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Is Trump Considering Rivals Ramaswamy or Scott for VP?

Is Trump Considering Rivals Ramaswamy or Scott for VP?

Donald Trump is outpacing his GOP rivals by the double-digits and is well on his way to once again be the Republican nominee for president next year. However, that does not mean that all hope of ever serving in the White House is lost for all the other contenders. In fact, Trump recently implied that he might consider two of his rivals – Vivek Ramaswamy and Senator Tim Scott – as possible running mates should he secure the top of the ticket.

The former president told Fox News that his running mate could “possibly” be among those in the 2024 field. He said that Vivek Ramaswamy has “done a very good job” and Senator Tim Scott is a “very good guy” but stopped short of saying who he would pick if the time came.

During the same interview, Trump once again condemned the investigations and criminal indictments against him while telling Ron DeSantis to “get home to Florida,” accusing his rival for the Republican nomination for president of neglecting the governor’s office.

Trump also gloated over his big win in Sunday’s Turning Point USA straw poll, calling the results a “blowout.”

“Just heard that I (WE!) won the big Turning Point Straw Poll in a BLOWOUT, getting 85.7% of the Vote,” Trump posted on Truth Social.

“Ron DeSanctimonious came in a solid 3rd with 4.3%, Vivek got 2%, and Sloppy Chris Christie, as usual, got a big, fat, ZERO!” the former president added. “Turning Point put on a GREAT event in West Palm Beach, setting all kinds of records, including in attendance!”

The Turning Point straw poll showed Trump garnering more than 85 percent support among attendees of the conservative group’s event. Michigan businessman Perry Johnson (R), who announced his long-shot bid for the White House in March, followed with nearly 8 percent.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) came in third place with 4.3 percent support, and conservative entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy had 2 percent. Other GOP presidential candidates, including Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R), and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), registered 0.0 percent support, according to the poll.

New Legal Troubles and Other Trump News

Meanwhile, former New Jersey Governor and 2024 Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie, who has shown no reluctance to attack Donald Trump, went after the former president for parading his criminal indictments to supporters at a conservative political conference.

“He’s a liar and a coward. He’s not getting indicted for anyone other than because of his own conduct,” Christie said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

The former president is also facing some new legal woes.

Trump announced that he had received a “target letter” from Special Counsel Jack Smith stating that he is a target of a January 6 grand jury investigation. According to a statement released by the 45th President on Truth Social, the letter, which he said he received on July 16, “almost always means an arrest and indictment.”

“Deranged Jack Smith, the prosecutor with Joe Biden’s DOJ,” he said. “Sent a letter (again, it was Sunday night!) stating that I am a TARGET of the January 6th Grand Jury investigation, and giving me a very short 4 days to report to the Grand Jury, which almost always means an Arrest and Indictment.”


He went on to explain that “he has the right to protest an Election that I am fully convinced was Rigged and Stolen, just as the Democrats have done against me in 2016, and many others have done over the ages.”

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  1. frank stetson

    I think Tim Scott is running for the position….who cares?

    For 234 years of the nation’s history, no American president has been indicted, much less convicted. Almost half of a nation of laws is now considering electing one who has, multiple times. They stand by their man and discount this in deeming the man a true patriot worthy of being leader of our nation.

    Trump is legally —— toast. He is already a convicted sex abuser, a convicted defamation artiste, and indicted on 37 felonies over mishandling top secret documents on top of his 34-felony indictment for his porn star sweetie hush money pay-off. Now a target in the 1.6.2021 Violent Republican Insurrection at the Capitol. Trump will wimp out on seeing the Grand Jury to respond. Indictments are expected shortly. Indictments for his phone call to Georgia expected in August perhaps for Solicitation to commit election fraud, Conspiracy to commit election fraud, Intentional interference with performance of election duties, Interference with primaries and elections, False statements, Perjury, Influencing witnesses and, Racketeer influenced corrupt organizations.

    Yesterday in a Trump appeal to the $5M he owes EJ, the judge said Trump “raped” Carroll “as many people commonly understand the word ‘rape.'” EJ has another defamation case pending, that’s not gonna help.

    Until Republicans stand up and retake their party returning it to the Party of Reagan, the Party of Lincoln —– you are lost. You have lost. You will lose.

    You own the House and you focus on Hunter, Weaponization of nothing, Hunter, Biden Crime Family, Hunter Laptop, Covid Origins (good one!), Nude Hunter, China Competitiveness (another good one), Hunter Drugs in the White House, Afghanistan Withdrawal (nothing burger — legally), Hunter’s Business (not his penis size), Border Enforcement (a third good one), Treatment of 1.6 Defendants (really? you really want to go there, more publicity? what about treatment of the Capitol?). Some of these, like Hunter is controlling Joe, 1.6 defendant support, are just ridiculous. Others, like Weaponization, are McCarthy-esque in the Republican approach which is totally Keystone Cop with dubious witnesses, unsubstantiated allegations, and mostly being decided in the court of FOX. When Marjorie Taylor Greene is a star prosecutor, you know you got problems, right here in Republican city.

    And now Trump is twisting McCarthy to have his impeachments expunged. Yeah, like it will be forgotten…….As I have said often — Trump deserved to get off his first impeachment for lack of proof. Not for lack of trying. But on the second, you had your chance, he is guilty, and instead you let him go so the Republican Party chose it’s own fate turning it’s back on Reagan, Lincoln, and all those great patriots who came before.

    Trump lost the popular to Hillary. His electoral was a clear win, but not a landslide, it was close by election standards. He lost the 2020. His candidates mostly lost the 2022.

    Select your VP, it does not matter. Let’s get serious about what’s important. Electing a convicted jerk-off under multiple serious indictments, will not stand. He always loses. What has changed to result in a different outcome?

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Wow, way to spin facts into lies to make a point. Very convincing to someone who doesn’t read the news.

    • Ray

      Typical Liberal stop watching CNN and all the other media puppets for the Democrats and if you think Biden is mentally fit to run again than your TDS is blinding you

  2. frank stetson

    Spin, sure, who doesn’t. Lies? Show me.

    As you reading the news, you gots to be kidding Mr. Falun Gong news follower……

    • Theodore

      So you’re right and everyone else is wrong. Typical demented Rat. What a waste of air and skin.

  3. frank stetson

    I am never right, just correct.

    You may not agree with my opinion, but show me where the facts are wrong?

  4. Darren

    Wow, Trump in Rome and not acting like a Roman!
    Were have I heard this before?

    The American people will win eventually and Trump WILL be President again.

    This time he needs to flush 90% of DC after he gives this Crooked Shit Hole an Enema.

  5. Suzanne st.john

    Vivek is NOT ELIGIBLE to be POTUS as he is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, a requirement of our Constitution, as both parents were NOT US Citizens at the time of his birth. Same with Niki Haley.

  6. Tom

    “Donald Trump is outpacing his GOP rivals by the double-digits and is well on his way to once again be the Republican nominee for president next year.”

    This independent predicts Trump can win a GOP primary but in the General, he will lose. Many Independents (which is the largest voting block and got much larger after Trump’s loss) will vote against him and then to limit his opponent they will vote GOP on the down ticket. I have never in my life since Kennedy seen a candidate with so much heavy baggage that he makes the Clinton’s look like a cosmetic bag. The best hope Trump has if he wins the GOP is to make the election about economy and VP choice should either of them die in office. His campaign slogan should be, “Who do you want to succeed the President?” Sorry Frank, Harris is the only person despised by more than Trump is despised by, so that may work if he pics a Kari Lake or Nikki Haley. Some will pick Trump just to make sure they avoid Harris. I seriously doubt that Scott will want to be Trump’s VP. Trump is a racist at his core, and Scott knows it. They are just playing nice right now to peel off Trump base if they can.

    While Frank points out the many flaws and indictments of Trump, Frank is correct that the GOP had a chance to shed Trump in the second impeachment. Now they own Trump and will own his defeat. IF Trump did not win the general last time, and did not win the popular the time before, he will most likely follow in the 2022 Red Squirt that was not a wave and go down with a dribble. A smart GOP rising star would avoid this election cycle and wait till the country is totally tired of Biden/Harris (if Biden wins) and rid of Trump (whether by second term or by losing to Biden) then the ground will be fertile for a GOP comeback and new direction. I predict that if Trump is the GOP nominee for the General Election, that Trump loses and down ticket GOP win in a mini red wave bigger than the mere squirt of 2022. This will get rid of Trump, and if the GOP can keep the house (which I think it will) and take the Senate (which I think they can) this will sufficiently tie Biden’s hands as well as maybe get some legislating done along with investigating the potential Biden crime family which many Independents/unaffiliateds would like answers about.

    Joe G. and Larry H. both exude why the GOP cannot get rid of Trump. Sad. Trump is Joe’s drug like cocaine, and Trump is the taste Larry hates twice a day.

    • frank stetson

      Tom, “While,” while? sure…. extra word alert :>)

      you are correct UNLESS they nail the “biden crime family,” again the Mafiosi trumpets mirroring as they do. (except for the investigation committee’s shitty charts not even close to team 1.6)

      But wait, there’s more: there’s a very good chance that polls are waaaay overrepresenting Trump due to the fact that what Republican would stand up, even to a pollster, and say, “nope, I’m for ABT” for fear of being identified, hunted down, trapped, and shot deader than Pence on a gallows…. (sorry for the gallows humor :>)

      You never know.

      • Tom

        Yes I know you are correct Frank, they need to actually get to the prosecution stage with Slick Joe and the Family Bidens. I am just sitting back and waiting to see how many whistle blowers and others show up to the party. I have never seen two messy-er candidates in my life! I think the whole Biden-Trump rematch hype is like sophomoric WWF garbage!

        Yes I agree. Many who might now be saying they would vote for Trump may be doing so because they have pea size testicles where softball size (that would be close to sheep) is required. This may change once they get to an actual secret ballot. :>)

        As an Independent/Unaffiliated in NC, I get to vote in either primary but not both. Not sure which one I will vote in yet. Need to see if Kennedy will oppose Biden. If he or someone reasonable does not oppose Slick Joe, then I will be voting anti-Trump in the GOP. I think many Independents would rather see a high quality Dem ticket run against Trump or Trump-lite DeSantis. I do not see where GOP has anything else to throw out there. Joe Manchin is the wildcard in my eyes right now. He is my favorite. I wish he would oppose Slick Joe. I think Manchin would blow away Trump or mini-Trump DeSantis.