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Israel Declares War on Hamas for First Time Since 1973 – 900 Dead So Far

Israel Declares War on Hamas for First Time Since 1973 – 900 Dead So Far

The relative calm that has held in Israel since 1973’s Yom Kippur War was shattered this weekend. Israel’s security cabinet took the harrowing decision to officially declare war, an action prompted by an unprecedented surprise attack by Hamas militants. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had already signaled the intensity of the situation on Saturday, announcing that Israel was “at war”.

The nightmare began with over 3,500 rockets raining down on Israeli residential areas, originating from the Gaza Strip. This deadly barrage resulted in the tragic death of 600 Israelis and injuries to at least 2,000 more. Amidst the chaos, Hamas also managed to take dozens of hostages within Gaza, with the Israeli military gearing up for engagement. The event marked the deadliest attack on Israel in decades.

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley added fuel to the fire of controversy by criticizing Secretary of State Tony Blinken. Haley accused him of downplaying a potential link between the sudden aggression from Hamas and the $6 billion in funding recently released to Iran. Blinken maintained that there was no evidence of Iran supporting the attack, emphasizing that the funds could not have contributed to terrorism. Yet, Haley countered on “Meet the Press”, noting the dangers of underestimating the movement of money among entities that harbor ill will towards both Israel and the United States.

Adding complexity to the geopolitical dynamics, Hamas revealed that Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi had commended the group’s assault on Israel during a phone call with its leader, Ismail Haniyeh. Though Iran’s state-run news did confirm the call, they refrained from detailing the conversation. Later, Raisi declared Iran’s backing of the Palestinian nation’s “legitimate defense,” assigning blame to Israel and its allies for the region’s jeopardized security.

In the midst of the turmoil, the streets of southern Israel became a battlefield as Israeli soldiers clashed with Hamas fighters. With this conflict came a surge in casualties; more than 300 have been killed in Gaza while around 600 were killed in Israel. The dire situation escalated as Israel exchanged strikes with Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group, sparking concerns about a wider conflict.

Israel’s response was swift and decisive. Israel’s retaliation was swift. Netanyahu made his intentions clear: “Hamas will pay an unprecedented price. This war will take time. It will be difficult.” Retaliation strikes saw Gaza’s buildings leveled, and in northern Israel, strikes were exchanged with Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group, escalating fears of an even broader conflict.

Both civilians and soldiers paid a devastating price in this sudden onslaught. Reports indicate that at least 600 were killed in Israel, with another 300 in Gaza. The attacks disrupted life in Israel on a scale the country hasn’t witnessed in decades.

To add to the turmoil, two Israeli tourists were killed in neighboring Egypt, revealing the deep-seated anti-Israel sentiment present even in nations that have long since brokered peace with Israel.

This sudden upsurge in violence has the world on edge. Many fear that what started as a surprise attack could evolve into a long-drawn conflict, with the potential to involve other Middle Eastern nations. Israeli TV channels and media outlets are filled with grief-stricken stories from families who have lost loved ones, and many still hope for a swift resolution.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asserted that Israel’s military strength will be fully employed to decimate Hamas’ capabilities, even as the Hamas leadership prepares for a drawn-out confrontation. They are quoted saying, “We are prepared for all options, including all-out war.”

World leaders are closely watching the volatile situation. President Joe Biden expressed that the U.S. “stands with the people of Israel in the face of these terrorist assaults,” affirming Israel’s right to self-defense.

With the stakes so high and peace hanging in the balance, the global community hopes for a swift end to hostilities and a return to negotiations and understanding.

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  1. Darren

    Zalenski WHO, just like that, Ukraine has no Value?
    Not one mention anywhere in the news about Ukraine or the war with Russia?
    Is that over already?
    I guess the generals and our govt getting the kick backs from war needed a new piggy bank
    as Ukraine was getting old.
    Nothing like a NEW WAR to get our country’s problems straightened out.
    Only Trump did it with out war.
    Can their still be anyone DUMB enough to vote Democrat?

    • Jim lucas

      Two democrat so called law makers were in Israel when the attack happened. They survived. Oh well. Maybe next time.

      • Jeff wyles

        We can only hope. Lol.

        • Dan tyree

          Look what happened. Israel has a strong military and people were still killed and captured. We must preserve and protect our 2A. One way is to restore law and order in places where people are victimized most often. Sure, I might have been killed resisting the terrorists. But I would love to have taken some of the bastards with me and my family. And let them see how they enjoy their 72 virgins.

          • frank stetson

            Dan, you bring up a good point.

            With Heller, the 2A stood less for gun safety and national defense to more of a personal defense vantage point. Amazingly that sells more guns.

            Israel has lots of guns but for some reason we outshoot them about 5:1.

            Go figure.

            But on this one I agree with you, with a difference. I think we have enough guns for personal use, but do we have enough for militia use and do we have militia’s that are just not bat-shit-crazy white supremacists?

            I would love to see what the 2A calls for: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Shit yeah, let’s get some well regulated militia’s uninfringed to bear Arms. Big ones. Ones with rockets. Enough of this pissant ak47’s crap, I want me some rocket wielding drones.

            Because if they come at us like this, we need more than Bruce Willis in a Tower with a gun.

            Too bad the gunnies are fighting for the wrong rights.

      • frank stetson

        Hope that one comes back to you Jim.

        When your life is so sour that you desire your imaginary enemy dead, dead, dead, that’s so pitifully sad.

        May your wishes come back to you, ten fold, my man. Ten fold.

        God has a miraculous sense of humor; the jokes on you..

        • Dan tyree

          When the well regulated militia was put in the same amendment as the right of the people it’s clear that the framers intended for the citizens to possess their own firearms. As for wanting rockets, you can buy them probably from the dark web or such. But I wouldn’t try it. And most militias ain’t made up of white racists. And I know what I’m talking about. But the black panthers are a militia and they are racist as hell. Even neighborhood watchers can be considered a militia

          • frank stetson

            Of course, whether militia or personal use, citizens would own the arms. It’s the intended usage that Heller was all about. And there, apparently it was NOT clear until 2008 with the Heller case where the Supremes voted (5–4) that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to possess firearms independent of service in a state militia and to use firearms for traditionally lawful purposes, including self-defense within the home.

            Militia’s turn up, and not in support, of racial justice protests in 2020

            Militia’s turn up at the 1/6/2021 Republican Violent Insurrection at the Capitol in support of The Big Lie. Some are sporting supremacist signage. Many hurl racial epitaphs at Capitol police. Didn’t see many blacks in that crowd.

            Proud Boys, Oathkeepers, and Three Percenters.. which branch are you?

            Tell you what, drop the supremacist part, keep the bat-shit crazy and add EXTREMISTS. How’s that?

            Point is regulate that out of them and get them back to their cause of protecting the country from foreign invasion and away from harming fellow citizens.

            I do not want to have my own rocket but might join a militia to try one out. Sounds like fun.

            But you do not get it. You little arsenal will let you take a few down before you are erased. I suggest a better approach to fight back. Bigger weapons, team, team training, bigger weapons.

  2. Dan tyree

    But I would go down swinging. And I have plans in place. And the people on 1/6 doesn’t speak for true patriots.

  3. frank stetson

    No, the people on 1/6 were not patriots, true or otherwise.

    Yes, you will go down swinging, with or without the gun.

    My point is wouldn’t it be better to go down swinging harder? Or better yet, not go down to begin with?

    You gunnies are content with your little shooters when the opportunity to use the big guns could be in your grasp providing an even tighter fit with the 2A. Seems like you are bringing a pea shooter to a smart-weapons/WMD fight.

    I think you should dream bigger.

    • Dan tyree

      You would be surprised at what I have. Or the training. While at war with Japanese the enemy floated the idea of landing ground troops here. But the leader said no. He said that there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass. Let’s keep it that way. As time goes on we will regain more of the freedoms from the framers And speaking of what I have, I’m damned sure going to use them if necessary

      • frank stetson

        Oh boy. Boys, toys and stories. No wonder Trump can pull the wool.

        He never said it; no one can find it or know anyone who knows anyone even.

        An expert on the topic says: “Prof. Goldstein: I have never seen it in writing. It has been attributed to the Prange files [the files of the late Gordon W. Prange, chief historian on the staff of Gen. Douglas MacArthur] but no one had ever seen it or cited it from where they got it. Some people say that it came from our work but I never said it. … As of today it is bogus until someone can cite when and where.” From but Baltimore Sun concluded that too as well as lots of experts.

        Whatever, we get it. You’re ready, willing and able. 10-4 on that good neighbor.

        • Dan tyree

          What the hell does this conversation have to do with Trump? And you think I have toys? They are to me. I was a gun nut or gunnie before most people didn’t know who trump was. Everything ain’t about Trump

  4. frank stetson

    I’m sorry, Dan. I was hanging in there but I just can fix it. It was intended for you to understand that you are an idiot.

    You didn’t know the change in status with Heller, the biggest thing in guns since the trigger.

    You didn’t know that militia’s harbor extremists, many of the white supremacist variety.

    And then you publish some fictional quote you think some Japanese General said, like he twittered it…..the leader I think you called him…..

    Along the way you regale us with how big your gun is, like yours is bigger than his, and how you are ready to rock and roll with your better-than-an-ak47, and your training, and whatever…….

    So, I said, “No wonder Trump can pull the wool” because, it appears, my friend, that you will believe anyone and anything that strokes your already preconceived notions. In other words, an idiot.

    You can look up Heller and how it shifted the landscape. You can look up that quote to see that it’s fictional right-wing dreamscape. You can look up, militias and extremism to see the correlations.

    Otherwise: “No wonder Trump can pull the wool.” And apparently, I can’t fix that.

    Not to mention that no one, and that include me and I bet — you —– CARES. for what either of us is saying.

    • Dan tyree

      Actually I know what the Heller decision means to our freedom. As for the jap quote, it’s been told by many people throughout the years. If it’s a lie I didn’t tell it. But you’re a damned fool in many ways. And from your posts I know that you’re ashamed of your own country and and hate the thoughts of freedom loving people makes your skin crawl. So how does your asshole smell when it passes your nose? The only people’s freedom that you support is the rights for faggots and baby killers. And of course sickos called trannies. You’re too fucking stupid to even know what a militia is. So keep peddling your bullshit You dumb bastard

      • frank stetson

        “If it’s a lie I didn’t tell it.” Actually you did tell it. It’s in your own words above. What you mean to say is you repeat things others tell you without verifying whether they are true or not. You accept lies and then repeat them and them defend yourself by saying it’s someone else to blame.

        If you would stand up for yourself, it would be more manly.

        I am not ashamed of America, I am ashamed of some of our actions. I do not accept wrong things like you accept lies. I do support the rights of all humans. I do not accept demeaning and degrading them like you.

        And, of course, I support freedom.

        I am sorry I called you an idiot, but my God man, just look at the facts on the things I mentioned. You say you know Heller, but you didn’t know the ramifications of Heller and just saying you do does not change that. You still don’t know that militia’s harbor extremists, many of the white supremacist variety. And you blame the fictional quote you published is somebody else’s fault, not yours, the writer. As in it’s OK to lie if you didn’t do it first. Weird.

        You can look up Heller and how it shifted the landscape. You can look up that quote to see that it’s fictional right-wing dreamscape. You can look up, militias and extremism to see the correlations. Look is up and SHOW US that I am wrong. Factually. Not just in your mind.

        Otherwise: no wonder you can be lied to, repeat it, and when caught — blame the guy would told you. Weak tea, dude.

  5. Joe lucas

    Hey Frank. Why are your democrat comrades so opposed to Israel fighting back? The squad and commie Bernie sanders and several others are raising hell and are pulling for Hamas. But I know. You’re going to deny it. Just more proof of your anti American brainwashing. The attack would have never happened if trump hadn’t been robbed of his election. So go pedal your stupid posts somewhere else. There’s a site called renewed right that has plenty of your kind

    • frank stetson

      Joe, you’re the one that wishes Democrats dead, dead, dead, right?

      If you think Bernie and AOC speak for the Democratic Party, then you think you guys can pick a speaker and support Israel versus quitting early to pick it up again sometime. You guys do like your quality time. Meanwhile, no votes on Ukraine, none on Israel. You’re the party of Santos and how you responded. We’re the party of Menendez and how we responded. We construct, build, and create infrastructure. You defraud, defame, defund, ban, and destroy.

      You guys are even looking to make David-Duke=without-the baggage as your speaker. Or the ex-college wrestling coach with his interesting escapades into gay sexual abuse. Suddenly, your whore construction queen is looking better. Amazing the stones you throw living in your glass house.

      “The attack would have never happened if trump hadn’t been robbed of his election.” You poor deluded fool. You have no proof he was cheated except his rants. Show us the proof. It might get him off the Georgia indictments. Oh wait, they are already starting to plead guilty to plead out. You have no proof Hamas would not attack Israel, especially since the Abrams Accords may have been a factor here. The funny part is the more cheating Don is found liable or guilty for, the more you believe him.

      Take care of your own house, get a speaker, toss the extremists to the back of the bus, and move on. Get back to the job of government instead of FOX interviews.

      IF Hamas had done that to us, I am sure Gaza would be in the same shape they are under Israel’s response. I am also pretty sure Israel can handle itself and does not need any more help than that millions we have already poured in. It would be better, but I am sure they are ready. Gaza is shut off, no power, no water, no escape. There is no gas coming in and the generators will be stopping soon. They are being pummeled by thousands of bombs, military targets so far as the Israelis soften them up before the brutal house-to-house. Hundreds of thousands of troops line their border. Thousands of tanks are amassing. I am guessing the drones will be flying soon. The only question is do they take Gaza or do they just flatten it.

      Next we need Congress to authorize investigations to find who supplied the Hamas missiles and take actions against Iran if they did it. Really bad sanctions for causing this offensive action. And when we find that to be the case, we should condemn Biden for his “deal.”

      But I would not fear for Israel, they can take care of themselves no matter what Bernie and AOC say; we have been giving them millions in defense for years.

      FYI: Trump politicking this with his lies much less is unamerican and unpatriotic. The Israeli Times said: “After Hamas onslaught, Trump appears to mock Israel, calls Gallant a ‘jerk.'” Whatta guy, Whatta party,

      • Joe lucas

        Stop spinning. You’re going to get dizzy. But good job. You are covering up the stupidity of Biden and his comrades. You spin bullshit lies and expect people to believe it. Lol. A I think you have the hots for Trump Bui assume that you are talking about Jim Jordan when you mention the coach. Can you prove that? I thought you approved of queer lifestyles

  6. frank stetson

    Biden, how did he sneak in? And you believe he’s best buds with Bernie and AOC? I doubt Bernie is even best buds with AOC….

    If I lied, show me. Come on, quit mouthing off with platitudes and show me the lie.,take%20action%20to%20stop%20it.

    Now what is missing from this is Jim’s special club, some kind of shower smack down fraternity hazing sort of thing. I read it once but can’t find the citation. NTW — I will find it and post it later. It too is not definitive adjudication but it’s really weird.

    FYI: Approve of gay lifestyles? Not quite. I just don’t disapprove or hate like you and try to treat everyone equally. Sex abuse is wrong independent of gender or political party. There’s a difference in gender identification and sexual abuse.