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Islamic Terror Sweeps the World

Islamic Terror Sweeps the World

While the attacks in Paris monopolized the headlines this weekend, tragedy was by no means limited to Europe.  Numerous countries were attacked by Islamic extremists, and those groups have promised this is only the “ beginning of the storm.”

A day prior to the Paris attacks, Beruit was the victim of multiple suicide bombs. Lebanon, a stronghold of the militia and political party Hezbollah, has been a strong supporter of President Assad of Syria. Despite the security presence of the militia, over 40 people were killed in the majority Shia city.
Kenya was the site of one of the bloodiest attacks of the last week. With nearly 147 killed,  the tragedy was the most deadly terrorist attack in Kenyan history.  Al Shabab, an al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia, has previously declared their support for ISIS.

Early on Friday, an Isis militant blew himself up at the funeral of a pro-government Shia fighter in Baghdad, killing at least 18 people and wounding 41. The Iraqi capital has had similar stikes occurring regularly for the past year.

Just hours before the Paris attack, with Lebanon, Kenya, and Iraq all still bleeding from ISIS assaults, President Obama spoke to the world, informing the public that ISIS has been contained.  In the same speech, the world was informed “ there is no greater threat to our planet than climate change.” Not surprisingly, the word “Islamic” never crossed Obama’s lips.

Obama’s cowardly withdrawal from Iraq,  refusal to enforce his own redline in Syria, bombings more for P.R than progress, and inability to standup to our supposed allies have created this entire scenario. The  most shocking part is that he still can’t see it.

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