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It is about time Woodrow Wilson got cancelled

It is about time Woodrow Wilson got cancelled

Camden, New Jersey school officials finally relented to a public and student campaign to change the name of their high school – currently named after President Woodrow Wilson.  The decision was made after a year and a half long effort by community activists.

The petition to change the name read as follows:

“After years of examining the legacy of former US President Woodrow Wilson, WE have come to see that his views and actions contradict the values and diversity We see in Woodrow Wilson High School today as well as the society WE live in Camden, NJ.  We must be honest with Our People about the truth of a School that was named after a white Supremacist who was a former US President.  To continue to have such a name on a school only aides (sic) as a continuous reminder of a true systemic oppression that has not only been foreseen by US as parents but also Now through the eyes of Our Children today.”

Rather cumbersome wording, but you get the point.

One of the great political hypocrisies has been Democrats tearing down statues of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln while honoring President Woodrow Wilson – clearly the most open and active white supremacist and racist American leader since the Civil War.  Franklin Roosevelt is a close second – and Democrats still honor the worst of the worst, President Andrew Jackson — but we will save those stories for later commentaries.

Before the Trump administration, I had advocated for the removal from places of honor those associated with the Confederacy – and other Democrats associated with the era of racial segregation, oppression and violence.  And yes, that IS virtually the exclusive legacy of the Democratic Party in the one-party south and the big northern cities for generations after the Civil War.

The era of Democrat racial oppression has two major eras – the 100 years of de jure segregation, Jim Crow laws and government-sponsored paramilitary violence following the Civil War.  And the following 55 years of de facto racism and segregation in the major cities were ruled over by one-party political machines.

The Republican-sponsored and supported Civil Rights Acts of the 1950s and 1960s were not the end of political racism.  In fact, it was a new wave of black oppression in both Dixie and the major northern cities.  Many of the displays of iconic Confederate symbolism – such as the incorporation of the Confederate battle flag into southern state standards and emblems were not taken right after the Civil War – or even after the Compromise of 1877 when Democrats took over the south by force.  No. No. No.  They were taken in the 1960s as symbols of the southern Democratic Party’s opposition to the Civil Rights legislation – especially in opposition to school integration and actually implementing the right to vote for black Americans.

In the 1960s, the Democratic Party was split between the northern liberals and the southern segregationists – with the urban Democrat political machines imposing institutional de facto racism in the north.  The Republican Party was overwhelmingly in support of the 1956, the 1960 and the 1964 Civil Rights Act — and the 1965 Voting Rights Act.  The 1964 Act was passed only after Republicans overcame a Democrat filibuster.  

It was not until Republican governors and legislatures took leadership in the old Confederacy that the iconic symbols of racism – especially the offensive battle flag — were starting to be removed from state flags and emblems.  Republican governors and legislatures in such states as South Caroling, Florida and Texas led the way.

At the time, I wrote several articles supporting the removal of the most egregious examples of honoring individuals with infamous racist reputations.  I suggested that Republicans should strike at the heart of the Democratic Party’s honoring of their racist past.  It was time to end the homage Democrats paid to President Andrew Jackson – a vicious and violent white supremacist.  The only slave-owning President who took pleasure in personally whipping his slaves.  He was also responsible for the tragic “Trail of Tears” death march of Native Americans.  Yet virtually every Democrat organization in America held – and still holds — Jackson Day Dinners in his honor. 

I specifically called out the Democrats left for naming their major think-tank, the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.  Shaming the Democrats for both their history and their contemporary hypocrisy was a way of bringing forth the dark history – and some of the contemporary racist policies – of the Democratic Party.  It has for too long been a history hidden behind a smokescreen of political propaganda.

I saw it as a means of bringing out the reality of institutional racism that has continued in the major Democrat-controlled cities for more than 150 years after the Civil War.  It was the urban racism that brought Martin Luther King and his crusade for justice to Chicago – deemed one of the most racist cities in America throughout the Twentieth Century.  They are the cities in which racial oppression has produced the iconic, destructive and too often deadly protests and riots for generations.

My personal strategy came crashing down when the newly inaugurated President Trump hung the portrait of President Jackson in the Oval Office and traveled to the birthplace of Jackson as if it were some sort of political Mecca – or Jerusalem if you prefer.

At the time, I penned a commentary entitled “Trump blew it.”  Trump is not a deep diver in history and was obviously the victim of the burnished and glamourized fairytale “Old Hickory.”  Unfortunately, he exalted the most viciously racist President in American History.  I was disturbed seeing a group of Native Americans posing with Trump in the Oval Office under the portrait of Jackson.

The less informed may not be aware of the depth of Wilson’s white supremacy. He segregated the United States military and the Executive Branch of the federal government.  One of his key implementers of the policy was a Navy Department bureaucrat named Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Wilson introduced photographs as part of job applications to ensure that no Negroes would be inadvertently hired.

Wilson created history when he was the first President to view a movie in the White House.  It was “Birth of a Nation” – a glorification of the Ku Klux Klan.  The silent movie even featured a quote from Wilson – pictured atop this commentary.  He was frequently complimentary of the Klan – and during his tenure, the KKK grew to tens of thousands of members – even openly parading in Washington in support of Wilson.

Prior to the White House, Wilson served as President of Princeton University where he blocked black admissions.  While Wilson is associated with Princeton and New Jersey, his strident racism was the result of his formative years.  He was the son of a one-time slave-owning family in Virginia – although slavery was ended by the time he was born.  They were Confederates and bitter over their loss in the Civil War and the loss of slavery.

I have no problem with remembering history – even the villains.  But the statues, plaques and flags should not be given places of honor and respect.  They should be relegated to museums where they can serve in an appropriate educational role.

In conclusion, there needs to be some explanation as to why I do not feel the same about our nation’s Founders and others.  It is a matter of balance between the good a person did – and the evil.  Virtually all the Founders, with the notable exception of John Adams and Ben Franklin, were slave owners.  They were the men of their times – born in an era of slavery.  They did not invent it – nor did they advance it.  In fact, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and others longed for the day that slavery would be abolished.  They said so repeatedly.

They were among the most humane slave owners – contrasting starkly to Jackson.  In fact, Washington left his slaves to his wife, Martha, to be freed upon her demise or at her will.  She subsequently emancipated the Washington slaves.

Jefferson was a slave owner, but his sentiments were expressed in both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  His expression that “all men are created equal” was a shot across the bow of the southern slave colonies.  It was so important that President Lincoln often referred to it and used It as the justification for the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation.

The Founders willfully created a constitution that could amend any weaknesses of their times – especially slavery.  They did that with the hope and belief that slavery would one day be ended in America.  As the expression goes, they “greased the skids” on the question of slavery.

The good the Founders did far outweigh the fact that they were part of the slave-owning zeitgeist of colonial America.  They were men of strong moral character even as they existed in a world of established immoral policies.

Jackson was a man with a fundamental belief that all men are NOT created equal.  He fully embraced and brutally acted upon his belief in white supremacy.  The same with Wilson.  He was not a man of his times, but a person who imposed evil racist policies on America despite the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments and a myriad of federal laws and court decisions.

Trump’s blunder has had monumental (no pun intended) implications because it allowed the Democrats to again dodge their culpability for institutional racism in America – then and now.  And use dubious voter oppression narratives to divert attention from contemporary racism in America’s segregated cities.

It is good to see that even in some small way, the people at the grassroots have begun to recognize the racial hypocrisy and have taken action to expose it.  The school has not yet chosen a new name, but there are many good ones from which to select.  If you want to underscore the racist issue, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass or Harriet Tubman would be excellent choices.

So. There ‘tis.

High School Changes It’s Name Over ‘Racist’ Namesake – Democrat President Wilson

DECEMBER 16, 2021 AT 2:55PM

A high school in New Jersey named after former President Woodrow Wilson – a noted hyperprogressive – is changing its name over its namesake’s legacy of racism.

This story was first reported by

Activists Petitioned To Change School Name

According to the Camden High School District, the process of renaming the high school will begin soon after activists began circulating a petition to change the school’s name for nearly a year and a half.

The school was built in 1930.

The petition reads, “After years of examining the legacy of former US President Woodrow Wilson, WE have come to see that his views and actions contradict the values and diversity We see in Woodrow Wilson High School today as well as the society WE live in Camden NJ.”

“We must be honest with Our People about the truth of a School that was named after a white Supremacist who was a former US President,” the petition added. “To continue to have such a name on a school only aides as a continuous reminder of a true systemic oppression that has not only been foreseen by US as parents but also Now through the eyes of Our Children today.”

The petition gathered more attention after the death of George Floyd and the protests that followed in the summer of 2020.

In June, Camden School District Superintendent Katrina McCombs cited community concern about the school “being named after an individual who expressed and demonstrated racist values.”

The school has not yet settled on a new name.

The move is notable in that, while the ‘woke’ crowd has gone after Confederates and even the Founding Fathers, Woodrow Wilson is perhaps the ‘founding father’ of American progressivism, at least among Presidents.

“It’s too early in the process to speculate on specific names,” a school spokesperson told

School Statement: ‘We are proud that our schools represent places of diversity and inclusion’

“We are proud that our schools represent places of diversity and inclusion, and we plan to increase our efforts to reshape the identity of this venerable and cherished school,” the district said in a statement to

“We plan to collaboratively work with current Wilson students, parents, alumni, and community leaders on an inclusive process to rename the school.”

“The district is grateful for the collaboration and support of the community on these efforts and looks forward to completing this significant project,” the statement added.

About The Author

Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. BeN


    I agree, Woodrow must go!

    I think the difference between Wilson and Jackson is that Wilson was very progressive in many areas ( except race relations) and Jackson who was conservative in all areas of life including race.

    Regardless, the conservative values that both men lived by concerning race should disqualify them from being celebrated in American public life.

  2. Ben

    Interesting article.

    I’m kinda shocked that you would choose to post an article about a man from 100 yrs ago, rather than address the anniversary of most significant attack on our Nations Capital since the War of 1812.

    I mean, I can understand why, but still shocked.

    • Doug stanley

      I’m proud of our January 6 heroes. And cancel Wilson for what?

      • frank stetson

        Good to see Doug admiring convicted felons and terrorists in the biggest criminal investigation in American history, Take pride in your accomplishment of not being able to overturn our 2020 election by storming our Capitol.

        Personally I say throw the book at em, don’t care what or who they belong to. BLM, antifa, The Proud Boys, Oathtakers, Trumpers, don’t matter to me. No one that uses violence to achieve their goals are hero’s to me. You were thwarted by the real heros of the hour whether it was the Capitol Police or the public officials protecting our elections even in the face of threats to them and their families of being shot, lynched, or worse. Those are the real hero’s in all this, IMO.

        • Douglas stanley

          We are proud of the fact that the old fool will never govern us Come on. Try and make us comply

        • Harold blankenship

          Just like you admire rioters and looters. But look up. People are starting to fight back.

          • Frank stetson

            What are you talking about Harold. Prove it or just be quiet.

            One more time: anyone who breaks the law should be charged, convicted, and censored and sentenced. Left, right, black, white, and everything in between.

            You got alternative facts that show something different?


          • Ben

            Harry Blanks,

            I’ll bite, What are the people fighting back against?

  3. frank stetson

    Larry, I’m am all in except for the spin on this one. Hanging around for a decade just shy of the Mason Dixon in the armpit of West Virginia and I love the Stars n Bars, it’s a beautiful thing. And let’s face it, we’re Americans, we love a rebel, a rascal, like those hard driving moonshiners in the South or even Han Solo in the movies. It’s our Robin Hood fantasy, been with us from the beginning. Face it, Grant’s a bore, Jeb Stuart is really cool. Well, long before woke, I woke on this and everyday get more amazed on how bad it is. While I love the Starts and Bars, love the rebel aspect I believed it stood for; I would never fly it and can totally now understand how rude and crude that would appear to many of my brother citizens. I am glad we got woke last summer, I am glad we are removing this stuff from America.

    Sure, Democrats versus Republicans, Democrats come up real bad on this even if we try the ‘but we is you and you is we” revisionist history, etc. And yes, the North has it’s own form of silent racism including segregation, equal chance for jobs, housing, etc. When I grew up outside of Buffalo, in the late 60’s, our thriving town had one black family and everyone white got a deferment. It was bizarre, especially when our next move was South. Often unmentioned, it seemed to just happen, just like systemic racism. Apparently it wasn’t that blacks didn’t want to live there, everyone wanted to live there. Blacks just couldn’t find houses, for some reason…..

    You seemed to leave out the Dixiecrats, not exactly Democrats, but more so than Republicans until 1948’s Presidential loss. By 1964, their leading candidate, Strom Thurmond, became Republican, and the rest is a history you seem to leave out. That’s the start of what ultimately became Trump’s Republican party where most of the racists pledge their votes today.

    But let’s go back, to the beginning and in the beginning there were two factions, our original sin: federalists and anti-federalists or federalist and democratic-republicans, as the anti-federalist party was know. Tis is the foundation of today’s political duopoly. Over time the federalists weakened as a party and the Democratic-Republicans became fractionalized to the point where after Jackson won the popular vote but lost the election of 1824, it split the Democratic-Republicans into Democrats (the donkey is for jackass, Jackson.) and Whigs. Democrats were against a US Bank, favored State’s rights and smaller government, less regulation — sound familiar? It was Jackson’s party, but the pitch sounds like today’s Republicans. The Whigs were basically federalists and the opposite of whatever Jackson believed which sure sounds like today’s Democrats. By Lincoln’s time, slavery was a top issue, Democrats were split with the South favoring slave ownership, including expansion to the West. Northern Democrats favored abolition or at least letting the issue be solved by the States or local. Lincoln became part of the new Republican Party, founded in the 1850’s, which was made up of anti-slavery Democrats and anti-slavery Whigs. IOW, the Republican party was founded to end slavery and included both Democrats and Whigs.

    By the time of the civil war, the South was mostly Democrats and the North was mostly Republican. The opposite of today. Do you think everyone moved?

    After the war, the Northern Republicans focused on business, creating wealth, industry and big busines right up until the crash of 1929 where many turned on the President, Herbert Hoover, Republican. The Republican big-business, robber baron, rose had wilted. Along comes Democrat FDR to save the day with Federal social programs and Southern Democrats rebelled with many becoming Republicans. It was at this point where FDR created the current Democratic party moving many Blacks from what the anti-slavery, anti-federal program Republican party it had become. Democrats pretty much held the reins until that little thing called Vietnam ripped our society apart again in our second civil war —- or as close to it as we could come.

    IMO, it stayed that way until Ronald Regan remade the party, hell — remade the country, into that “shining city on the hill,” lasting all the way until Trump. Ron put together what the Democrats had allowed to rip us apart over that little non-war over there.

    Now, Ron is gone, you can’t invoke his image without grimacing or shedding a tear in memory of your glory days. Today, it’s the Trumpian Party and I just don’t see how the past is tied to that or matters squat to that.

    I guess what I am coming to Larry, is I am really not sure who’s on first, who’s on second. Clearly, Republicans and Democrats have changed ideology and beliefs a number of times in our history. Yet, the original sin, the original division of Federalists and Anti-Federalists still remains. I wonder sometimes if the entire original sin is embedded in our Constitution which makes it impossible to avoid — a systemic ideology if you will. I can just imagine the Founder’s disbelief that we are still based on hashing that one out.

    Bottom line: tear down all the statues, take down the flags from public places, re-engineer how we teach American history to our kids so they don’t grow up not knowing —– like we did. It’s OK to tell the truth, we are still a shining city upon a hill no matter what the true story of our history unveils. But I do not think the Democrats always supporting racism, the Republicans never have, has either a historical or current veracity. The truth is grey, not black or white.

    Today, I still wrestle with FDR’s and even LBJ’s racism. I really wish you had left FDR out of it. I just look at the actions of these men to give the masses a helping hand. Not a hand-out, but a helping hand. As did many Republicans. Just not sure the measure of the man —- bottom line of their life’s work or individual incremental actions throughout their life. Because if we stress the incremental, how the f did Kavanaugh ever get through? I mean who amongst us does not have a skeleton, an oops, a gross Trumpian grope, a creepy Biden shoulder pat, or even a series of really bad decisions. Is that our net worth? Of course not.

    So, nice spin Larry, I know you love harping on you binary conclusions of good and evil, and then blaming Democrats for all racism and system racism in the past or facing blacks today, but I think that’s spin. The truth is much more nuanced than your tome shows.

    • Ben


      I like to frame it as progressive/ liberal vrs conservative as opposed to Democrat vrs Republican. It takes the ambiguity out of it and eliminated they were us and we were them argument.

      • frank stetson

        Well, that’s OK. The article sees it another way since Federalism and Anti-Federalism are at the core of our government’s structure, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, basically before the beginning of our Republic and are the some of only a few issues that remain constant throughout our history of a two-party government. One might say these issues formed the structure of our government and the documents that form our vision of a Republic and the rights of citizens therein.

        More important, these were the parties of the time and the article pretty well defines that what was a Democratic-Republican morphs into Democrats, Republicans, sometimes changing back and forth, throughout our two centuries.

        I would say these two concepts also form the bedrock of what is a liberal or a conservative too.

  4. AC

    Larry, American History revised as you see it does not make so in truth. Franks recounting follows the true line through the eras from Independence, slavery, CivilWar, emancipation, New Deal, Great Society, Civil Rights, and etc. History of America is yours, mine, and all ours as Americans. Republican Party evolved with imperfections to the present day disaster it is. In the same manner the current Democratic Party came to be with all its flaws and shortcomings.
    Be that as it may well and good until the Trumpian era revealed the worst about America. A thin vernier of superficiality and false correctness shrouded what lay beneath. A divided populous pre-emergent but well in bud.
    Trump’s personality full of hubris and guile unmatched with any other Republicans knew before. He knew how that persuasion in politics thought and pandered to their desires, promising what can not be delivered.
    The Democrat Party is fractured in three, between moderates, liberals, progressives in separate caucuses. United on occasion for attempted efforts to keep Trump in check and save our Republic.
    In truth the politically right wing is operating just marginally in the misbelief in general that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen from Trump by vicious conniving Democrats. Also, the events at the Capital Building were nothing like the media represented and the Democrats contend.
    A minority of Republicans accept the true results of the last election, Although, this group joins their anti-truth compatriots in thinking fraud employed by Democrats and their agent’s brought Biden’s win.
    This disparity between reality borne truth and an alternate false reality narrative promulgated by Trump and his minions, if allowed more life is death to democracy. The exact government that gives the freedoms and rights allowing destructive opinion distribution will eliminate every freedom past generations worked and died for.
    Opinion commentators and media personalities together with reporters of the news and legitimate journalists have an obligation and moral/ethical responsibility to America, people and country, to not encourage divisionist ambitions.
    PBP, through its decided pro-right wing prospective opinion portrays the left in mean spirited jabs and needlessly hyperbolic punches.
    After following PBP on my email account for the past two years reading posts written by its several assumed staff
    writers’ opinion pieces, IMO the sum of PBP’s contribution to the public narrative has negative net merit. Initially my intent in reading and minimally participating came from my internet search for information on the day’s stories from different angles.
    PNP has an angle definitely skewed right and adversarial to all persons Democrat, especially vicious condemnation is reserved for their country’s President, Biden.
    No holds barred boxing or rules of civility is clearly PBP’s mantra. Although, a few level minded commentators not of PBP staff writers provide intelligent researched counter points with truth in facts proven. Points of great merit asserting correction are like shadow boxing In darkness. And so, it’s wasted effort for PBP obviously values negative derogatory commentary disparaging those of Democrat Party official status. But, I’m the end, for all the bluster and angry rhetoric nothing is accomplished. It’s all vanity, nothingness, more pandering to the misinformed in
    yet another echo chamber.
    Larry, do you know if you have an audience with fellow so called conservatives more than the
    dozen reply participants with obvious loyalties. Ben, Frank, Joseph are the constant lights in the darkness spread when
    Oppressive Opinions dominate PB Posts.
    Joe G. really needs some help the Wizard of OZ dispenses.
    Hey, Joe listen to Ben, Frank, and Joseph before you leap into the deep end.of the intelligence pool.
    You’ll of PNP Commentators in particular are traffickers in the First Amendment’s supposed rights granted for speech, published word, along with religious practice do push the envelope to its extremes.
    Then, any comments appropriate from the contrary opinion have a like opportunity. This is the good old US of A the Republic serves as long as and if you can keep it.

    • larry Horist

      AC … you sure like to meander. I will give you a few quick responses. First, I do not see much difference in Franks history and mine. We may pick up on a few different points, but I do not see any stark disagreements. PBP is basically a conservative site in terms of the writers … so you should not be surprised that I am critical of those on the left … their policies and their plans. You may be on the left with your opinions … but you are doing you version of criticizing the right. You wonder is my commentaries reach more than those who comment — especially the three of four troll who have made it there mission to give the other point of view — or even just vent their spleens. Frankly, i have no idea why they put so much time an effort into troll me. They must know that comments get only a fraction of the readers that the commentaries do. Most people do not want to bother with such banal political bickering … and when the commentary is uploaded on other sites, the comments do not always travel with it. My column gets READ by tens of thousand of people or more. It is received by hundreds of thousands. So, to answer your question, the commentaries get a lot of readership — although not the millions that others get. Even so, I get better circulation than the vast majority of local newspapers in the country. I can respect your opinion that the contribution of PBP and me is negative. But that is your opinion — and not shared by others. I have always had a very strong following. But very few people engage in the comments — whether they are fans or detractors. You and a couple others have found a home here. Hell… I have seen discussions of off the grid homes and stock purchases. Comments are often not related to the subject. Given the fact that what appears in the comments never changes any minds … I cannot understand why that trolls find any satisfaction in taking me on … but I am flattered.

      • frank stetson

        Did you just call me a troll? Does that mean I get a freebie, like I might return volley with something like “you pencil-necked penis-breath geek….” Nah, I’ll pass :>)

        I write for myself mostly for practice and exercise. Exercise of my terrible writing skills and better researching skills. I write to learn.

        You should try it…..

        Taking you on? I think you will know when I take you on. No, I just comment, hopefully with opinions supported by facts, because I like to learn, exercise my thoughts, perhaps get a tad better at writing, and oh hell, shoot down a few conservatives for oh-but-what-fools-these-mortals-be. Occasionally you fall into that last category but far less than the other “authors” here and not often even close to an out-n-out conspiracy-embracing liar like Gilbertson who proposes wild truths that he can’t back up and when called says it’s up to the accuser to prove this lies are lies. The best conspiracies are the one you can’t disprove even if they can’t be proved; its’ the perfect storm for the propagandist.

        But Larry, if there was one thing — I would say pride cometh before the fall. Tens of thousands — that’s a minimum of 20,000 readers for every story. IF that was the case, and we know who the preponderance of your readers are, you would have to move over the death threats having crossed that Trump line one to many times. I am sure you have your following, you are printed in many places, but much is an artifact of the medium – the blogosphere – it’s probably the same readers, repeating the read on many sites. I have seen blogosphere lies, easily discovered, easily proved, travel across the right wing blogosphere at the speed of light, covering dozens of sites before a fact-checker can even get hold of the story to shoot it down. That’s just the nature of the right-wing blogosphere. Can’t say MSM is better in this, but they are.

        So, be happy in your accomplishment, be humble in your self-praise, and I will continue to comment, mostly for myself. If you care to respond, duolog, discuss, debate, whatever, feel free. But call me a troll and I will say you’re an ass for doing so.

      • Ac

        Larry, I know my writing meanders. Succinct and concise delivery is a long pursued goal which, unfortunately eludes my capture capture.
        Your comments in reply are unexpected, but appreciated.
        Options offered on PBP I realize are of the writers own and may not reflect PBP’s conservative philosophy, but I generally respect others right of expression. However, a few “trolls” are inappropriate responders sending gross epithets and toilet talk. Bottom line is at least is literary respect called civility. One aspect of online posting is vertical anonymity. Accountability is basically. Nonexistent. Unscrupulous individuals drivel unintelligible phrases of condemnation or seeming fawning verbal gesture. Still, the usual fallback, the good ol’ 1st Am covers over a multitude of sins on the net.
        Meanwhile, in the real world citizens across this wide country are at each other’s throats because the legitimately former president contends the election had been fraudulently given to Biden, The man, bless his small heart, has not concerned himself with the truth, ever, Evangelical conservatives should remember you will a persons beliefs are seen by their fruit. Meaning, the truth comes out when one walk matched their talk. The real truth is inconvenient for those who fall for conspiracy propaganda. They have been seduced by politicians so desperate for Trump’s approval it sacrifices country and party in a loose-loose proposition. The intelligent adults in the room see through false conservatism and see the error in the machinations of Trump World elites.
        Think about how this tragic play in democracy will end. So called conservative Republicans believe violence is the answer by a majority, If polls and surveys are to be seriously believed. Taken to its ridiculously disastrous conclusion. Who comes out the winning? No one benefits from an apocalypse.
        Surely, loosing the whole “ball of wax” is a cost so great even the dullest of Americans can see the price exceeds by far any possible benefit,
        What possible good exists for those on the right if all
        there is to say is “we told you so” ?
        History will relate that the great experiment went bust over politicians’ preposterous antics and feverish attempts at actually stealing a fair and legal election they lost, ZBy over 7 million citizens’ legal ballots.
        In America’s 240 plus year history presidential elections have always been fairly contentious, but politicians acted like gentlemen ( and women) and bowed graciously to the winner. Just this past election the party without the required majority vote failed the honor test by refusing the obligatory concession speech, let alone conceding at all.
        The former head of state is individually responsible to the nation for all consequences resulting from his moral failures related to the abject refusal to accept truth in fact, Eben
        and particularly after over a year has past since November 3, 2020, Time’s length, in this case, does not heal any wounds,. It is a fracture not yet properly set, which in the months since has become worse. Left untended the fracture will devolve until it break and vital use of function ceases.
        Woke is inadequate as an expression. An awakening must spread across all political barriers faster than all viruses combined.
        The conservatively minded among Americans must accept how dire and immediate the danger has grown, The only remedy available is The Truth. Acceptance of the evidence in facts. If anyone sees the truth is a pill to large. Agreeing that moving forward means agreeing to amicably disagree. It’s known as constructive compromise and a positive solution.
        Realizing Republicans find compromise distasteful, but the alternative being capitulation begs greater accommodation. The former president does not truly fit the conservative right mold. Admit it, Larry, if you are for Republican policy, another banner carrier
        you trust. As alien as the Truth certainty is for Donald J Trump when our good citizenry ultimately see with eyes wide open, then the former President enter past President status as rightfully retired the gentleman’s way.
        As if that will ever happen. It a total disgrace. As is the “T” word that does not end with a t.
        Oops, meandered again.

    • frank stetson

      AC, well thank you, and thanks for your informative piece. Yes, one silver lining here is we were reminded of your close: “This is the good old US of A the Republic serves as long as and if you can keep it.”

      Let’s go Big Bird.
      Never forget January 6th
      We are a shining city on a hill
      The lies will persist, the truth MAY prevail
      But only if we make it so

      • Mack Ewing


        • Ben


          Lol. Classic conservatism.

  5. frank stetson

    Oh no, I’ve been Mack smacked by Ewing, the man with gaydar. Oh the horror of being anonymous and being put down anonymously. Well, in the words of The Mask: “you got me partner.”

    “Mask: Hold me closer Ed, it’s getting dark
    Mask : Tell Auntie Em to let Old Yeller out.
    [coughs, in a British accent]
    Mask : Tell Tiny Tim I won’t be coming home this Christmas
    [coughs, imitating Clark Gable]
    Mask : Tell Scarlett I do give a damn.
    [coughs in Orlando’s face, raspberries, then farts]
    Mask : Pardon me.
    [he dies, the Peanut Gallery appears and applauds while The Mask is handed an acting award]

    Mask : Thank you, you love me, you really love me!”