality traits” all you want, but you can’t hide from the 1/6 truth as told by Republicans.

        Trump talks big but where is he? Why can’t he step up to the line and tell us his story? Is Liz too tough for him.
        Many close to Trump refuse to testify. Where are the brave men now? Afraid of the Kinzinger kiss? Bannon caved but too late, the judge says you coming to court, your defenses against that are stupid, and you have no defense against appearing in court, I don’t care if you talk to the committee or not, that’s not the law you broke, stupid. Or close to that :>)

        Don’t you mean three “anonymous” sources offered to go under oath? Bring em on, the committee has already said: welcome. FYI — there are at least two SS sources that say Trump screaming to get to the Capitol. Hutchinson testified under oath, so far you got nothing. If the committee won’t help them, let them bring their facts to the press. Why are they still hiding? What are they hiding? Do they even exist?

        “I don’t f— care that they have weapons. They’re not here to hurt me. Take the f— [metal detectors] away.”
        Talk about three bites at the apple. Let’s review the bidding.

        Round 1: Impeached but not enough evidence to convict. Fair enough, but hundreds of meetings with the Russians? Trading information with the Russians? Can’t convict, but you know that stinks. Just because they didn’t put money down for the whore, they sure were shopping for sex.

        Round 2: Impeached but not convicted, and not due to a lack a evidence. Face it, you screwed the pooch on this one, you shoulda put on your big boy pants, impeached, and we would have moved on. “I need a favor” while using taxpayer funds and the power of the Presidency to cheat and get disparaging info on his political opponent is just not American fair play. It’s on tape, you had him.

        Round 3: How many hundreds are going to jail for listening to this man, following this man, and doing his bidding? They were hunting Pence and Pelosi, what would have happened if they found them? They were aided and abetted by Congresspeople working to further the desires of Trump. It was really bad. It is not over; he has not conceded the election.
        As we work our way up the ladder of Trump associates, the story gets worse and worse. Next, we will hear from Trump’s lawyer as to the validity of Hutchinson’s testimony. Your choices are limited. Wait for DOJ or Georgia to take him out OR, for the good of the country, impeach him FAST, have him concede the election to complete the peaceful transfer of power, and let him go away into the night. Fuck the rule of law and impeach him, it’s fast, easy, and appropriate — his rally put hundreds into jail, there’s something wrong with that. It’s a McConnell/McCarthy call but it’s your fastest, easiest way out of this. And perhaps best for the nation. Just put the big boy pants on, have some balls and put this bastard out of view. Chances are you are choosing the first option.

        Otherwise prepare to eat more of your own as he announces his 2024 candidacy in a desperate play to raise money and avoid prosecution of a potential Presidential candidate by the DOJ. And then DeSantis can fight his war on two fronts, that will be fun for your opponents to watch. Spend all your political capital fighting each other. While if Biden runs or not, Dems will have their own catfight to contend with, yours is frankly, so much more entertaining. If how you treat your own folks testifying is an example, gonna be a really fun Republican runup to the nomination. Trump is the easiest one of the bunch so far to beat. Polls say even Biden can do it.

        Your claims to bias, partisanship, witch hunt, and nothing burger, get quieter with each witness publicly presented. This time you are sliming yet another life-long fervent conservative of great skills and integrity, from all accounts. You basically are eating your own to protect this man. You get closer and closer to saying Trump did something really wrong here. We will never pierce the inner family circle, but soon we will be inside that oval office meeting, will hear confirmation or denial of Hutchinson, and probably get ever closer to indictments. McConnell needs to end this ASAP. Otherwise it’s death by 1,000 cuts for all of us.

        Bring on the Oathkeepers and Proud Boys, today will be a corker. At this point Larry, you saying, “but it’s all legal” speaks to your own values and integrity. You will dump on your own party for speaking the truth to defend Trump, that’s your values, that’s your integrity. I honestly can’t believe that’s what you mean and that somewhere you know something really wrong happened here, something unamerican, unpresidential, and something really sinister. It’s hard to legally smash the core of a mafia-type authoritarian organization’s conspiracy, but it’s easy to know it’s wrong.

        • larry Horist

          Frank Stetson …. The hearings go on all the networks … often in prime time. I gave you the ratings of special events and programs that appeared only on one network. You only got seen by less than 4 percent of the public. It is not having the impact you and the Dems seem to see. That is the point. I did not read you looooong screed. I doubt anyone does.

    • Mike

      Larry, Didn’t really think that you would be able to respond to this-thanks for proving me right! Mike

      • larry Horist

        Not sure what I did not respond to …. and I do not respond to everything. You are free to comment, but this is not an official debate site.

  5. James

    The left is so afraid of losing control of congress they have turned into lying savage hyenas. If we can’t have it our way then we will destroy it before you get it. Sounds like Pontius Pilate and the Roman Legion when they ramrodded Jesus to his fate. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Devil gonna get ya. jwstx

    • Ted

      The oath keepers and proud boys are great Americans. Can anyone compare with commie thugs that harassed justice Kavanaha in a restaurant. I would have simply gave them hell right back. I’ve had my ass kicked before. They certainly wouldn’t have been getting a cherry Knock the biggest and loudest on his ass. The rest is easy. Been there, done that

    • frank stetson

      A big failure where Cipollone just testified for 8 hours reportedly not contradicting Hutchinson and highlighting various Trump misdeeds of that day. He allegedly did not dispute Hutchinson’s tale. He was not asked if Hutchinson was lying about his comments that they were all going to jail instead asking what he himself heard that day, apparently knowing that he would not 100% agree with her recollection.

      In other news, Steve Bannon continues to lose his contempt motions as the judge says the contempt trial will go on, the Select Committee Investigation the January 6th Attack on the US Capitol can subpoena him, he has neither immunity or executive privilege. Bannon then had Trump launch a letter saying he waives the executive privilege that only Biden has now experts guess was a hail mary to throw off the contempt charges. Either way, Bannon loses and is closer to his court trial every day.

      I agree that the Roman comparison seem appropriate, but I see an orange-haired reality show President fiddling away like Nero for over three hours as the Capitol is under violent siege as he watched it unfold on TV with the Pence gallows and the “hang Mike Pence” chants. Finally, the mayor of DC calls for more Guard troops who have been begging to join the defense of the Capitol.

      Tuesday no one will watch, according to Larry, as the Committee details The Proud Boys and OathKeepers involvement in the attack including their coordinated efforts to breach the Capitol in multiple areas using the crowd to hide. It is not spontaneous, it is planned, coordinated, and implemented in military style. These are the same people offering protection to Roger Stones, support to Mike Flynn, and well known to the President. They are not great Americans, a handful has already pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy, with the rest of the baker’s dozen charged that treasonous crime trials yet to come. The jailed OathKeepers leader wants to testify publicly, will not use the fifth, but only it a number of conditions are met. Since the Committee already has his taped testimony, they very well could skip giving him a pulpit to preach from.

      Strangely, it comes out that Comey and McCabe both received intense IRS audits from Trump’s IRS apparently in revenge for their actions against Trump. Let’s us all remember what happens next when Republicans take elections. This is the same organization that would never comment on even the status of Trump taxes.

      Get your burgers folks, find your wall, hold on to those steering wheels, and set your sights for the Capitol on Tuesday daytime for the next blockbuster chapter in Trump’s attack on the Capitol. May even be a prime time one on Thursday —- it’s summertime and it’s getting hotter every day.