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Islamic State Spreading 'Like Cancer'

While President Obama continues to reassure us that the White House has the Islamic State under control, NATO’s top commander Philip Breedlove has announced that ISIS is “spreading like cancer” amongst Muslim refugees in Europe. There were many who saw this coming, but nobody in power listened. 

The Islamic State boasted last year that it would flood the EU with up to 500,000 refugees. That has proven to be an understatement. Germany alone has absorbed over 1 million refugees during the past year. 

The Lebanese Education Minister has found 20,000 jihadis in the refugee camps in his country alone. Meanwhile, an estimated 80% of “Syrian refugees” that have migrated to Europe aren’t really from Syria. “It’s our dream that there should be a caliphate not only in Syria but in all the world, and we will have it soon, inshallah,” boasted an ISIS operative in September – shortly after the start of the refugee influx to Europe. 

These terrorists claiming to be Syrian refugees aren’t just seeking “refuge” in Europe, but in the United States as well. And Obama plans to welcome them with open arms and taxpayer dollars. “They are going like refugees,” said the operative, but their plan is to wreck havoc and spill blood in peaceful European streets. “Just wait,” he told the journalists, smiling. 

The legitimate humanitarian crisis in Syria is “masking the movement” of criminals and terrorists, said Breedlove to Congress on Tuesday. He also blamed Russia’s ongoing bombing campaign in the beleaguered state of Syria, saying it has “wildly exacerbated the problem.”

These airstrikes, supposedly aimed at ISIS, have already killed more than 1,000 civilians. With this ongoing threat, it’s not surprising that more and more Syrians are fleeing to Europe and other countries. Russia, a country which Breedlove considers a “long-term existential threat,” may be utilizing airstrikes as a strategy to weaken Europe by pushing migration. 

According to the Islamic State’s latest propaganda video (released in January), Spain is particularly threatened. The video announces, “We will recover our land from the invaders” as an image of the Iberian Peninsula turns blood red. 

Meanwhile, rumor has it that ISIS is planning to build a dirty bomb – a combination of radioactive materials and conventional explosives. While searching the home of an ISIS suspect, Belgian police found evidence that this man had been spying on a central employee at a local nuclear center. “We can imagine that the terrorists might want to kidnap someone or kidnap his family” in order to get their hands on nuclear material, said Nele Scheerlinck, a spokesperson for the country’s nuclear regulator (the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control). 

“We know that it would not require a team of nuclear physicists or even a particularly sophisticated criminal network to turn raw material into a deadly weapon,” read an Energy Department report. “In many cases, a determined lone wolf or a disgruntled insider is all it might take.” 

The Belgian incident has confirmed that ISIS is trying to acquire the materials it would need to build a dirty bomb and potentially threaten Western cities. Thankfully, President Obama has assured us that he is in control of the situation… 


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