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ISIS Utilizes Chemical Weapon against US/Iraqi Air Base

ISIS Utilizes Chemical Weapon against US/Iraqi Air Base

An Iraqi air base used by both American and Iraqi forces was attacked this week with a chemical weapon resembling mustard gas. Many believe ISIS to be behind the attack. 

No Americans were harmed, and authorities are still running tests on the artillery shell in which the gas was contained. 

Officials told CNN that the shell was “poorly weaponized,” and “ineffective.”  

“The shell landed. US troops went out to look at the shell. They saw something suspicious,” explains CNN’s Barbara Starr. “They tested it and the test came back for mustard agent. They’re testing it further. ISIS is up in that area and they’re desperate to hold on to Mosul.” 

There has been much debate in recent months about whether the Islamic State has chemical weapons. In March, Arizona Senator John McCain confirmed that the White House knows ISIS has access to a chemical weapons factory in Syria. 

In April, a Wall Street Journal article claimed that ISIS was using a chemical lab in Mosul to manufacture chemical weapons.  

The shell that hit Qayarrah air base this week may have been crudely constructed, but the intent is what matters in this situation. ISIS launched a direct attack on a military base used by the US, and who knows how much longer the terrorist organization needs before it can manufacture a truly lethal weapon?

Editor’s note: The fact that ISIS is using chemical weapons demonstrates their lack of regard for human rights and dignity in warfare. The rest of the world has agreed chemical weapons are inhumane and should not be used in warfare. ISIS will get better at manufacturing these weapons, and America and our allies may pay the price in dead and disfigured soldiers.



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