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Is Trump Wrong to Question the Intelligence Community?

Is Trump Wrong to Question the Intelligence Community?

The CIA has “concluded” that Russia was behind the numerous hackings that shamed Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and the DNC in the months leading up to the election. Many blame the hacked emails, released by WikiLeaks, for Hillary Clinton’s failure. 

“I think it’s ridiculous,” Trump said of the CIA’s claim. “I think it’s just another excuse. I don’t believe it.” Trump says the CIA has “no idea” who is behind the cyberattack. “They don’t know if it’s Russia or China… it could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace,” Trump told Fox News. 

Former NSA and CIA Director Michael V. Hayden argues that Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the CIA’s findings is a “problem” that will affect Trump’s future relationship with the intelligence community.

Hayden, a registered Independent, views Trump’s refusal to accept the CIA’s claim (which seems to lack evidence) as a insult to the intelligence community. “This creates more than hurt feelings,” writes Hayden, noting that CIA directors “send people into harm’s way” to learn such information. 

Hayden asks how the CIA will deal with its sworn duty to keep Congress “fully and currently informed” if the Trump Administration closes the “Russia did it” investigation. He worries about incoming CIA Director Mike Pompeo and his “willingness to defend them [his future workforce] against charges of incompetence and politicization simply for saying what their craft tells them to be true.”

Hayden may be certain that we are “moving in the wrong direction,” but PB feels that Hayden is the one putting the cart before the horse.

Last time I checked, the intelligence community serves the president – not the other way around. Who cares if Trump “antagonizes” the CIA? He’s their boss.

Editor’s note: Stay tuned, more on this later.

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