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Is it Trump vs. scientists … or scientists vs. scientists?

Is it Trump vs. scientists … or scientists vs. scientists?

We hear the mantra on the so-called news networks that we should listen to the scientists – you know, the doctors, the epidemiologists, the heads of the health agencies and guys and gals like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Brix —  and virtually any white coat that the media hires to sell the network anti-Trump narrative.

The problem is that if you do listen to the scientists and doctors, it is like getting a second opinion on a gall bladder operation – you will get quite different points-of-view.  Of course, if you only listen to the networks pre-screened doctors, you will get the same opinion offered up as fact.  It usually is politicized as an attack on President Trump – and by extensions, an attack on Republicans and conservatives.  It is even an attack on the American people who do not fall in line with the left-wing political views of most of the east coast media.  All their commentary is put through the partisan political prism.

The spirit of never letting a crisis go to waste – a political strategy first espoused by Democrat operative Rahm Emanuel – Democrats and their media allies have put their mendacious narrative of the Covid-19 Pandemic on 24/7 spin.  They have weaponized the global disaster.

If you get your news from other than the arrogant elitist New York media cabal – or if you really listen to ALL the scientists and doctors – you get a very different impression.  First, you discover that the scientists and doctors do not agree – and even more informative is the fact that even doctors like Fauci have changed their assessments and advice over time.

For example, at the time they accused Trump of downplaying the threat of the virus, Fauci, himself said that it was not a big deal and would not likely significantly impact the United States.  While the anti-Trump media constantly replays the President’s long ago comments, they bury what Fauci was saying at the same time.

On one television program in March, Fauci was asked if he would wear a mask in public.  He derisively responded rhetorically, “Why would I wear a mask. I don’t have any symptoms.”  That’s right.  That was the prevailing wisdom of the nation’s top scientist at the time.  I wrote a commentary on that interview.  With that error in judgment, Fauci could be said to be responsible for tens of thousands of needless deaths – just as they blame Trump.

You will recall that in the past, the scientists and doctors were advising the wearing of masks ONLY by those who had the disease – or at least some symptoms.  The medical professionals were quite uniform in their assessment that masks were NOT a good preventative measure.

If you recall in the first few months of the White House Task Force on the Corona Virus, no one was wearing a mask during the briefings – and there was no social distancing.  There was no call from the scientists to do so.

In the next generation of mask policy, we were advised to wear masks in in-door public venues.  They were not needed outside, we were told – especially if you social distance.  Eventually that bit of advice was amended to propose mask wearing at all times when outside the home.  Now they are hinting that masks inside the home can stem the rise in intra-family spread.

Even today, there are doctors who question the effectiveness of universal mask wearing.  They are, of course, being pilloried by the media and doctors who have ascribed the new theory of mask effectiveness.

If you want to blame Trump for the spread of the virus, okay … but equal blame goes to all those scientists and doctors who could not agree on mitigating protocols – who gave bad advice.

And it is not just about masks.  Fauci once said that Hydroxychloroquine showed promise.  Today, the media reports that it is not only ineffective but potentially dangerous.  They do not report that Fauci has called Hydroxychloroquine one of the safest drugs in the medical arsenal.

They also fail to note that thousands of doctors are prescribing the drug as a prophylactic for Covid-19 every day.  One doctor recently reported that he prescribed it to 1700 Covid-19 infected individuals of all ages.  Every one of them recovered from the disease when – according to statistics – at least 50 of them should have died.

I am not accusing them of reckless disregard.  As Fauci, himself, has stated, they learned things along the way.  Fair enough.  They got it wrong, but it was not malicious.  That standard should also apply to Trump, but the media is not interested in facts or fairness.  They are locked in a shameful political effort to get Trump out of office even if it means spreading flawed information and advice.  It is the same role they have been playing for the past four years.

Yes, we should listen to the scientists – and definitely not to the reporters.  But if you do objective inquiry and research – as I do– you will find that the scientists and doctors disagree among themselves.  When the media reports that all the scientists agree on this or that, they are lying.  They are pushing political narratives.

I believe that all these social policies of mask wearing and social distancing are only slowing down the spread of Covid-19.  The virus will be with us until we have effective mitigation and vaccines. Yes, the cases and hospitalizations are rising in the United States – although the death rate is still dropping – but there are surges in a lot of European nations that had imposed very strict shutdown measures.

Thanks to Trump’s Warp Speed program, treatment protocols and medications are being produced at record speed.  Remember … it was the scientists and doctors who said we would not have a vaccine for two years.  Today, we are on the cusp of approving more than one vaccine before the end of the year – possibly within weeks.  China and Russia have both approved vaccines already – although it is wise to be wary of their approval process.

In addition, we have medications that show promise in mitigating the disease, including Regeneron, which was administered to Trump.  As a person in the high-risk category with underlying conditions, all we can say is that Trump had a remarkably swift and complete recovery.  We should all hope and pray that those drugs played an important role – and will be available to the public sooner than later.

Trump may have made mistakes, but no one is misleading the public today more than our mainstream media.  It is about time that they take their own advice and listen to the scientists – all the scientists – and report fairly on the various opinions.

If we only listened to scientific views that had political patronage and public popularity promoted by powerful institutions, we would still believe that the earth is flat, the sun is the center of the universe, bleeding cures diseases and cocaine is a beneficial over-the-counter drug.  Scientists often get it wrong before they get it right.  That is not an anti-science view.  It is just that we should listen to all the evolving opinions before embracing one.

So, there ‘tis.





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