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Is Kamala Harris an Asset or a Liability for Joe Biden in 2024? 

Is Kamala Harris an Asset or a Liability for Joe Biden in 2024? 

Kamala Harris’ poll numbers have never really been high — and they are even lower now that her boss Joe Biden has announced his reelection bid. While Biden says he stands by Harris, is the VP an asset or a liability for Joe Biden’s potential reelection campaign? The answer is complex and multifaceted, but there are several key factors to consider.

First, it’s important to acknowledge that Harris is the first woman, the first Black person, and the first Asian-American person to hold the office of Vice President. Her historic achievement is something of an asset for the Democratic Party, as it reflects their commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Moreover, Harris is a charismatic and dynamic speaker who can rally support for the party’s agenda and energize voters.

Her performance in the 2020 vice-presidential debate was widely praised, and her ability to connect with diverse communities could be seen as an asset in an increasingly diverse country.

However, Harris also has several challenges that could potentially make her a liability for the Biden campaign. For one, Harris has been frequently criticized by Republicans, who accuse her of being too progressive and out of touch with the average American. This criticism has been fueled by some of Harris’s policy positions, such as her support for Medicare for All and her advocacy for criminal justice reform. These positions may resonate with some voters but also provide ammunition for Republican attacks.

In addition to policy positions, Harris’s personal style and demeanor have also been criticized. Some have accused her of being overly ambitious or calculating, while others have suggested that she lacks authenticity. These criticisms are not new – Harris faced similar scrutiny during her own presidential campaign in 2020 – but they could become more pronounced in the context of a national campaign.

Another potential liability for Harris is her role in the current administration. As Vice President, Harris has been tasked with several high-profile assignments, including leading the administration’s efforts to address the root causes of migration from Central America and serving as the tie-breaking vote in the Senate. However, some Democrats have expressed frustration with Harris’s handling of these assignments, arguing that she has not been assertive enough in pushing for policy changes. As for the Right, they think and can point to prove that as the so-called “Border Czar,” Harris has been a dismal failure. 

Finally, it’s worth noting that Harris would likely face a formidable opponent in a hypothetical 2024 presidential race. The Republican Party is currently fractured, but it’s possible that a strong candidate could emerge and pose a serious challenge to Harris and the Democrats. In such a scenario, Harris’s vulnerabilities – both real and perceived – could become more pronounced and make her a liability for the party.

And last but not least, Biden’s age may make Harris the biggest liability to his campaign as fear for his health could keep people from voting for a Biden- Harris ticket by those who would not want to see Harris in the Oval Office.

Like all things in presidential campaigns, the question of whether Kamala Harris is an asset or a liability for Joe Biden in 2024 is difficult to answer definitively. Certain aspects of Harris’s background and personality make her an asset to the Democratic Party. Still, there are also potential liabilities that could make her a liability in a national campaign. 

Ultimately, the answer may depend on various factors, including the state of the economy, the political climate, and ultimately if we are looking at the Trump-Biden rematch, and if so, who the former president’s running mate will be.

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  1. Donald K Batho

    We all know how she got to be the D A in California, it wasn’t for her brains.

  2. Tom

    Harris overall is a liability. She does not have very good stage presence. Her giggly laugh combined with her condescending attitude when answering questions she does not like or is uncomfortable with make her a poor choice for VP. But Biden is almost stuck with (or to) her.

    Many GOP say she hasn’t done anything. And they do point to the border issues which to me are not a failure in Dem minds because the real reason for the border issues is a plan to ship these future Dem voters to red states to lock in Dem rule for years. The GOP failure is to not realize that Dems do not consider the border chaos to be failure. They consider it to be repopulating red states. At present, around 70 percent of the asylum seekers released into the US have been shipped by Biden to red states. That, along with dwindling resources, is why TX, FL are shipping them to blue states.

    Regarding Harris stance on Medicare for all, I agree. Bracket Medicare in 10 year brackets and let everybody pay for their public health care system and if they wish private health care, then fine, buy it at your own expense. As a teacher, I saw daily what unhealthy students can do to a classroom environment. 66% of mortgage defaults have been due to unexpected high medical bills. Repeal and replace ended up as a repeal attempt and Trump never replaced, nor did the GOP seem to care about it. 12 million lost health insurance. This is a dismal GOP failure.

    As far as Criminal Justice System reform, I am for it but not for the woke version Harris promotes. Again, this is another GOP failure.

    I loved the way Latin American countries told her to take herself and her LGBTQI+ policy home! I agree with the Latin Americans on this.

    Harris has also had a great many complaints about the manner in which she runs her office and treats her staff. This is a liability.

    Overall, I think Harris has not been a good VP and Joe could do much better. Some of the problem is Harris, some of the problem is messaging and personality conflicts with Biden that they continually try to cover up. I honestly do not know what all she is doing, and the Dems do not seem to send many positive messages about her performance – thus her performance must be negative.

    As an independent/unaffiliated voter, I think they could get a better VP choice but it is what it is and Biden is stuck with her. So lets see what the GOP can produce. If it’s Trump, I doubt that any VP choice could save him.

  3. LMS

    When you are VP it means you actually do work not sit on your a– and just spout stupid word salad, cackle, and talk about her Fing VennDiagrams. How this moron even held a job is unbelievable. She is so grossly incompetent that you literally could hire any decent business grad out of college to do a better job! Vlearly she is the walking mattress of Washington and STRICTLY a mouthpiece for the democrats. A perfect choice A black woman who is as stupid as she is incompetent. Willy should be so proud.
    To even be married to this cow should tell you what type of demasculated man Doug must be or enjoys riding the tails of a pathetic woman just for the power trip. What an embarassment to men. Grow some boy and start acting like a real man instead of a p—y whipped man! that is letting a woman run over you! These two are a real package and perfect for each other! Sick!

    This is what is in power and partially supposed to be running this country. To even have people back this garbage tells you what type of intelligence part of our country has. We know they certainly have no morals, values, character or integrity! None of this administration know the difference between right and wrong!

  4. Darren

    As there are more non intelligent voters or lack of information voters in this country, she is his perfect running mate.
    Her stupidity makes Biden look good.
    Her ability to do nothing is what the Democrat’s want.
    And every stupid thing she says or does takes the American peoples attention off the ball, THE BIDEN FAMILY CORRUPTION & FAILURE!
    I can not think pf one individual in Washington who would fit the job for Biden this well.



  5. Frank stetson

    Tell you the truth, I think Biden picked Harris in order to put her in the penalty box and punish her.

    I’m not too impressed with his tutelage of Pete, either who he basically is giving a plum job, and then sort of put him in the closet. Pun intended.

    I had hoped Joe would name his own successor, wave goodbye, and ride off into the sunset after his first term. Apparently, that’s not gonna happen.

    Then again, compared to the vice president to be selected by the delusional sex abuser king on the other side, I’ll take Harris any day of the week. After all, Pence was no huckleberry, and certainly nobody to tow the line. Oh look, you tried to kill me, please, sir, can I have some more? I mean, if you told me that Pence did a great job on Covid…