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Is Trump Still in The White House?

Is Trump Still in The White House?

The left just cannot give up its obsessive hatred for President Trump.  The morning after President Biden’s inauguration, I took a survey.  I counted the number of negative references to Trump and positive references to Biden.  Biden’s name was invoked five times in a fifteen-minute segment.  Trump was named 18 times.  And each time the media praised Biden for some statement, there was an immediate anti-Trump comparison.

Even on the morning following his inauguration as President of the United States, Biden was playing second fiddle to the left-wing media’s piling on Trump, FORMER resident of the White House.  They could not have been more vicious if Trump had won re-election. 

In the days since the Inauguration, that has not changed. 

Despite the multiple major announcements that Biden is making every day – and despite the ongoing crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic – news about Trump – all attacks, of course – still is the story at the top of most newscasts.

As expected, the one-sided news media – that had been the incessant critic of Trump – has become the beatification council for Biden.  With their extreme – and dangerous – partisan hyperbole, the left-wing is sounding like the French people when allied forces liberated France from Nazi occupation.  That should come as no surprise since several media personalities have maligned Trump and his supporters with comparisons to German Nazis.

The Democrat-controlled House in the latter half of the Trump administration did not spend a lot of time addressing the issues of the nation, such as immigration, crime and taxation.  Rather they resorted to endless inquiries into presidential conduct – past and present.  Democrats – once accused of creating a “regulation nation” – are now in charge of the “investigation nation.”

The peak of Democrat malpractice was Trump’s first impeachment.  It was never based on merit. It was based on a visceral hatred for the President, a crass political strategy to damage the Republican brand and the simple fact that they had the votes.

Even though Trump is no longer in the White House, there has been no abatement of Democrat investigations targeting Trump.  In fact, they seem to be accelerating.

The issue of Trump’s tax returns is still a front-burner issue for Democrats. 

They are hoping that his removal from office and the new power of the Democratic Party in Washington will get their hands on the documents.  Then, of course, we will see another proliferation of anti-Trump stories.

They want an investigation into Trump’s alleged role in the rioting on Capitol Hill in tandem with the House Democrats’ speedy impeachment on the eve of Trump’s departure from office – triggering a constitutionally questionable post-presidency removal trail in the Senate.

But the mad dogs of the radical left are not happy with just bringing down Trump and tearing him to shreds.  They want to assassinate the character of some 70-plus million Americans who voted for Trump – declaring those dedicated to conservative principles of governance to be members of a malignant cult.  They have called for “deprograming,” “shunning,” “harassing” and even whisk kids from conservative family off to “re-education camps.”   These would be inconceivable and even impossibly preposterous contentions were it not for the corrupted news media that gives its imprimatur to the slander.

It is not small irony that Democrats and their media allies seem bewildered – and fearful – that Trump will remain a dominant force in American politics when they make him just that with their obsessive coverage.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

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