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Israel Makes History as First to Use AI Drones in Battle

Israel Makes History as First to Use AI Drones in Battle

In a massive step forward into a new world of future warfare, Israel has become the first nation to use AI (artificial intelligence) drones in battle against Hamas terrorists. With no human input after mission orders have been set, a drone swarm team has been utilized to seek out targets. The drones link together and use artificial intelligence to map out geography and locate targets, making mission decisions on their own. The drone swarm continues the mission until completion, even if some of the drones are destroyed in the process. A human operator sends out mission details as the machines gather information data to move forward from satellites, air vehicles, ground troops and other recon drones. 

Unit 8200 of the Israeli Defense Force Intelligence Corps has developed and implemented the new technology. Algorithms by the IDF use signal data, geographical information and human intelligence together to build a framework of how to execute the desired mission. Artificial Intelligence and supercomputers locate targets and plan strikes to remove any strategic forces that could give opposing forces any advantage, while machine learning technology improves the capabilities of the system itself through action.

Since May of this year, battle between Israel and Hamas has continued off and on after initial protests in Palestine led to attacks from Hamas terrorists and defensive retaliation from Israeli forces. During the attacks, it has been reported that an estimated 4,300 rockets that have been fired from Gaza have been fired at towns, cities, civilians and military forces within Israel. In defense, the new tactic of Israel utilizing AI drones has been deployed for defense of the ally nation. 

Reports from late 2019 by New Scientist said that Turkey had planned on using the same sort of technology in Syria. However, those reports remained inconclusive. It has not been determined if the technology was actually implemented in battles at the time.  

In recent years, drones have been used in warfare by countries around the world. The difference here is that before this, drones strikes have been driven and directed by human input guiding the vehicles. Arthur Holland of the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research said about the recent revelation that, “if confirmed, they are certainly a notch up in the incremental growth of autonomy and machine to machine collaboration in warfare”.

Israel isn’t the only country getting involved in the new technological advances. The United States, Britain, Russia and China have all been developing artificial intelligence technologies designed for autonomous warfare. Concerns around the world here are that there is a vast potential for a new arms race. But that idea has been a reality in motion since the dawn of the potential for the technology was created. Whether you like it or not, that is the truth of the matter. This is only the beginning of what the future of modern warfare is going to look like. And whoever has the best technology will be the most secure. The idea of peace through strength comes to mind here. And the United States and its allies should be investing heavily on creating the best possible technology to protect our freedoms and to help stand for our way of life.  

In a recent interview, retired U.S. Navy officer and author Jocko Willink said while talking to artificial intelligence podcaster Lex Fridman that he approved of the new technology despite some human concern around the world. Jocko said, “… if they could make a machine that could do more surgical attacks on enemy individuals, would I be for it? Yes, I would be for it”. 

If you are interested in hearing the full interview, check out the new podcast. It is one of the best talks on autonomous war technology, leadership and human nature of recent times.

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  1. Joe S Bruder

    Uh, sorry, I worked for a US-based quad-copter drone company 4 years ago, and their biggest customer was the US military. They’ve been fielded for a long time. There is no way that Israel was the first. And it also depends on how you define a “drone”. The US has been using remote-piloted unmanned aircraft for many years.

    And if you’re touting the use of AI… well, I kind of doubt that too. The US military (again) is at the forefront of technology. It’s hardly AI if you just give it coordinates and tell it to shoot anything that moves… which is the Israeli modus-operandi when it comes to Palistinians. Even 4 years ago, quadcopters could be programmed to find their way to a pre-programmed destination, do their thing (whatever that was, whether capturing video of the area or dropping a payload), and find their way home. Being autonomous enough to follow a plan has long been fielded.

    • Eli 7777

      Israel has been attacked for years, as Islamic aggression continues. In the 1970’s, before we arrived in Tel Aviv, the terrorists bombed the Tel Aviv airport. When we were there, years ago, we could take an Israeli bus into Bethlehem, but now a friend said she had to take an Arab bus to the area. Israel has a right to defend itself. The terrorists of the 1970’s, some, who were in the U.S., were known as the Weather Underground terrorist. A few of this group were associated with Obama. This group trained the co founders of the Marxist BLM. Their spinning it back around to take down America. Critical Race Theory in education is to undermine whites, making them feel guilty, and shamed for domination, or to diminish them.

  2. Ben

    Fucking terrifying.
    Just an easier way for rich Countries to kill poor people.

  3. Eli 7777

    Good article, and Jacob Machine appears to be an amazing person. Israel may not be the first on drones, nor do they go about, just to attack Palestinians. Hamas terrorists have imbedded themselves in Palestine, thanks to the financing by Iran. Iran has threatened to go after Israel for years. Obama had the Prime Minister of Iran, Ahmadinejad in N.Y. to speak against Israel in 2008. The Islamic goal is to dominate, and destroy anything, that doesn’t worship their Allah. They’re working in the U.S., too, if you listen to the Squad with their propaganda and Anti Semitism. Destroying Israel is to destroy the location of the history of Jehovah God of the Bible. America was founded on Biblical principles, which Socialists or Communist want to remove.