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Is Donald Trump the Man for the Job?

Is Donald Trump the Man for the Job?

Billionaire Donald Trump surprised us all on June 16th when he announced he would finally be running for president. The New York Post recently published a story highlighting Trump’s credentials and asking the important question: do Trump’s successes in business make him the man to revive America’s failing economy? 

The biggest issue keeping unemployment rates from improving is the all-too-popular attitude: “Why work if I can exist on government aid?” Not to mention the depressing fact that for those with steady jobs, there has been no wage increase for over 10 years. 

The current forecast for economic growth this year is a measly 1.9%. And if that prediction comes true, it will be the first time in this country’s history that a single president has experienced 7 consecutive years of GDP growth less than 3 percent. When we voted for change back in 2008, I don’t think this is what we had in mind. 

Many believe that Trump’s considerable experience in business will enable him to reverse this downward spiral. With his knowledge of developing growth, building, and creating jobs, this charismatic businessman may be able to do just what the new president desperately needs to do: free up big business capital and encourage companies to bring jobs back to the US. 

Trump is a pragmatist. And though I can’t say that pragmatism is the best quality in a president, electing a no-nonsense businessman does sound like a good idea. At this point, any Republican president would be an improvement. 

If elected, Trump will surely make inroads (no pun intended) on the dilapidated state of tunnels, highways, and bridges throughout the country. He does know a lot of about construction, after all. And he did singlehandedly build a global business that employs thousands of individuals. In such a large pool of GOP candidates, Trump’s track record makes him stand out. 



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