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Italy Refusing to Sign UN Migration Pact (So did the U.S.)

Italy Refusing to Sign UN Migration Pact (So did the U.S.)

Italy’s populist government this week announced it would not be signing the UN’s controversial agreement on global migration, instead putting the matter to parliament for lawmakers to decide.

“[The UN pact] is a document that raises issues and questions that many citizens have strong feelings about,” said Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. “Therefore, we consider it right to put the debate in parliament and subject any final decision on the outcome of that debate, as Switzerland has done.”

The UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration outlines 23 objectives designed to facilitate safe and efficient migration while reducing human smuggling and trafficking.

The agreement comes at a time when roughly 3% of the world’s population is on the move.

As stated on the UN website, the agreement “forms a basis to improve governance and international understanding of migration, to address the challenges associated with migration today, and to strengthen the contribution of migrants and migration to sustainable development.”

Opponents say the pact essentially legalizes illegal immigration and threatens nations’ sovereignty.

Nearly 200 countries agreed on the document in July following more than a year of negotiations. The document will be formally adopted and signed later this month at a conference in Morocco.

The pact is not legally binding. 

Nations that have decided to reject the agreement include the United States, Israel, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Australia.

Countries to abandon the agreement after participating in negotiations are feeling “buyer’s remorse,” said Louise Arbour, the UN envoy for international migration. “Some politicians, as it turned out, would say something like ‘migration is a bad thing,'” said Arbour. “This is completely ridiculous. Migration is a thing. It’s not a bad thing, not a good thing. It’s a thing.”

Author’s Note: The UN pact is a horrible idea, and those who adhere to it will watch as the arrival of migrants and refugees leads to the erosion of culture, safety, and economic progress.

Thankfully this is happening under Trump and not Obama, who probably would have signed it.

Editor’s Note: This seems so sinister to me. How can the U.N. advocate the distribution of potentially violent and destabilizing migrants onto countries that have managed to be stable and prosperous.  Reports coming from Sweden should be enough of a lesson there.  Unless of course the majority of the countries voting are poor and they wish to ensure that their own migrants can travel to seek a better life in more well managed nations.

We have yet to catch anyone staging a war solely for the purpose of distributing their citizens as refugees to other nations. But is it really out of the realm of possibility?

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  1. Ted Gilfert

    RE final paragraph: What about the Myanmar war against the Rohinga (sp?) segment of their population? They ended up migrating at the end of a bayonet.

    • K2l0UpnEUh

      That’s very true.

      If I read the history correctly, much of this came to a head with a relatively minor incident where some police were killed. And since the Myanmar government is not known for generous impulses, now the whole population is being asked to vacate. In my opinion, the Rohingya are lucky that they are not well armed enough to fight back. Then it would be civil war and genocide.

      But I don’t think they are kicking them out so they will have greater opportunity elsewhere, as was the conspiracy being suggested.

  2. Doug Connors

    Sad, European Union has become a Soros Nation that accepts Open Borders. Letting over a Million Islamic Illegal Immigrants into their Countries. Why, did their ancestors fight to run Muslims back to Mecca Hundreds of years ago. The UN pushed for this to happen telling leaders they had to accept them, for the UN wanted to fulfill the Islamic Hadith! Margret Merkel said we have to do the Humane thing and bring these poor people into our Countries. The First thing these Islamic Muslims demand is their rights!!! Get that?? They need special food, Mosque built for them to pray? If they were fleeing for their life, then the refuse to assimilate, they refuse to work, yet they demand to go to the Doctors, Dentist in front of rightful Citizens who have paid taxes in those countries. Then they demand Sharia Law Courts, they rape, ass ult with knives, only to be let free through Sharia Courts. These Islamic Muslims wants to turn Europe into a Islamic Country. At least Australia are coming to their senses by passing Assimilation laws, anti-Burqa and other attire that hid Identity. Muslims are now leaving Australia because of it. Yet, the European Union is becoming the Newest Islamic Nation. I would love to see Italy, France and wake up to whats happening. These people are leaching off your generous nature, if they truly want’d a new life they would have assimilated to your way of life, or they should be deported to Kuwait!

  3. Baylee

    President Trump refused to sign this pact when the UN presented it to the some 193 Un countries. He never intended signing it & said so. By early Nov., Poland and surprising (Australia) had pulled out. Late Nov, Israel, Hungary & Austria backed out.
    Our President refused to sign this pact from the get go.
    Obama would have absolutely signed it. This is some of that NWO crap.
    The UN needs to be kicked out of NYC & the U.S.

  4. Templar Knights

    Yes the UN just loves to tell other’s what just like a great deal of our Politicians! I can guarantee you all one thing for sure and that not ONE Member on the UN or Even ONE POLITICIAN has any of these Immigrants Legal or Illegal living anywhere near their precious families or selves!!! Even all these Sanctuary Cites or States that preach to us and tell us how terrible we are of we expect our Families and selves to be SAFE from Gang Members, Drug Dealers, Sex Traffickers, etc, you can bet on it that NOT any of these people live within 30 miles minimum from their homes and Neighborhoods and surely the children don’t attend the same Schools as their precious children! But they sure are quick to screw over the test of us!

  5. James

    Good for you Italy. IF any country wants to remain a SOVERIEGN nation it HAS every right to tell some (TOTALLY corruptible entity = UN 2018) any organization to get lost. Period.
    Hello, USA!!! This ALSO applies to OUR country. ALL the lunatics (and you know who you are) can go straight to hell. THAT is where your “ideas” are controlled.

  6. Joseph

    I’m like Rambo said in the last Rambo…”fuck the World”…weve had their back for almost 100 years…WHEN have they ever helped USa?